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A Review On: Somic Head-band Music Audio Headphone Earphone Headset MH489

Somic Head-band Music Audio Headphone Earphone Headset MH489

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Pros: Sounds great, very comfortable, cheap, and did I mention that the sound they produce is great?

Cons: The cable is rather stiff I guess.

I'll start of with stating that I'm not an audiophile, but I do appreciate quality sound. Somehow I stumbled upon these on here and read that they are great, I remember seeing them at a local computer store and they were only 60€ so I picked them up for the "lulz". Boy am I glad I did. I thought that they would be too heavy on the bass so that it would overpower the highs and mids. But no, the highs and mids are there, so clear and so crisp. I fine balance that you only can see in real hifi headphones, but for 60€, WHAT??!

I'm really glad I got these, for 60€ it's a real steal and I can wholeheartedly recommend it.


Please inform us which other headphones that you've compared these to, as you've given them a 5 star rating without offering comparisons or really writing about their sonic attributes in any detail.
io53: glad you like them ! Imagine how I feel cause I've only payed €44 for them.