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A Review On: Somic Head-band Music Audio Headphone Earphone Headset MH489

Somic Head-band Music Audio Headphone Earphone Headset MH489

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Pros: Sounds good, is comfortable and cheap

Cons: The cable is quite stiff, I would like a bit punchier bass.

I found these randomly looking at a local electronics webshop, I remember reading good reviews about Somic before and for the cheap price I thought I'd just get them for fun.


After listening to them for quite some time, I still stand a bit confused. At first when I put then on I usually find them to sound dull, after listening a while sound pretty natural but with a raised lower-mid.

This might be because my goto headphones at DT990 600ohm that have a pretty "fun" characteristic. Overall I'm quite pleased with the sound, but I'm no expert in the field.


The build quality feels cheap, they are very plastic, the cord is stiff and they look weird (tho that is just my personal opinion ofc). I don't mind the pads to, large and comfy.

Since I'm apparently comparing these to headphones way above the price range the price/performance ratio is in their favor. For the ~60e I paid for them I could not ask for anything more.


I'm gonna have to give these a 5 star since I don't think there are any other headphones in the same price range that can beat these. You get what you pay for, but in this case I feel like you are getting a bit more.


Please inform us which other headphones that you've compared these to, as you've given them a 5 star rating without offering comparisons or really writing about their sonic attributes in any detail.
io53: glad you like them ! Imagine how I feel cause I've only payed €44 for them.