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Swan M10


Pros: Tight mids, very tight highs. Beautiful aesthetics!

Cons: Bass could be better not for those who want a lot of bass

I've had the Swan M10 for a few months and I was compelled to write this review.
These have to be the best speakers in the price range that I've ever listened to, nothing else can be compared end of story.
My older pair of bookshelf speakers sounded laughable in comparison, funny part is I paid nearly double the price for those!
These speakers have very tight mids, tight highs and overall great sound although the bass is not for those that want that booming bass, if that is what you want from a pair of speakers then I don't think I'd feel good suggesting these to you, I'd purchase another pair of Swan speakers and a hsub if that was the case.
For the one hundred dollar price tag this is an excellent start into the stereophile world and music will be a whole new experience for those that are new to this scene and haven't listened to a pair of "hi-fi" speakers before.
the aesthetics really are another selling point, they have a sleek design not what one would expect from a pair of cheaper bookshelf speakers! they fit in very well with my computer rig and from what I've noticed it seems that it is very well made.

Now once again looking at the price tag of a small $100 it is a steal.
I can truthfully say that this was not my first or last purchase from Swan as I will be ordering the higher end sets soon enough.

For the lazy here is a summary: Tight mids, Tight Highs extremely well priced and the best in my opinion entry set of speakers for those wanting to get into the
HI-FI world without spending too much money.


Pros: Crisp, clear audio. Amazing price. Looks great.

Cons: Bass is tight and punchy, some may need more depth (I myself find this to be a good thing)

I previously owned a pair of bookshelf speakers that had nice audio quality, but kind of lacked clarity, and the bass was all muddy. I've only had these speakers for less than week and my first experience left me breathless. It is quite hard to imagine how such great quality could come out of a set with this price. I could hear instruments I've never heard before in my music.


They seem to be selling cheaper here where I live, hence the reason for the $80 price tag.


I would definitely recommend this pair to anyone looking for a budget set.


Pros: Audio quality, Price, Looks, actual treble in computer speakers.

Cons: not ground-shaking bass, led light on the front is brighter than I like.

I can't recommend these speakers enough.  I had some friends (non-audio oriented people) over to check out my computer setup.  They were impressed with the whole thing, but especially the speakers (look and SQ).  Then I told them that they were $130.  Lets just say that swan might be getting more business.


That really summarizes what I think about these speakers.  I would pay $200 or more for speakers that look and sound this good.  I'm usually not into brand loyalty/fanboyism, but I would recommend any swan speaker based on my M10s.  

Swan M10

The M10 is three matching speakers housed in a sleek, contemporary, desktop package that's internally powered. For convenient hookup, plug the M10 into to any local active source, from portable digital music devices to PC entertainment and gaming systems.

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