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Sony X Headphones MDR-X10 Reviews

Positive Reviews


Best bass headphone out there ....... But not just......


Pros: sound quality , sound stage, comfort , portability , stlye

Cons: finish scratches easily if beat around lol

 These are definatly my favorite cans . I bought them intending to amp them even though they have a low impedence they can take 3000mw . I have always been a bass head but i require clean bass but a lot of it!! Being in car audio for years ive always loved the sound stage u get from a dozen subs and a few thousand watts, but in headphones that sound pressure was un-ubtanable ..... until now these SONYS with some real power do the job nicely . I been running mine mainly on a fiio e12 with an lod to ipod on the go and at the house I use fiio's e9 or some times just the e12 I have other larger amps but these pair nicely. When you first get them they sound good so I didnt think I would...
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Negative Reviews


Would you like a side of Bass with your Bass?


Pros: Comfortable, Punchy and tight bass

Cons: Scratches easily, Veiled Mids and Trebles due to sheer amount of bass

I'll come back and put a full review up, suffice to say these have a lot of bass, coming from the XBA line.  They are by far the neatest looking cans that Sony's released, but fragile indeed, as the cups scratch easily.  In fact, this would be the first set of headphones that I have scratched, and I've had a lot of headphones in my time. But unlike most celeb endorsed headphones, you can do single ear monitoring.  So for real DJs that spins the vinyl and must match up the beats, I think these will work quite well as its presentation emphasizes the bass and the beat.   Lots of bass up front, but very tight and punch, and doesn't really get messy and flabby unless you...
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Cleanest bass, but lack of treble


Pros: very comfortable, great sounding bass, and great design (somewhat)

Cons: bad treble range, build quality isn't so good, ears will get sweaty and hot for a short period of time

Build Quality & Design The build quality on these isn't so good in the long run, the entire headphone is mostly constructed out of plastic the only metal part on these cans would be the earcups, when it's held in the hands the headphones do feel a bit flimsy and light; because of this they gave me a bad first impression at first, but i got used to it. Its not so bad once you get used to it. Now my biggest complaint about these headphones deep down in my heart, so sincere, THEY SCRATCH EASILY, when i say that they scratch easily "THEY SCRATCH EASILY". The second day I had them they scratched, now you must know, I treat all of my headphones with care,...
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Great cans, but a bit pricy


Pros: Great lows and highs, sound quality, comfortable, portable

Cons: Middle fades out a bit, scratches easily

These are some great cans, but they do have some faults. The lows and the highs are very good, but the middles tends to fade out. I would say that these cans would sound best with some sort of electronic, techno, hip-hop, or pop. Ive also noticed that they work well with country as well as rock. They have a pretty full sound for a pair of headphones and are the most comfortable cans i have ever worn. They are a bit ugly in my opinion but they do their job rather well. I would definitly recommend these to someone who listens to their music often and for an extended period of time.

Don't pay up for these


Pros: very comfortable

Cons: disproportionate price to quality ratio, ugly, too bass heavy

The only reason I have these headphones is because I got them for free. Having them for a few days now I thought that maybe if I the diaphragm loosen up they would get better.. no such luck. I'm listening to them currently and I feel that they are much to heavy in low frequencies and the mids seem to fade into the background. Highs are strong which is nice but they could do with much more accurate representation of the audible spectrum. This is what happens when a pair of headphones gets a celebrity endorsement. They fill them with bass for people who think that's what hi-fi is and charge an exorbitant amount of money for them. They are one of the more ugly sets of cans I have had the...
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