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Sennheiser MOMENTUM On-Ear Headphone

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Pros: solid sub-bass, enjoyable well rounded signature.

Cons: on ear design can be slightly uncomfortable - mediocre isolation

Sennheiser Momentum On Ear

I bought the Momentum On Ear (MOE) on a bit of a whim and mistaken thought I could return them if not satisfied. So not really an auspicious start to a headphone aside from getting them at a good price compared to retail. I honestly thought I was just going to end up returning them.
Buy upon initial listen I have to admit I have been surprised by them. Bit before I get into their sound let's talk about the headphones physical attributes first.
Build quality of the MOE is absolutely top notch. The headphones exudes quality construction and design and every color looks good in my opinion. Being traditionalist I bought the black/red model for myself but was tempted by the red and white models I'm the store as well. The cables are a but thin but non micro phonic and the button are easily distinguished and feel good on the microphone cable. I also love the fact the microphone cable works with my android phone minus the volume controls. I also love the case and bag that come with the kit buy have to admit o will likely use the cloth bag alone more often than not.

I find the headphone very comfortable worn around the neck when not being used as I walk around. When being used the comfort is good but not perfect as I do find my ears getting sore after an hour or so. But these are one of the more comfortable on ear headphones I have tried or owned as I can wear them for several hours with only a minimal level of discomfort. The added comfort does come at the cost of isolation though. Walking around the mall, I found these woefully inadequate at keeping the noise at bay. So if isolation is important you will want a different headphone. In comparison the Keff M500 these feel more secure on head and slightly more isolating. In comparison to the Mikros 90 they are less clamping but due to the M90 fit similar in comfort overall but they have significantly less isolation.

So how do they sound? In a sentence, they are rich and full sounding with a small dip in the midrange. I find I can listen to them for hours with pretty much any genre I listen to.

Bass - This is the strongest part of the sound signature but not in an obnoxious or over bearing fashion. They have excellent sub bass and only a very modest mid-bass hump. The bass is not loose bit also is not to punchy. It has a smidge of boominess to it that can be overwhelming with some songs. In my testing I have only a couple of tracks that have bothered me though.

Midrange - The midrange is a bit recessed in comparison to the bass and the lower treble but not enough that I felt cheated. It is clear and mostly unaffected by the mid-bass with a slightly warm tilt to it.

Treble - is strongest in the lower treble and gently rolled off in the upper treble. This has a tendency to make these occasionally sound hot/ harsh for some cymbal crash heavy music but generally speaking very easy to listen to for your extended sessions.

The overall detail of this headphone is not as resolving or transparent as some other head phones like the Mikros 90 or Kefff M500 but it is more detailed than most of the Monster brand headphones I have heard in the same price range. I find the detail is good enough that I only miss it when doing direct A/B comparisons to a detailed headphone.

The sound stage is of a decent size and better than average compared to other on ear headphones. Due to the slightly recessed midrange the sound stage is middle row of a small venue in regards to placement.

Overall I find these to be an excellent consumer oriented headphone that will please most people. The bass may be over powering for head-fi members who have grown accustomed to more controlled bass though, if you prefer tight bass or a neutral sound and more detail then you should look into something like the Mikros 90


Pros: Greatly balanced nids and highs with rich detail, nice design, extremely enjoyable emphasised bass

Cons: Might not fit everyone's ears

The Sennheiser Momentum On Ear is bursting with goodness. Nice looks, sound, and great value to go with it. Now, Let's go straight into it!


These look so phenomenal, with all that alcantara leather and the premium stitching. The earcups are so nicely and subtly styled and to finish it all up, at the bottom of each side of the leather padded headband is a Momentum word laser engraved on a piece of metal to finish up that premium feel.


The soumd is great, with detailed, smooth and balanced mids and highs. In the short listen I took, I did not hear any particular emphasis on any frequency range within the mids and highs. The bass is tight but deliciously slightly emphasised, with all the subtlety I need enough to betray the audiophile inside of me. Once in a while, I always like a fun sounding listen.


Alas, to ruin the package, the Earcups do not swivel back and forth, so people may find unecessary pressure on the back of their ears and too light a pressure on the front of the ears, causing an inconsistent seal and ruining the sound quality a little as outside noise leaks in.


This is a disappointing drawback, but overall, these are extremely nice sounding if you like balanced and detailed mids and highs and great, delicious punchy bass. even audiophiles out there, sometimes you should be a bit more adventurous with what headphoens you listen to, like what I did. You may find a wholly different but maybe an even more enjoyable sound. Advice to potential buyers though; You should try these out if possible at a store before purchasing them, so as to ensure that they can fit on your ears well without putting too much pressure on the backs of your ears, especially if you are wearing glasses.


Great job Sennheiser, especially on balancing the precarious value between sound and design, but maybe a slight tweak to include earcups being able to tilt on the slider with the Sennheiser logo will be greatly appreciated,


Pros: Great sound quality, rich yet controlled bass, balanced mids, well tuned treble, aesthetics, lots of accessories, high standard of build quality

Cons: On-ear design may grow uncomfortable after an hour or so

These have become my favourite headphones. In summary they are just like beats however better in every aspect of quality. The sound quality is, in the eyes of someone who is new to decent equipment, off this world.
  • The bass is very rich, however controlled. I find Beats Solos have an uncontrolled bass, which makes them sound echoey. The Senheisers however produce a much better sound.
  • The mids are great too - vocals that fit into this category come up really well.
  • The treble is open and gives a great sound as well.

The design is very 70s, which in a way looks 'cool'. Perhaps retro is in fashion now? The headphones are very adjustable, and the detachable cable may be useful someday biggrin.gif. I will say though that after an hour or so of listening with these on, because they sit on your ear (hence 'on-ear'), your ears may start to hurt. Easily fixed, just take the headphones off for a few seconds and let your ears rest. The build is of the highest standard, as you'd expect from Senheiser.

When you open the box, it immediately whispers 'premium'. This is because of the packaging quality and what you get with the headphones. There are two cables, one with a 90° jack and a remote, the other with neither; two cases, one stronger giving more bump protection, one soft and silky for dust and scratches; 7 manuals for all the languages you don't speak; and of course the headphones.

May I point out that these offer very little noise isolation, so if traveling on typically noisy public transport, these may not be your best bet.

As I said these are the best set of headphones I have ever owned. I listen to them through an old iPod Nano, so I'm waiting for the next generation of hi def DAPs to come from Fiio and iBasso in order to get the most out of these great phones.


Pros: Bass is articulate and solid, tons of punch, very detailed highs and mids (even if the mids are a bit recessed), great build quality, beautiful

Cons: Too bassy for audiophiles, ear pads could be softer (hurts ears after too much use), limited soundstage

This is a really fun headphone, especially for on the go use from day to day. The bass is really nice and punchy, but it isn't that annoying "Beats Solo HD" rumbling bass that gets in the way and muddies the sound. It almost has a slightly held back, but warm round-ness to it. It makes rocky music and a lot of tight indie music (see Grizzly Bear, Arcade Fire, Morning Benders) and some hip hop sound great (see Earl Sweatshirt, Nujabes, DJ Cam, Blackstar), but they don't have the thumping sub bass of something like a Beats, Sol, or even ATH-M50 can that allow you to hear the raw bass energy of music like Trap or Dubstep, both genres literally designed around that sound. You probably won't want to listen to classical music or jazz on these either to be honest. The level of bass that IS present is still to much for very highly detailed music that would be better listened to on a home audiophile setup. 


These are headphones that can also go straight into a cell phone and be properly powered as well, making them a very odd device. They're for portable use, and sport a solid bass emphasis, but don't feel right for dubstep, trap, or even more bass heavy and/or aggressive house music. Who are these headphones for? I'll tell you who, me. They have a perfect sound signature for listening to indie music, or more experimental electronica (Aphex Twin, Burial, etc.) on the go or at a school, which happens to be EXACTLY what I bought them for. I'm a huge indie music head, and being able to listen to the chill but uplifting jams of The Shins, or the crashy rocking energy of Tame Impala on the go is just a treat, and the fact that you get that premium look and feel that Sennheiser have done so well is an incredible bonus. I guarantee that people will compliment you on them everywhere you go. 


In short, they're a classy, but not quite audiophile Hi-Fi level headphone that is perfectly suited to rock, indie, and some hip hop and electronic music on the go. 


Pros: Great design, solid build quality!

Cons: Bassy sound.

  If you have already seen the Momentum over-ear model, you know what to expect. A very tastefully done design, goes great with casual and formal wardrobe ;-) . The sliding earpieces are nice but I always have the nagging feeling that they tend to move from their optimal position during the regular handling of the headphone. General disclaimer : I have never had a good experience with On-ear headphones!

The Momentum on-ear comes with a plush earpads made of Alcantara – a soft breathable material. The stainless steel headband running across the drivers provide the frame with good grip and a nice look as well. The cable is detachable (a comfort for portable headphones) and  remote for the microphone seems to be made of metal as well. There is an additional regular headphone cable with no microphone provided as well. The amount of detail that has gone into the design is once again reflected in the audio jacks as well, though they are not the wonderful self adjusting Momentum circumaural type, these look like works of art. The colorful hologram on the jack is an eyecandy in itself ;-) – this is the best designed headphone in my opinion – “drool-worthy”.


 This isn’t anything like it’s elder brother, the full size Momentum.The Momentum on-ear is a departure from Sennheiser’s house sound and is definitely aimed at audience who would otherwise be gravitating towards say, the Vmoda M100, Beyer Custom one Pro, Bose, Beats, AKG Tiesto and so on. All competitors of the On-ear Momentum pay special attention to the needs of the “bass minded” and genres such as Hip-hop, electronic, pop & EDM (Electronic Dance Music) and good looks ofcourse. I believe this introduction is necessary to put in perspective the tonality of the On-ear Momentums.I have to start with the BASS! of the On-ear Momentum, which is the most prominent aspect of it’s presentation. The lower frequencies are very strong (and overwhelming!) for such a small driver unit. The bass is actually quite good in tracks where it is reigned in, everywhere else there is bass”plosion” – highly unlike Sennheiser! The closed architecture tends to add to the bass tuned driver to push out more than required low end punch with some loss in musicality and fidelity in other parts of the presentation. As a HD650 fan, I can immediately realize the speed of the bass, its fast!  makes this good accompaniment to pacey, fast and bassy music.The mids are the least prominent part of the presentation, recessed and without much say in the overall musicality of the headphone.The highs are well extended and don’t appear too shiny, though pushed forward in the soundstage. The details that the treble presents is really overwhelmed by the pulsing strong low end, so there is nothing to complain about the higher frequencies here. Overall the Momentum On-ear carries good resolution in its presentation, the details are nice and clear, only distraction is the bass.


My full review is available on my blog.


Pros: Tight bass, clear midrange, sound isn't too closed, better than average soundstage for the headphone type

Cons: splashy lower treble, bass might be a bit light for some, below average noise isolation

The Sennheiser Momentum on-ear is a gorgeous-looking headphone just like the original one. The alcantara earpads is very comfortable and the headphone is light so it doesn't feel like its pressing your ears as is the case with most on-ear headphones. That's a major plus to me considering it's on-ear


The overall sound of the MOE (Momentum on-ear) is balanced. It is definitely not dark but doesn't sound lean too. Bass has good extension but I believe it's not as full-bodied as say the DT1350. Nevertheless, there's no bloat at all here. Midrange comes of clearly but those who are used to warmer-sounding headphones might find the midrange to be somewhat not forward (slightly recessed). However, the midrange is definitely clear as a whole.


Treble comes in prominently starting from the lower treble region. I did find it splashy and a little artificial albeit in a very minor way. The splashiness makes the overall presentation livelier but at the same time, it can sound a bit hot if you have audio tracks that are heavy in this area.  Going up into the higher frequencies, it would roll off gently making the upper highs very laid back. Overall, the treble is a bit uneven and sort of soft-sounding. I feel it's not completely free of grain as well. I think calling it mildly v-shaped is reasonable


Soundstage is better than sealed on-ears that I've heard. It's not definitely big the overall presentation doesn't sound too closed. And probably that is related to MOE not having good noise isolation. I have to turn up the volume a bit since it doesn't really block out much. The headphone doesn't leak sound though.


Overall, I find this to be a really competitive headphone for the on-ear sealed category. Pictures and some other feedback can be found in my Momentum on-ear review here.

Sennheiser MOMENTUM On-Ear Headphone

Joining Sennheiser's Style Selection, the beautiful and compactMOMENTUM On-Ear headphones fuse luxurious, elegant aesthetics to high performance sound.Available in a range of distinctive pastel colours, MOMENTUM On-Ear lets you stay in step with this season's fashions while experiencingincredible sound on the move.

FeatureGroundbreaking technologies like open-type headphones, electrostatics, one way transducer or ring radiator driver. Equipped with Sennheiser's proprietary 18 ohm transducers, which take technology from the high-end headphone sector to ensure full stereosound with every detail of breath and tone clearly audible. MOMENTUM is complemented with a headband and earpads finished in high-tech Alcantara sourced directly from Milan to complementSennheiser's exquisite choice of materials. MOMENTUM On-Ear is available in pastel colors - emerging trend for softer shades that promises to be a key look in fashion collections in the coming year. Smart design plug - A hand flattering technical detail with great benefit. The low profile angled plug makes the MOMENTUM On-Ear perfect for use with Apple devices.
TitleSennheiser MOMENTUM On-Ear Headphone - Br
CatalogNumberList - CatalogNumberListElement505796
Item Height9.1 inches
Item Length3.2 inches
Item Weight1.54 pounds
Item Width7.9 inches
Package Height3.2 inches
Package Length9.1 inches
Package Weight1.6 pounds
Package Width7.9 inches
UPCList - UPCListElement615104246546
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC

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