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Superlux HD-668 B Reviews

Positive Reviews


Impressive, just impressive


Pros: dynamic, deep bass, relatively balanced, analytical, good soundstage, very inexpensive

Cons: slightly recessed lower mids

I won´t repeat what everyone else wrote before - because it´s true. I´ve listened to a Beyerdynamic DT990 once and while I love my Sennheiser HD-600 a different cup of tea would be nice sometimes. But then, Beyerdynamic headphones are a bit too expensive for the sole reason of being able to listen to "another flavour". Thank God there is Superlux. You´ll get so much material for your money. You´ll also get very good, Beyerdynamic-like sound. You can even improve the sound if you replace the pleather earpads with the velour pads for the AKG K-240. I don´t know why but they sound a bit more balanced and refined with these earpads. Further improvement can be achieved by putting paper...
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You get what you pay for


Pros: Neutral, revealing, precise, lightweight, sturdy, cable features

Cons: Strong clamping force (gets better with time)

As the saying in the title goes, this has never been truer than for these headphones. Thankfully, Superlux sells sound quality, not an overhyped brand name. Can you really get great sound for $40? Oh yes, and it's right here.   I was recommended these headphones by a fellow forum member and after a day or two of investigation I decided I really liked what I read about them and figured if it was true, then these would be the best headphones I could buy on my really limited budget. So, I did.   Before I give any impressions, a small disclaimer: My previous headphones were Trust HS-6200 5.1 USB, and Trust Multi Function Headset 310. The most "hi-fi" component...
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Amazingly good headphones


Pros: Neutral sounding :-)

Cons: Neutral sounding ;-)

I recently got these headphones from a german online store after reading the raving review at headphonia.com. While it left me quite sceptical, I thought ca. $35 isn't that much of a risk to take and they'd even be worth the price if they just had a decent sound quality. But they haven't. They have an incredible sound, just like the reviewer at headphonia and the previous reviewer here have described it. They are very detailed, very much extended into both directions of the frequency spectrum and sound just wunderfully neutral. The highs are brilliant but not shrill or sibliant, the bass is punchy but not muddy and overwhelming, the mids are tight and precise - it's just everything...
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Negative Reviews


Extremely mediocre


Pros: Cheap

Cons: Sound

The sound is nothing like great bang for the bucks read in the reviews on forums. It's rather cold, thin, dull .. On any genre, from DnB over Guitar Rock to Classical music. These earphones are no fun at all. If I had to pin it down, I would say this: The worst thing about these headphones is that they offer zero "stage" and so little "detail" that it doesn't make sense for to listen to any good music with them. I'm not trying to be the "against" guy here, because as you can see, it has so many good reviews, but in comparison to my old Philips (which died just before I bought the Superlux), the 668B are just a huge disappointment in every regard. It's like changing from a Ferrari to a...
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Not bad (except for one fatal flaw)


Pros: Price, value, good fit

Cons: Ear-stabbing pain

I had trouble picking a rating for these.   At the price I paid ($36), these sounded good in many ways, with the exception of the highs, which I found to be harsh.   The killer for me, however, was not the highs themselves, but the ear-stabbing pain those highs induced very quickly (within a minute). This wasn't fatigue - this was pain. I'm not set up to measure anything, but I suspect they have a nasty spike somewhere in the treble range.   Fair warning - my taste doesn't lean to aggressive bright highs (lean more to HD600 or X1 signatures).   Leaving that aside (which obviously I couldn't), bass and mids were pretty decent for the price.   I found the...
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Cannot be used on extreme freq below 125hz


Cons: Cannot drive extreme bass freq

This, headphone has weak performance on extreame bass respond (especially for editing movie sound tracks), i was return it back to the store after couple hours, and then compared it with the "new three" same model, but the sound are same, so i changed my order with sennhesier dj headphones, but none was better (superlux hd 668B & sennheiser hd 205) was cannot drive extreme bass freq. I also owned headphone from mice manufacture called "Genius", and my model is hp-04 live, this headphone was cheap, below "$20", yes the overall sound is bad!, but this headphone can drive extreme bass freq,   If your source cannot deliver extreme bass performance, so i...
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More Reviews


cheap and cheerful


Pros: (in context of price) detail ,resolution, soundstage, fast-taut bass

Cons: (in context of price) bright ... bright ... bright

Got 2 pairs for US$65 ... gave one to a friend who is a bass-head (plays video games and runs it through movies [ DVDrips]) and kept one for myself.   After a year, here is our skinny on these El-cheapos:   Get the ugly part out of the way --> These boys are unforgiving and bright and WILL show up your crappy music systems. If the recording was brightly mastered/crap, if your source is bad, if your cables are bright (esp. pure silver and silver plated stuff), if your amp/dac setup is too revealing THEN these babies are RUTHLESS. They will show up the brightness and amplify the crap out of the brightness to make ears bleed.   No .. they will not flatter...
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My most well expended 20€!!


Pros: Price, awesome sound quality for the price.

Cons: Bright and recesed mids

After a year with this amazing cans i think i can say a couple of things.   How the hell they can make this cans for this price?? China it's the answer...   Value:   This cans are amazing for only 20€, they do an unexpected sound quality for the price. It's not a Giant Killer but it's a Mini Giant Killer (MGK), i own a Sennhesier HD555 and -for sound quality- the HD668B are at the same level no doubt, but for 1/4 of the price.  If you like the music and want to experiment audiophile sensations but haven't soo much money i can't imagine better 20€ on sound equipment.    Audio Quality:   Taking appart the price and forgetting the...
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Mistyped price. Must be that.


Pros: Sound quality - Soundstage - Transparency - Overall neutrality - Clarity - Light weight

Cons: Somewhat piercing highs - Uncomfortable stock ear pads - Strong clamping force (gets better with time)

I got the Superlux HD668B as a gift from my brother. These were my first better than average headphones, and boy, they are good!   The build quality is quite good. It is sturdy and flexible, with a removable cable. They come with a short cable and a longer cable, a quarter inch adapter and a nylon (feels like nylon) carrying pouch.   As for comfort, it isn't that good at first, as it has quite a strong clamping force, but it does get better with time. After a while, you can't even notice you're wearing them.   The sound: The first time I listened to them I was shocked how transparent and clear the sound is, with somewhat piercing highs, but good punchy bass and...
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These Cost How Much?


Pros: Stunning clarity and balance

Cons: Comfort issues, build quality feels cheap.

    I chose to review these with my FiiO E7 with my E3 LOD to my iPod Classic as they definitely need some juice. The E7 is able to power these to comfortable listening levels though without a worry.   Packaging   The Superlux HD668b came packaged in a rather cardboard box which I actually found to be pleasing to look at on the front. It's not eye catching, but it doesn't need to be. It simply says Superlux on the front with the model number and "Professional Studio Standard Headphones," with a picture of the HD668b taking up the rest of the space. On either side of the box the included contents are shown with many languages present to tell the...
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Incredible sound, for cheap!


Pros: Very natural, transparent, accurate, fast sound, fairly comfortable, nice looks

Cons: Headband can press on head a little and tight space for ears in earcups

These headphones don't seem to add anything to the recording. It feels like they have absolutely no color of their own. Good recordings sound incredible good! Mids are delicious but not overly emphasized like in some phones. Bass is not weak, very strong actually, and it goes deep, but it's volume isn't too loud. I use a little EQ to give bass a boost. Highs are best I have ever heard. They are delicate, soft, not too bright but still very accurate. And they extend really well.  I am just listening to music with these, not headphones. These are very detailed headphones, so every nuance in original recording and source comes through. The soundstage is very realistic.     Build...
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Pros: About Everything

Cons: None

Amazing Headphones.   I 1st found out about these cans when I walked in on a new audio shop in our local mall. They had a lot of cans and IEMS available for audition so I listened to one. I was blown away with the detail and just about everything, there are also some Sennheisers there but these really stand out for me I couldn't put them down. My first thought was these must have costs more than those Senns but when I asked the salesman he told me it only costs around 40$. Wow! Really? So I researched about the brand and found out it was really praised very well here and other audio sites. Long story short, I bought 1 the next day.
MZ Lab



Pros: Sound- bass, treable, mids, stage accuracy

Cons: Not very portable, pleather cushions make you sweat when is warm..

Killer headphones for the money.  Very hard to dislike. People who probably paid more money for AKG K240's (which sound inferior) would probably criticize them. I work in the audio retail industry and have experience with Grado - full line, Sennheiser - full line, AKG full line, Goldring, Beyerdynamic.  There is definitely something magical about their sound that makes me return to them again and again even though my collection includes: Sennheiser - HD600 and 250II Linear, Beyerdynamic DT990pro, 770 - 600 ohm, AKG K240 - 55 ohm, Grado SR80 and I-Grado. I have to mention  that I did few mods: First I removed the thin black fabric from the enclosures and replaced with...
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Quite good for the price, but not a "giant killer"


Pros: Feels solid, can play very loud, comfort, detachable cable, good value

Cons: exaggerated bass and treble, sibilant, looks a little cheap

I got my hands on an HD-668B today... I still wonder what's up with these AKG clones... Is Superlux paying license fees to AKG so they may use their classic K 240 design for their headphones? One could certainly think so since a reputable dealer such as Thomann in Germany is selling them and they probably don't want to anger the Harman group :-) Let's have a look at the headphone itself... The earcups' construction certainly looks a lot like AKG's K 240 design that has been around for ages. On this one, the outer headband is a little different and instead of an inner headband, it has "wings" with cushions that rest on the head. The build quality and materials feel pretty...
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Superlux creates a $50 marvel.


Pros: The sound quality rivals $200-$300 mid-fi reference phones; neutral sound; clear; easy to drive; less than $50?!

Cons: plastic body, cables that come with are less than stellar, puts pressure up top of head with ATH wing design

Let me start by saying I don't normally write reviews on the official level, star system with graphs and all. I do look at them religiously when trying to find info on a HP, DAC, or AMP that's sparked my interest. So here I am reviewing on the Taiwanese made Superlux 668B which is quite obvious a mix of AudioTechnica's wing headband system, AKG K studio series body, with Superlux's driver. Aside from the last bit, obviously all are homages or clone of their respective brands. Not the first time one brand took from another however. With that out of that way, let me start by saying at less the $50 shipped, not much can go wrong. The headphones look and might feel somewhat cheap on the cups...
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Nice price, and best value in this range


Pros: cheap

Cons: built

No doubt, the 668 is a great value. The sound is on par with some 200$ cans, and therefor really impressive.   But it is far from reference headphone level, specially the mids and balance are not even close. Built quality is surprisingly good for the costs, but still flimsy and made out of rather non elegant materials. The cable plugs are a nice gimmick.   Is it a winner? Definitely! Is it close to Beyer 880 or Senn 600 class? No, the 668 sounds really good for 50 Ohm type, but it is far from the constant quality and the comfort of the upper class.
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