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Audio nirvana has been reached. Best in it's class

A Review On: Shure SRH 940

Shure SRH 940

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Audio Quality
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Pros: Highs, mids, lows, accuracy, sound stage, smoothness, build quality, accesories, everything

Cons: Some people find them uncomfortable

I was for the longest time skeptical on these. Following intently on the srh940 thread the reviews were varied. Some people just up and claimed them to suck and sound fake while others praised them. When i purchased these i was afraid the naysayers may be correct. I received them and they are so wrong. These are the best headphones i have ever heard. These are smooth, detailed, neutral, fun, and revealing in a way that doesn't ruin enjoyment. Build quality also feels top notch to me. Way better built then the srh840.




I prefer the color black for headphones but if there is anything to be said about the looks of these headphones it's that they look striking and expensive. Durability feels top notch other then the plastic extenders. I assume with extra care you should have no issues. 4.5/5 for durability/design.




Opinions of comfort on these are varied. Some people think they are horrid. Others such as me think they are wonderful. I have never worn such a comfortable headphones unless you consider the bose ae2 to be a credible headphone. 5/5


Audio Quality

Heres where i got issues with the head-fi community. To me these are not harsh and very smooth, these are perfectly bassy enough and the mids are wonderful. These are perfect for rock/metal and i even deem them good enough for electronic music. The whole idea that these sound fake, lifeless, and have a bass hole is to far from the truth. Maybe to bass fanatics they are bass light but they have ideal bass for rock/metal imo.


These have a good enough soundstage and instruments separation to do rock/metal justice.


Sound quality gets a 5/5



For $299 i feel i should worry about getting arrested for stealing. These are incredible. These are top of the line and sound amazing. If i hear another pair of headphones under $500 that sound this good then i would be surprised. These are magical, they do what no other headphone has done. This is what i was after. My audio nirvana has been reached.



I recommend this to anyone and everyone.



if u like jazz, acoustics, this can is AMAZING...
but the d7000 takes pole position for rumble factor.
Wonderful review bcasey!
We have to enlighten more people how good the SRH-940 is.
hey man, a brief sound comparison with your HD25 would be nice. if you have the time.
i will start a thread after more comparisons
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