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Requires getting used to, but good nonetheless

A Review On: Shure SRH840

Shure SRH840

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Pros: clear sound, comfort, perfect bass, good midrange, good highs, around the ear design

Cons: durability, very revealing, sibilance, strident upper mids/lower highs can be a little annoying

Disregard my earlier hate for these have come to appreciate these for what they are.



To start off my review i would like to say my opinions on comfort with these. Lots of people complain about them being uncomfortable or heavy, the truth of the matter is they feel rather light to me. Are people here really weak or something? i find these really comfortable, but just like all pairs of headphones i have tried they become irritating on my right ear after a while. This is due to my ears lately being really sensitive to touch, and is not the fault of the headphones. 



Lets go to the next thing on the list, Durability. the common belief is that these are highly durable and can take a bit of a beating. yes to some extent this is true, the headband is very bendable and can survive day to day bending and twisting. BUT the plastic extender is very cheap feeling to me and i feel it could snap with the slightest twist or stretch. I also find the metal piece that connects the headband to the headphones is rather weak and with slight pressure it would snap. I know these things occur as i have read about it occurring from members of this site, and i can see it happening. I also fear for the cords jutting out the side of these headphones, i feel that the slightest pull or snag of that cord would cause it to rip or snap. Overall i give the durability/design a 3/5 as its not bad but still has it's faults. These headphones can last a long time with proper care, but be careful.



Time for the most important feature of any pair of headphones, HOW IT SOUNDS. The sound is very clear for the most part. They emphasize mid range so vocals and guitars stand out really well. These have the perfect amount of bass for me, although bass heads wouldn't be satisfied. The highs are presented well also. But for all the good of these headphones there is still some bad. these are very revealing so if you listen to a lot of poorly recorded music it will sound bad. These have strident upper mids/lower highs which cause a bit of irritation, they don't bug most people but they sure as heck bugs me. These are also sibilant, but that is understandable when musicians use these to record their albums. In terms of genres these sound good with, these do everything fairly well, but these tend to be a little slow for fast genres of music.

I found classical and old country/rock sounds really good with these.

Rap also sounds good as does pop.

Rock sounds good but like i mentioned its a little slow and some people might not like it.

Metal is the same as rock.

Folk music sounds impressive.

Unfortunately i haven't tried jazz.

But i have come to appreciate these for what they are and ignore the shortfalls. These are excellent for the money, especially if you get them for what i got them for. For $130 i can't complain. 



If you are a beginner in the field of audio and want something to start with these are a good buy, is there better out there? You bet, but for the price to performance ratio of these you can't go wrong. They don't do anything to badly and are decently cheap. They also make a good alternative to the Audio Technica ATH M50 as these are more neutral and have better mids. I would say these are great for entering the field of audio. Anyone have any doubts? Then go try a pair at a local shop if you can, you might just wind up with a pair.


Totally agree with the verdict. For the price point there is very little to match these on the market in terms of comfort and sound. A great way to start your collection.
Just bought these, and good to know im not going crazy regarding the strident upper-mids. Not sure id have described it the same way, but something in the "higher" frequency range gets all wierd and graty.

Does this get better with burn in btw? Like i can't listen to metal or nu-metal anymore, linkin park sounds like someone recorded it with a tin can whilst dragging it across the floor. And a few random songs like "the man's too strong" by dire straits sounds very wierd in some places like theres someoen scraping metal in the back VERY slight almost indistinguishable but it annoying after a while and gets to me...
Hi man. Doesn't the headphone slips out every time you look down? If I'm in my office and i have to read something near my chest and i have to look down in a steeper angle those buggers always try to make a run for it! Even if i get a sms and my phone is right bellow me, i have to move my head slowly, otherwise the momentum of the headphones make them slip away..
I do agree that they are not heavy as in it will make your neck sore, but i think that they should be tighter around the head a little tinny bit. 
BTW.. I love those SRH840... As a reference headphone i don't think they can be beat for the price...
Im quite inclined to get a Grado 80i for 'fun' listening tho... 
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