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Smyth Research SVS Realiser A8

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Smyth Research SVS Realiser A8

Smyth Realiser A8 The Realiser is a compact, free-standing virtual surround sound audio processor. It is one of the most convincing and effective systems, that needs to be heard to be believed. It uses several elements that are the secret to it's convincing virtual surround sound. 1. Creating a personalized sound measurement of a real multichannel speaker system, via tiny microphones inserted into the ear canals (like IEM's in reverse) 2. Creating a personalized sound measurement of headphones in use by test tones created by the Realiser A8 from it's headphone output or analog line output to the included Stax SR-202 system (or any headphone amp plus headphones) 3. Realiser A8 take inputs of up to 8 Channels of analog multichannel surround sound from a Surround Sound Processor, preamp, or receiver. Or even directly from the 8 Channel output from a standalone DVD or BluRay player like the popular Oppo BDP-83. 4. Uses an optical IR head tracking system worn on top of the headphone (small wireless unit) to track head movement to keep the virtual "speakers" stationary when moving your head around. On the front panel are: a four-line display for setup and operation; indicator lights for channels in use, clip warnings, and system status; a memory card slot; inputs for headphones and microphones and an optional wired head tracker; and a USB port for charging the wireless head tracker. On the rear panel are eight inputs for up to eight discrete audio channels; eight outputs for signals used in setup; headphone outputs; and low-frequency outputs for tactile transducers (shakers). It was designed with the Crowson Tech Tactile transducers in mind ( http://www.crowsontech.com/ ), but will work with any tactile transducer systems that will use analog RCA low pass outputs like any subwoofer. More info on how the Realiser A8 and the SVS system works: http://www.smyth-research.com/technology.html The Realiser package includes: Realiser A8 Stax SR-202 headphones (works with any headphones) TU-1 head tracker TR-1 head tracking reference HTM-1 miniature microphone RC-1 remote control http://www.smyth-research.com/

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Realiser Measurement Locations:


The full potential of the Realiser can only be achieved when system measurements are taken for an individual listener in a given environment.  The table below lists various commercial sites where sessions for Realiser measurements can potentially be arranged.  Call ahead for information regarding current measurement session policy and cost.

Note: The costs listed are approximate and subject to change.


Site Location Configuration Cost
Acoustic Zen San Diego, CA, US 2 300 USD
AIX Studios Los Angeles, CA, US 5.1/7.1 Contact Site
Audio High Mountain View, CA, US 2/5.1/7.1 Contact Site
Double-D Mastering & Mixing Oberhausen, North Rhine-Westphalia, DE Contact Site €690,00
The Egyptian Theatre Hollywood, CA, US Contact Site Contact Site
Glenn Poor's Audio-Video Champaign, IL, US Contact Site 200 USD per room
Mi Casa Multimedia Los Angeles, CA, US 5.1/7.1 Contact Site
msm-studios GmbH Munich, Bavaria, DE 5.1 €950,00
Stereo Unlimited San Diego, CA, US 2 Contact Site


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