Poor build quality, sibilant...Very sibilant. Nice bass and Mids

A Review On: Sony Mdr-Ex700Lp Earbud Style Headphones (Black)

Sony Mdr-Ex700Lp Earbud Style Headphones (Black)

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Pros: Nice fit, good mids, if you are hf deaf. Great mids/highs details

Cons: Sibilant highs,uncomfortable y-split, back plate on L fell off in 1/2 year, cable expanded and became slimy, plug and earpieces enamel peels off in 3m

These will make you lose hf sensitivity, if you haven't already. Nice bass and mids,but intolerable highs with sharp, sibilant sounding peaks:

No, they really will not improve with burn-in. Really. Especially wrt sibilance.
Pretty comfortable (tips/fit), but otherwise practically fall apart in months and sony only gives 90d ltd warranty and flatly refuses to replace afterwards.

In 1/2 a year of intense but careful use:

The back plate off L earpiece un-stickied itself and fell off.

The cable moistened up and became slimy

The purple parts coated with enamel had the ename peel off (earpieces + plug).

Never again...Sony...That's what I always say biggrin.gif and end up with more sony iems.


700lp. Aside from the enamel peeling (plug/earpieces) and a slight paint chip on the plug, everything else looks ok.



700sl to see what the lp will look like within a year lol:


(you can see more enamel peel, and the bit where the back cover is missing).

For the 700lp - enamel peel is no big deal, I think you can prod it with your finger until it all flakes away so it'll all look a bit lighter. Must be some sort of 'protective' coating...


What is hf sensitivity? I've searched google but couldn't find... :) Nice overview... I too had problems with durability overall (less than a year cable broke on left piece)
How easily you get offended by peaks in treble