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SMSL SD-1955

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #28 in DACs


Pros: Clarity, Detail, and an overall Great Value

Cons: Somewhat Cold

The SD-1955 delivers very low distortion for the price, and a clean, clear all-encompassing sound to match. Exchanging stock op amps is recommended.


Pros: Nice sound, handles all types of bit rates

Cons: None yet

I've only had this unit for a few days so I expect it should get a little better with burn-in, and I can already hear that happening. It plays CDs and DVD-Audio discs with no problem, and streaming through the USB is great. Very nice, smooth sound. A big improvement to my system.


FYI - the dac chip in this device is the same one that's used in the Emotiva cd player.

SMSL SD-1955

The latest version SD-1955 DAC audio decoder is SMSL latest high-end multi-functional mini-DAC. At the same time with the coaxial input, optical input, the computer USB digital signal input SD-1955 DAC using the current top digital receiver chip DIR9001, the maximum signal reception 24bit/96K.

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