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Triad Audio L3 Reviews

Positive Reviews


Technical Specs of the Lisa III

LISA III Portable Headphone Amplifier Technical Specifications   Device Type        Solid State (IC Op-Amp/Buffer Discretehybrid) Class of Operation     DYN-O-BIAS II> Dynamically biased non Bass Boost parameters    Switching output stage..+3dB@160Hz +12dB@ 32Hz. Maximum Frequency Response    Frequency Response @ 100 mW Into a 45Ohm Load.D.C.-1.6 MHz. Within +0 to - 3dBD.C.- 600 KHz. Within +0 to - 1 dB... Signal-to-Noise Ratio    Signal to Noise ratio relative to RatedPower Output. Input Shorted > 100 dB “A” Weighted.. Total Harmonic Distortion    Typical Total...
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Negative Reviews


Triad Audio L3 headphone amp in Review


Pros: power, grip, driving fidelity for low and high Ω headphones, good build quailty

Cons: no 6,3mm headphone jack, poor interface elements, poorly labelled

The full review of this nice amp is up at TouchMyApps. For the sake of brevity, the L3 is a fascinating amp because it is positioned in the market as a premium product. It certainly does a good job of performing into any set of headphones and earphones. Low Ω earphones don't daunt it, and unless you are pushing 100% volume at high gain WITH bass boost, the signal will remain strong into DT880 600Ω level headphones from the battery. Mains will fix any errors otherwise.   There is a slight noise in the signal with sensitive earphones and the output pops when power is pushed on/off.    The real problems are in its layout, which is sub-par for an amp of this price....
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To me this amp's audio quality is the benchmark of all other portable amps.


Pros: Best audio quality you can get in a portable amp, period.

Cons: Yes it's a brick and yes the battery pack it comes with is pathetic and yes the dumbest thing of all Triad charge $800.00 and no charger.

If you want the very best audio quality out there this is still the best portable amp I've found. I've been searching for the last four or five years to find to something better and wasted a heap of money in the process. The list of quality portable amps I own is about as long as your arm. The closest amp I've found to so far is the ALO MK-3B+ but it's still not as good as the L3. I've got two amps still coming that might be a chance the Centrance M8 and a Just Audio AHA-120. I put a pre order in for the M8 and from the feedback I've read so far that's probably not going to cut it either, so that leaves the AHA-120.    Managing the...
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Sweet but brief!


Pros: build quality, portability, battery pack improvement

Cons: size (transportable), sound requires battery pack, doesn't drive 300 ohms well

This says it all really - it's a lovely transportable rig with the battery pack, but this Lisa III rig lacks the effortlessness and dynamism of the best desktop amps at this price, and in the $1100+ range, that's a lot of money for something which didn't drive the full-size 'phones I have well. Thankfully they're desirable enough that a quick buy/sell was easy, but this wasn't the rig for me.   Made me wonder what an ODAC + PSU would manage too - this is the best implementation of the Lisa 3 I've seen though, and a really solid product. I disliked the bass boost (worthless addition to any amp imo though), and didn't like that the PSU light glowed even when off, but the amp led...
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Makes for a great transportable amp when used with an equally good portable source such as the Foxtex HP-P1.


Pros: Very good performance with a good source. RCA inputs as well as a 3.5mm socket. Bass boost.

Cons: Heavy (445g!) and bulky. Recessed front jacks. Needs a full-size headphone socket.

  Just before I left for a holiday in Australia late last year, I found out I was to be receiving a pair of Sennheiser HD-700s for evaluation. I had, not long before that, purchased a Fostex HP-P1 to take with me as a high quality DAC/amp to use there. As most of my evaluation time would end up being while I was in Australia, I was eager to get a good amp to go with it. By chance, a fellow Aussie was selling an L3, so I made arrangements for a friend to receive it for me so I could pick it up after I arrived.   This plan turned out to be a good one, as while the Fostex is quite a decent DAC, it isn't as strong a headphone amplifier, something which the L3 made up for in...
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