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Shure SE215 Reviews

Positive Reviews


Very good design, well made, good sound


Pros: Sound, comfort, great value, long life

Cons: Replacement cable price (complaint is specific to UK). Case not as good as older Shures.

I bought these in February 2012 for £75 at amazon.co.uk and have used them every day except for about one week when I was awaiting delivery of a replacement cable. Typical use is with a variety of personal players (iRiver H140 and H340, Sansa Clip+, Archos A43IT) as well as with PC audio and occasionally with home audio. I listen to many kinds of (usually lossless) music but most often orchestral, choral, vocal, instrumental, rock, pop. Price and value: These are very decent value and the price in the UK is close to the US price. This is quite unusual as UK consumers are typically ripped off to the tune of 1.5 to >2 times the US price for the same Asia manufactured products. Shure...
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While the Shure SE215 isn’t a glitzy newcomer to the portable audio world, it’s a no-nonsense IEM that simply sounds damn good.


Pros: Easy to listen to, good comfort, solid looks and build

Cons: Cheap case, not the most resolving

If you frequent my blog or The Sound Apprentice Instagram, you know that I’m a fan of Shure headphones. So it should come as no surprise that I intervened with a set of Shure in-ear monitors (IEMs) when I found out that my dear friend who loves everything music has been “blowing” cheap earbuds like crazy (and probably going deaf at the same time). Enter the Shure SE215 Sound Isolating Earphones. To me, with its inviting Shure house sound and moderate price of entry ($99 MSRP), the SE215 is a no-brainer. Performance-wise, you get a lot of bang for the buck, which is why I have no qualms recommending this IEM to friends that really want to enjoy their music, the veteran...
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Fun & Isolating IEM For Only $100


Pros: FUN, Isolation, Price, Removable cables, Build quality

Cons: Cord a bit long, Other IEMs in the same price range may outperform it by now

INTRODUCTION & ABOUT ME:   I started getting into audio about a year ago; I got my first headphone, the Shure SRH440, shortly after, and have since picked up a FiiO X1, FiiO E1 (used with my iPod Touch 4), an Optimus CD-3450, and, obviously, the Shure SE215. I mainly stick to the cheaper side of things, being a student and not having a job. I listen mainly out of my X1, though I used to mainly listen straight from the iPod Touch. A large majority of my listening on the SE215 was done on the X1; almost none has been none on any other sources, so for this review, all impressions of the SE215 will be from having it paired with the X1. The SE215 has had no modifications (original...
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Negative Reviews


All hype no sound


Pros: cheap, emphatic mids

Cons: poor isolation, narrow soundstage, recessed treble, not clear, sluggish bass

I bought these for a friend for Christmas based on positive reviews, price point and that my friend wanted IEMs that didn't stick out (with a negative or neutral profile.   Mostly my friend's fault to start off with but also design and packaging has to have had some impact, she was wearing them incorrectly, didn't realise they rotated and didn't realise that the stock tips were memory foam.  The way she was wearing them there was no chance of giving them a fair shot.   So I don't use around the ear IEMs myself on a daily basis, I use a pair of ER4Ps with silicone tri-flange tips (I hear a difference in sound between the silicone tips and foam plus I must be one of the...
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Nick Walters

good warm sounding earphones. Nozzle broke within 1 month (unusable)


Pros: strong bass, detatchable cable , good resemblance of mids.

Cons: design - the thin plastic nozzle broke easily, very very uncomfortable for most ears

I dont want to waste my time writing an essay for something that lasted only 1 or 2 months.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBnJ9zrnhGU My Rant and broken Shures in link above    The bass and mids were surprising for its pricepoint. There is a drop off in the higher frequencies such as treble for my music tastes.   Not reccommended as a purchase, as the durability of the actual earpiece is below par. Nozzle broke very easily (as mentioned in cons). I wish shure re-inforced the nozzle with at least a thin tube of metal if we are paying  high price. Knowing that shure also uses these plastic nozzles in their higher end models is a disgrace.   Comfort...
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They just break..


Pros: Sound

Cons: Quality Control... or defect in the design?

I barely used them... got one pair and a few months later the left earpiece started cutting sound. The retail shop opened them and did a messy job, were working and then stopped. Got a 2nd pair, same issue.   Please don't buy them. I got a SE535 and they don't seem to have any problem, time will tell.   I'm writing half star because so many people have this issue too... cannot write anything about the sound if they keep breaking.

More Reviews


First step into serious IEMs' territory ... with some downsides for me


Pros: Good value. Built like a tank. Decent overall sound quality.

Cons: Not so comfortable. Very narrow soundstage. Fatiguing in long listening sessions.

This is my first review here on Headfi, so I'd like to apologize in advance if I make any mistakes or unwillingly break any rules with this post.   I am not going to do a very thorough review of my SE215, just wanted to give anybody who's interested my impressions on these IEMs after roughly three years of use, now that I am letting them go for something (hopefully) which better suits my taste (Sennheiser IE80). I came to buy these IEMs essentially because of Headfi, and because of the very good reputation they have among audo-specialized websites and youtube channels. It has not been my first pair of good IEMs, as I came from a pair of Beyerdynamic DTX 101 ie, which I loved and...
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The Good Overall Package of Questionable Value? – In-depth Review of Shure SE215


Pros: Smooth sound, strong isolation, good build, detachable cables, decent accessories

Cons: Questionable value due to "underwhelming" sound performance

Introduction I wouldn’t use the word hate (it’s a rather strong word) but I can definitely say that I used to have a heavy dislike for the Shure SE215. At its price, I’ve always felt it simply underperformed in terms of sound. The Audio-Technica ATH-IM70, ATH-E40, Vsonic VSD3S v2, OneMore Triple Driver, the list goes on – what all the mentioned earphones have in common is that subjectively, in my humble opinion, they all sounded leagues ahead of the underwhelming SE215. Simply put, I felt the SE215 sucked for audio enthusiasts. I thought it was only a safe option for beginners and/or people looking for a gift for non-audiophiles. And then I, self-proclaimed headphone nut, received...
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Is the build and comfort enough to make it justified anymore?


Pros: Built to last, very comfortable, luxurious mids, lows are detailed but not overpowering.

Cons: Pricey (specially with emergence of it's competitors costing well below 99$) , rolled off treble.

SHURE SE215 REVIEW   Notes: This is my first review in the head-fi community and I'm just starting my journey as an enthusiast. So please be kind to my mistakes. Thanks!       Accessories: IEM and detachable cable,                         Soft carrying pouch (Does not provide adequate protection, hard clamshell cases would be appreciated),                         Foam and silicone tips (Each of them come in small,medium,large sizes),                         Cleaning tool.  ...
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Shure SE215 LTD


Pros: Amazing sound (for the price) flat profile, value for quality, good cable connector, removable cable

Cons: Expensive acessories, hard to fit (takes a few moments of stupidness to fit them to ear after storage), thick cable splitter

I bought the SE215ltd from Headphonic. Cost me $139.00. This almost completely knocks out my V-MODA M100 and V-MODA XS out the water. If you fit them improperly, they're amazingly uncomfortable. This is probably where the bad reviews come in, because they don't read the manual. Songs used (with a FiiO E17 DAC. Flume & Chet Faker - Left Alone [FLAC] Everything I just said. But 10 times better. The vocs shine, I can't really find fault in the treble at all. There's a bit of clipping, I turned it down and it seems to have stopped. I just wish the E17 was as slim as an iPod touch so I could carry it everywhere. Chet Faker - Cigarettes and Loneliness [FLAC] Chet's vocals came out clean. The...
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Unbeatable for the combination of price, sound, and durability


Pros: Cheapest IEM I've seen with a removable cable, great bass and vocals; full, dynamic sound. Ultra durable, excellent isolation. Option for mic cable.

Cons: Treble lacks extension, fit not for everyone due to bulky connectors and so-so memory wire (not a problem with mic cable)

I will report back for a more in-depth review of the sound, but for now suffice to say that I love the SE215 and it is my go-to beater IEM when I'm not willing to risk my UM3X. It does bass and vocals exceptionally well, which are my two biggest desires from any headphone. Durability is unparalleled, especially for the price. I take these everywhere: workouts, running, beach, etc. and never feel like I have to worry for even a moment about anything going wrong. They are isolation monsters, too; they made great commuting companions when I took the train and bus to work. They are usually my first recommendation to non-audiophiles who are sick of crappy Skullcandies giving out after a...
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Shure SE215: $100 Well Spent


Pros: Great isolation, high overal build quality

Cons: Disconnectable jack required a tweak to work 100%

Recently, I went shopping for a $100 pair of earphones to replace my aging set of UE MetroFi 220 earphones.   After much deliberation, I settled on the Sure SE215 series in the clear variant.  They were purchased from Amazon.com directly from Shure.  I am a Prime member, as such I paid the $3.99 and had them sent next-day air.   They arrived without incident and well packed in all manner of UPS-proof air based packaging.   The actual carton which contained the earphones was relatively standard fare and more or less unmentionable.  Inside the carton was the usual wadge of manuals and warnings printed in every language I've heard of and a few that...
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Not for everyone


Pros: Fairly neutral and accurate. Highs do not hurth your ears.

Cons: The cable is not as pliable around the ears as it could be.

These are excellent value for money. Paired up with a basic Fiio X1, these shures sound really good to my ears. They are not for everyone though. those that want thumping bloated bass will be looking for something else. having said that once you get used to it you can actually hear the bass quite separated from the music which is great. Personally I wouldn't describe these as fun, boppy, foot tapping earphones but you will have a lot of fun rediscovering listening to music in a new way (which actually doesn't make sense now I read it). I think they get you listening to music maybe a bit more critically and taking note a little more, especially of your favourite songs. Took...
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Fair value for money


Pros: Full mids and bass; fair soundstage; musicality; rugged design and detachable cable; value for money

Cons: Weak treble presence and extension; metallic sounding high mids; slightly boomy bass; average comfort

Design/durability: Excellent build quality as per always on behalf of Shure. The cable feels nice and thick, with a lot of strain relief, and is detachable which is a great feature in this price range. A good thing is that the MMCX connector feels rugged enough to withstand moderate use, unlike with some other brands. The earpiece is made of thick plastic, and the latter feels and looks sturdy. Overall a very good design and beyond expectation at that price.   Fit/comfort: Average. I am not fond of Shure's memory wire, as it tends to be pretty stiff and could hurt the ear. other than that, the earpiece is quite ergonomic (but could be bulky for smaller ears, not my case)....
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Great while it works


Pros: Warm sound, great seal with olives or comply tips, stock cables have very low microphonics

Cons: Connection between cable and IEMs deteriotate over time, requiring constant maintenance or replacement

These are great while they work. There are a bunch of methods to fix them when they eventually lose connection and start cutting out. I've had three of these in the past 5 years. They're pretty awesome while they work. So good, that put up with bending the cable pins back in place, tried to make the connection better by using conductive grease, but now, on my third pair in 5 years, I'm at my wits end with these. On to CIEMs!

Best Headphone Purchase


Pros: long-term comfort, noise cancellation, great sound quality, durable

Cons: n/a

Before purchasing the Shure SE215's, I'd spend $15-30 on a pair of buds that would always break after a few months, at most.  Fed up with spending God knows how much after several years, I decided it was time to invest on some good quality earbuds.  The popular "luxury" headphones to buy are obviously Beats, but after some time researching, I decided I'd go with these. The return policy (free repair / new pair within two years of purchasing if broken) from the Shure website was what motivated me to go through with buying them.  Three years later I'm glad to say these puppies are still as amazing as they were day one.  The sound quality is pristine, and the isolation is...
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