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A Review On: Somic HD MH463 Open-air Dynamic Pro Headphones (Black)

Somic HD MH463 Open-air Dynamic Pro Headphones (Black)

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Pros: Sound quality. These are unreal.

Cons: Comfort (stock pads, weight), packing quality and contents

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(For reference, coming form SR850s w/ modified pads and Philips Citiscape Uptowns)


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Came home from work to find a package from Hong Kong.


Packaging of the 463s is so-so. Looks kinda nice, feels kinda cheap, only accessories to speak of is a plug adapter. Whatever, I'm not buying packaging so this doesn't bother or disappoint me.


Build quality is nice. Heavier than the SR850s and Uptowns. Cable is much better than the Uptowns'. I like that the cups swivel to lay flat, but as these are open phones I probably won't be traveling much with them.


Sound quality straight out of the box... holy crap. First song is Crossfade's acoustic of "Falling Away" side-to-side with the Philips Uptowns, and I'm a little stunned. I now definitely understand what people have said about closed headphones sounding 'closed in' compared to open headphones, but even so I actually like the Somic's sound more (I've been loving my Uptowns, so this is a surprise that a less-expensive pair of headphones sounds notably better). Very good first impression for sound! Bill Withers' "Use Me" (one of my all-time favorites) doesn't sound quite as open, but I think it's the recording; the Uptowns suited that song a little better (made it more intimate, I guess). Bass is more or less comparable with the Uptowns with maybe a little less punch. Gonna need to compare with some 5FDP for that. "Breath of Life" by Florence + Machine goes to the 463's, no contest: the openness adds this epic quality to the song that was meant to be there, but doesn't quite show with the Uptowns. On DJ Fresh's "Louder" (the one, the only, Doctor P & Flux P remix), the closed Uptowns definitely have more impact and sound a little better, even though they lose a little detail to the 463's.


Comfort: first impression is cramped ears. The ear pads definitely need to be thicker and deeper. Gonna find a way to make this happen. The Uptowns are orders of magnitude better for comfort, and I actually know the meaning of that phrase!



Overall, I'm really liking what I hear. Big thanks to Joe (and 3AM insomnia) for introducing me to these bad boys.


The lacking of comfort is the only reason I can think of not to give these 5 stars. Even then, the sound quality, especially for the price, really tempts me to. But the comfort issue is a real one: the stock pads are not very deep anyway and compress very easily, leaving your ears cramped up against the driver grill/vent/thing. Replacing the stock pads with these from Turtle Beach ($14 shipped to the SE USA) fixes any problems one can have with their comfort. I can't speak to changes in sound quality at the moment, but at the very least they sound as good as they had before. The top headband is so-so; it can be better but isn't bad.


Not sure how to rate 'Design'. They do not have detachable cables, so I suppose that's a minus. The 3.5 plug is rather nice and secures in place very well. The cable is certainly long enough and doesn't seem to tangle easily or induce cable-related noise. The cups rotate so the headphone can lay flat, say in a backpack, which is a convenience I haven't had before. The top headband pleather pad can be improved by widening it, but it also collapses easily like the stock ear pads. I hear people complain about the creaking as you turn the ear cups but it doesn't while they're worn so I see no issue with them (except as a point if a "polished" product).


Find them. Buy them. They're worth every penny and many, many more.


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