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Skullcandy INK'D Earbuds (Green) Reviews

Positive Reviews


Best bang for the buck


Pros: Silicon tips, strong bass, efficient, wire does not tangle or kink easily

Cons: too much bass, peaky mids, peaky highs

Price and Durability: For 7 US Dollars shipped to my house these are the best phones in the price point.  I stepped on them one time- the green paint slightly chipped but the ink'd did not break at all.  I have snagged the wire mildly a few times and kinked the wire near the jack in my pocket plenty- no negative consequences thus far.  Frequently used on my HTC Mytouch slide.   Comfort:  The included small tips fit excellent- all things considered.  I was wary of skulls being imprinted into my ear canal because of the design, and worried of discomfort from it but have not noticed any even after multiple hours in.  You can tug on the wire and they...
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Solid Headphones for the price - good bang for the buck


Pros: Inexpensive price, well balanced, good bass, relatively tough, carrying case included in some packages

Cons: VERY hard to find the left and right markings, some find its look too... punkish?

I would definitely not call myself an expert when it comes to headphones, but I will say that I was very happy with the sound quality I got from these headphones after I purchased them. I broke them myself due to misuse, (iPod dropped and it sort of yanked on the cable :S ya ouch) but that is by no means any of Skullcandy's fault. I did not take care of my headphones before as I do now, and although I didn't go out of my way to destroy them, I did not pay as much attention to protecting them as I should have. That being said, they are quite durable in my opinion.   I currently own a pair of Skullcandy Titans, and today I just bought a pair of Monster Lil Jamz. Comparing these,...
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Negative Reviews


These are bad


Pros: Cheap

Cons: They're Junk

To start off, they fell out of my ears all the time because of design, not the rubber parts but the bud itself is just weird. The plug design ruined my Zune jack because the plug comes straight out and only one side works on my Zune now. Do not buy these and use without a L shaped plug adapter. Go with some others, Sony or Phillips worked as cheap bike riding ear buds.

What does the music ACTUALLY sound like?!


Pros: cheap, big bass

Cons: mids nonexistent, highs are harsh, distorts music

These work as decent earplugs, but I would not use them for anything else unless I had to. These were some of my first non-ibuds earphones and they were really good compared to the ibuds, but that is not saying much. I was really happy with them because I had nothing to compare them to at the time, so I tried making music with "Reason." I would listen to the music through them, then through the crappy stock macbook speakers, and the speakers had sounds that the earbuds did not, and vice versa. From this, I developed a sneaking suspicion that these were not the proverbial "bees knees" and were actually kinda bad outside the big bass. This was confirmed when I got the...
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More Reviews


Not bad for your buck


Pros: Descent bass for the price, really cheap

Cons: Sound isn't very good, They fall out of your ears

First of all, I gave these a 3 star mostly for their price. At about 9 bucks they are about the cheapest headphones around. I mean, who is going to pass up a deal like that. They are dirt cheap and really easy to find at about any store you can name. But you aren't reading this review just for there price. Lets check em out.   Sound quality   If your looking at from an audiphile's point of view, their pretty bad. I actually had to turn up the volume pretty loud to get much out of them. The mids and highs are pretty bad. The whole sound sounds like I am listening through a long tube. They are not very good in the sound department needless to say. The bass does...
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INK'D Bass for a buck (allmost)


Pros: Great sound for the price. Good bass (Pro/con depending on what music you like)

Cons: No Left or Right.

Hi, i thought i'd just drop a short review on these for people considering to buy them.  These are about the cheapest well sounding plugs i have gotten my hands on this far. I got them for 10$ on sale at my local music store but normally they go for around 20-30.   These are as most of Skull Candy's products quite heavy on the bass. Some might find it to their liking. Personally i am in favor of their sound coloration for Heavy Metal, Rock and electronic music of all kinds (they're probably good for Hip Hop too) but for acoustic or by other means very clear or crisp music they're not the best you get. but for the price they're good. I compared them to my Sennheiser CX300 plugs...
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