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INK'D Bass for a buck (allmost)

A Review On: Skullcandy INK'D Earbuds (Green)

Skullcandy INK'D Earbuds (Green)

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Pros: Great sound for the price. Good bass (Pro/con depending on what music you like)

Cons: No Left or Right.

Hi, i thought i'd just drop a short review on these for people considering to buy them. 

These are about the cheapest well sounding plugs i have gotten my hands on this far.

I got them for 10$ on sale at my local music store but normally they go for around 20-30.


These are as most of Skull Candy's products quite heavy on the bass. Some might find it to their liking. Personally i am in favor of their sound coloration for Heavy Metal, Rock and electronic music of all kinds (they're probably good for Hip Hop too) but for acoustic or by other means very clear or crisp music they're not the best you get. but for the price they're good.

I compared them to my Sennheiser CX300 plugs and i actually to my surprise liked these better due to their full sound.

They don't have left or right so that messes some music up if you're used to having it. That doesn't mean the soundstage is destroyed though, their soundstage is pretty decent, you just don't really have any control over it.

Last thing, these have a cool and very sturdy design. So these wont break if you just mash them in your bag or pocket.


Bottom-line: If you want a pair of decent earphones for a very low price, these should do nicely, but if you look for precise sound reproduction or audiophile sound these aren't for you.


Cheers from the north! Denmark


Best Regards - Victor Halgaard


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Head-Fi.org › Head Gear › Headphones › In-Ear › Universal Fit › Skullcandy INK'D Earbuds (Green) › Reviews › VictorHalgaard's Review