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Sennheiser MOMENTUM On-Ear Headphone


Pros: Rich, exciting bassy sound. Elegant looks. Removable ear-cups and wire.

Cons: Very poor isolation. Ear-cups could be slightly more comfortable.

This review will be split into a number of sections, namely

-Short Summary

-On Ears, Yay or Nay?

-Build Quality

-Sound Quality




1. Short Summary

There are a few reasons why I thoroughly enjoy Sennheiser's products. The company is known for having a meticulous attention to detail and for their strong line-up of products such as the HD280/HD380, HD 598 and most recently a couple of wireless models in the Urbanite/Momentum series. They also have very good customer support for claiming warranties and for enquiries. These are a couple of simple reasons why I would pick Sennheiser and their reliable products over a one-hit wonder product. Sure, other products can be cheaper and have great sound but when the precious piece of equipment breaks down, I still want to have peace of mind getting a replacement. 


2. On Ears, Yay or Nay?

The more serious audiophiles may bash the smaller form factor of on-ears. Smaller drivers, poor seal and isolation, diminished sound quality. Those are all valid concerns. But for those reading this and are more casual listeners like myself, audiophile headphones are poor choices due to their lack of portability and impedance. They are also not a very convenient choice, as some full-sized headphones are open back type and are virtually unlistenable in any location that isn't a sealed room in the comfort of your home. I use the Momentum On-ear in the office plugged into a MacBook, at home in bed from a HTC Desire 820 or on the commute to school/work with the same phone. I don't use an amp because it's bulky and requires charging. 


I live in a hot country, and can be easily put off by headphones that cause my ears to sweat and make the overall listening experience terrible. On-ears are a good compromise between the full-sized headphone and the IEM. I personally do not enjoy IEM's for anything other than a run or hitting the gym due to the intrusive nature of shoving something inside my ear. And it has been much harder for me to find a good IEM within the same cost bracket of the on-ear. Same price, but the audio quality you pay for IEM's more often than not, cannot match the on-ear. Case in point: The On-ear Momentum goes for around SGD $180 whereas the Shure SE215 goes for around $199 and the Audio Technica IM-02 goes for around $288. It's not an apples to apples comparison per se, but in my own listening I've compared the three products together for their audio quality and I prefer the On-ear overall. 


With a small on-ear, the inside of the ear cup doesn't get as toasty as there isn't a full seal around the ears, just a earcup resting on the ear. It can take a bit of getting used to, particularly if you have more sensitive ears. They are slightly more cooling and the sweat that gets soaked into the earcup of the on-ear can be removed and washed, then reattached. Tah-dahhh. 


3. Build Quality

The build quality on the Momentum on-ear is superb. The band is made of stainless steel and can be bent almost into a straight line. It's light and flexible and doesn't loose its shape. The clamping force is also rather tender, I don't feel like I'm wear a pair of vernier calipers which is a plus. 


The package contains a nice carrying case and a little carry bag. The plus side of this case is I don't have to re-adjust the headband to the smallest size before putting it in, I just plop it in, wires and all and shove it in my bookbag. I own the V-Moda M80 True Blood headphone and while the case on the V-Moda is slightly more compact and packs a nice carbiner for convenience, I don't like taking off and wrapping the wire up again. 


Between the V-Moda M80 and the Sennheiser Momentum on-ear, I would say the build quality is comparable. The similarities between the two are quite stark, the size of the ear-cups is around the same, the clamping force on both headphones is also very tender. They also both come with hard carrying cases and 2 sets of wires each. Both also favor a bassy sound. However, the Momentum on-ear has a slightly better treble. 


The Sennheiser can take drops pretty well. In my opinion nothing short of sitting on them with your full weight or physically stomping on the ear cups will damage them. Anything else like drops from your head or throwing them across the room against a wall wouldn't faze the pair. 


4. Sound Quality

For anyone reading this, I will use the V-Moda M80, Sennheiser Urbanite On-ear and ATH-IM02 as benchmarks. Those audio products are the ones I am familiar with. I also own the Creative Aurvana Live 2 but will leave it out as it is a full sized headphone in a different price bracket.


The Sennheiser Momentum On-ear definitely has a very v-shaped, bass focused sound. The bass also happens to be my favourite part about it. For tracks like Tech N9ne's 'Loud', 'Sut Mig', the bass tones have a very addictive, rhythmic sound to them which had me bumping my head to them. The sound is also clear without any audible muddying or distortion. It's a clear sound, not the absolute clearest or airiest, but definitely a very balanced mix with heavy emphasis on bass and sub-bass.


For something like The Click Five, Chris Brown, Tech N9ne, Eminem or even Michael Buble, the Sennheiser sounds superb and fun! It's obviously been tuned for modern music so if your playlist has rich bass like EDM music or electronic type sounds in hip hop or pop, these are a perfect fit. Vocals are good, but occasionally take a step back compared to that deep bass. Treble is definitely present which is a plus. Think of it as a completely balanced sound with the treble turned up slightly and the bass turned up substantially. 


Against the Sennheiser Urbanite On-ear, I felt the Urbanite was bland sounding and had a foggier bass. The vocals on the Urbanite were also not as clear. In all, the Urbanite is a slightly amped headphone with supposedly better bass, but it just doesn't translate to a balanced sound or even better bass than the Sennheiser Momentum. The bass is there, there's more of it, but it just doesn't sound rich or sharp. Just fat and bloated. 


Against the V-Moda M80, I thoroughly enjoyed both headphones. The Momentum has slightly more sss type sounds due to the strong treble, sounds a little more metallic and lighter than the M80. It is clearer with certain tracks as well, mildly so, I do not think it would affect the buying decision. The true distinction comes in the treble differences. The M80 downplays the vocals and the higher frequencies but its bass is just slightly richer and more "chocolatey" if that makes sense. 


One thing to add, between the M80 and Sennheiser Momentum, I feel the M80 is slightly more comfortable for commutes, the leather takes sweat more comfortably. 


5. Conclusion

The Sennheiser is a very nice sound for those who listen to modern music. The little things like the extra wire, the carrying case all sweeten the deal but the main focus of sound and comfort are met well. It's very very close to a perfect headphone, and I prefer the First Gen over the Second. A folding mechanism can get loose over time, and I am okay with the size of the First. Definitely recommend to the more casual audience as it can be easily powered by a phone or PC. 


Pros: Great soundstage, realistic bass impact and extension with little bloat, build quality, comfort, timbre and texture, great looks

Cons: Leak more and isolate less compared to the over-ears, don't fold for storage, need substantial burn-in to mellow bass bloat

At the price these guys are currently going at, I think there are few better values around. I did a lot of research before buying, and going by the impressions many folk have posted, one would think these sound massively different to the original Momentums. This is not the case at all - I owned both at the same time, and unlike most who have posted comparisons, I had the on-ears first. Compared to anything else, you can tell these come from the same family - indeed they should share an essentially identical 40mm driver that's simply tuned differently.

I find the on ear as comfortable as the over-ears, if not more so. The alcantara pads are super soft, and only get softer with use. Clamping force is a little high out of the box, but that's a super easy fix with a little stretching or simple breaking-in. The pads on the over-ears are often too small for users, something you don't have to worry about with the on-ears. I have no issues wearing them for hours on end, and their small size even makes it easy to lie in bed while listening to some music with them. They're also very easy to wear around the neck and the lighter weight makes them less likely to mess up your hair.


Isolation is subpar on these though. I don't generally want too much isolation because I like being somewhat aware of my surroundings, but you can hardly tell there's any difference when you have them on - isolation is very subtle. That said, once you have some music playing, even at low volumes, it's not that bad. A bigger concern for me is that these seem to leak more than your average closed headphone - not ideal for listening at moderate volumes in quiet places.


As for sound - they captivated me right away, but the bass definitely sounded bloated and slow. It's worth noting that I bought mine used. Like new, but still used, so I don't know how much they'd already been burned in. That said, it still took several days of listening to music to get them to sound their best - there was a noticeable difference in the quality of the bass after extended use. I'd assume this is because of a combination of the usual dynamic driver burn in, as well as breaking in the pad and metal band to achieve a proper level of clamping force. Definitely don't allow first impressions to sway you if you don't like them immediately. 

Once broken in the bass is quite wonderful. I find low end response on the original momentums to be a bit boring.This is not for a lack of quantity - the VSONIC GR07 Classic has less bass but is more engaging. It just feels a little soft, and slow. Too gentle. This is not the case with the on ear. The bass hits hard and fast, and extends easily into the sub-bass. 


The mids came as a huge surprise to me. I expected them to sound distanced and recessed and bloated by the bass, but didn't find this to be true at all. Listening to the over ear and on ear back and forth with the same tracks, there is hardly a difference between the two. The originals are a tiny bit more forward, but that's it. I actually think I prefer the texture on these too - cellos sound better with the on-ears to me.


The highs are the one area the on-ear noticeably lose to the over ear. Overall treble amounts are very, very similar between the two, but the over ear seems to eek out just a little more detail. Cymbals sound more realistic on the over-ears, for instance.


As for soundstage and presentation, the on-ears excel here too. Soundstage width is just as good as on the over-ears, perhaps even a little better. They lack a little depth and height compared to the over ears, but then compensate for this by having clearer positioning and separation. Instruments blend into one another more on the over ears than on-ears, where I feel I'm able to tell where everything is just a little more easily, particularly in congested tracks. This is made all the more impressive by the fact that the on-ears are, well, on-ears. I suspect this has to do a bit with the sound leakage and weak isolation.


The on ears have often been described as only really being good for bass heavy modern music, but I completely disagree. There isn't a single genre of music I've listened to that sounds bad with the on-ears, whereas I find myself a bit bored with EDM and some hip hop tunes on the originals. I get surprising enjoyment out of classical with these. Perhaps that's because I'm partial to making cellos sound good, something I find these do superbly well. But it's also because of their great instrument separation and texture.

On sensitivity and amping, both of these need a little more power than you'd think from 18ohms headphones to get particularly loud. When I'm on the go, I find myself often having to crank both Momentums to max volume - something worsened by the lack of isolation on the smaller model. As for amping, I thought the larger Momentum would take a clear lead when they were powered up, but I found the opposite to be true - the bass becomes tighter and more textured, and the treble improved to a point where it became difficult to tell if the over-ears were actually performing better than the on ears 

One final note: both of these sound better when you use the cable without the microphone. I've never been much of a believer in the power of cables... but it was noticeable here. It's not a huge difference, and it's less pronounced on the over-ear, but notes are more defined, with better instrument separation and overall clarity improvements. That said, the microphones themselves sound clear on a call.

I've spent two weeks with both the on-ear and over-ear, and I still can't decide which one I want to keep. Truth is, I'd probably keep the on-ear for sure if it weren't for the fact the over-ears isolate better and leak less. But on sound alone, there isn't a clear victor. What is clear, however, is that the on-ear are the better value, especially now that they can be purchased refurbished for about $100. 


Pros: Powerful kicking bass which does NOT overwhealm or drain away any other sounds. Portable. Very clean sound.

Cons: Can be uncomfortable after listening for some hours. Do not fold up. Exposed wires. Gets a incredibly tiny distortion when volume turned to MAX

Remember this review comes completely from my experience of the Momentum on-ear headphones.


Build Quality
The Sennheiser Momentum on-ears really are built like a tank. The headband is all trusty aluminum/metal which is gonna take a long, hard time to break I'm not sure if the cups are aluminum or plastic (they feel a lil' plastic) but I haven't found 1 problem with the durabilty of them. The color of the headphones (black, blue, green, pink, red, brown and ivory) are not painted with those colors they're washed so they won't scratch off or anything like that which is a real plus. I've had the Momentum on-ear for 6 months right now and they look exactly the same as when I bought them so I think these will durate for quite a while. 



To be honest the luxurious alcantara is not very comfortable after like 1.5-3 hours of listening but under that time I must say it's pretty damn comfortable. Even though I'd like leather more than alcantara for COMFORT I'd prefer having the alcantara cause it just looks so damn good! On the other hand the headband on the Momentums could be A LOT more comfortable if Sennheiser would try. It's not thick and the only plush it has is barely plush it's rather hard and stiff (lol) and doesn't deliver any comfort at all but because the headphones are so light (160g) the headband doesn't bother a lot. 


Noise isolation isn’t great, so they’re not well-suited to noisy environments. If you raise the volume to a high volume it isolates pretty good but others could hear your music cause MOE don't have good noise cancelling.


This is what everyone's been waiting for. The MOE sound amazing, these headphones are worth every single penny. This sound suits literally everyone it's good for rock, metal, everything instrumental, electronic music, house and thousands of other genres. MOEs have a punchy, rich bass which does not at all overwhealm or drain away any other sound that you need to hear but fits perfectly in the bass-head's collection. They sound incredibly clear but if you raise the volume to complete max you might hear a slight hissing disortion but otherwise these headphones have an amazing rich, kinda deep, aggressive sound which fits everyone.


Pros: Greatly balanced mids and highs with rich detail, nice design, extremely enjoyable emphasised bass

Cons: Might not fit everyone's ears, slightly boomy bass on occasion

The Sennheiser Momentum On Ear is bursting with goodness. Nice looks, sound, and great value to go with it. Now, Let's go straight into it!


These look so phenomenal, with all that alcantara leather and the premium stitching. The earcups are so nicely and subtly styled and to finish it all up, at the bottom of each side of the leather padded headband is a Momentum word laser engraved on a piece of metal to finish up that premium feel.


The soumd is great, with detailed, smooth and balanced mids and highs. In the short listen I took, I did not hear any particular emphasis on any frequency range within the mids and highs. The bass is tight but deliciously slightly emphasised, with all the subtlety I need enough to betray the audiophile/purist inside of me. Once in a while, I always like a fun sounding listen. I do not hear any bass reverberation within the earcups, probably due to the solid metal earcups, but the bass can get slightly boomy, loose and flabby on occasion, esecially when taxed hard on heavy bass tracks.


Alas, to ruin the package, the Earcups do not swivel back and forth, so people may find unecessary pressure on the back of their ears and too light a pressure on the front of the ears, causing an inconsistent seal and ruining the sound quality a little as outside noise leaks in. This is also not for use in a library, as sound leakage is strangely quite high too.


This is a disappointing drawback, but overall, these are extremely nice sounding if you like balanced and detailed mids and highs and great, delicious punchy bass. even audiophiles out there, sometimes you should be a bit more adventurous with what headphoens you listen to, like what I did. You may find a wholly different but maybe an even more enjoyable sound. Advice to potential buyers though; You should try these out if possible at a store before purchasing them, so as to ensure that they can fit on your ears well without putting too much pressure on the backs of your ears, especially if you are wearing glasses.


Great job Sennheiser, especially on balancing the precarious value between sound and design, but maybe a slight tweak to include earcups being able to tilt on the slider with the Sennheiser logo will be greatly appreciated.


Pros: flashy design, lots of fun colours, class leading comfort, fun sound (very deep bass, clear mids amazing treble, very wide soundstage), stable on head

Cons: lacks isolation(good for situational awareness, but doesn't block out noise), a bit too much bass (a bit loose), mids more recessed than i like.

For a condensed video review see the link below:



After the much acclaimed success of the Momentum (over ear) headphones, sennheiser wanted to recapture that magic and scale it down into a smaller, more portable, more affordable package. Here the Sennheiser Momentum On- Ear or MOE for short is born. 





Accessories/ Features

The MOE comes with both a soft carrying case and a fabric bag (with a drawstring) to protect these headphones. In terms of size they are about the same size as their older sibling (the momentum over ear) which is about half the size of my 13inch macbook pro. Inside you will found a pouch to hold your cables. I also liked that I didn’t have to take out the cable when putting into the carrying case. Also, I’d like to note I didn’t have to retract the earcups when storing them away each time (something I had to do with their older brother).

The headphone come with 2 detachable cables both are 1.4 m in length, both utilizing a twist and lock mechanism in the left earcup. The side entering the earcup is 2.5mm while the side entering the music player is 3.5mm.  One cable is a stock audio cable that ends with a straight jack. The other cable is a 3 button IOS remote and mic, (for play/pause/rewind/fastforward and Siri) made of a combination of metal and plastic) and ends in a L shape jack.







Overall: 8/10 (I wish it came with a hard shell carrying case, to better protect the headphones from impact)


Design and build quality

In sort they look exactly like a baby version of the Momentum over ear. I find they are more eye catching and flashier than their older brothers which are more sleek and classy looking.They come in a wide variety of different colours (see picture below), so you will definitely find 1 (or 2 ) that will suit your tastes.

One notable differences in terms of materials is the use of Alcantara, which is a synthetic suede like material on the headband and the earpads (compared to the leather used on the older siblings). I will note in the comfort section below my findings on this change.

The headband made of a stainless steel band, that is split in the middle allowing for better ventilation and to prevent any hotspots while aiding in stability while on the head.

The earcups are much smaller than the over ears, and are swivels on a ball joint to fit different head shapes. Also the earcups are instead made of a glossy plastic (on the black and ivory versions at least), compare to the more matte like finish on the black momentums.

The headphones adjust based on friction and slide up and down depending on your head size. Again they don’t slide out of place unless force is applied.

The cables are well-made and replacable with good strain reliefs and thickness.














Overall: 8.5/10 (the glossy black does pick up fingerprints and again as stated on the my review on the over ear momentums, I’m not the biggest fan of the friction adjusting mechanism)



In terms of comfort the MOE I think hit it out of the park! Portable on ear headphones are normally not the most comfortable based on the fact that they have to press against your ear to remain secure).  The clamping force is higher than the older brothers but I felt the combination of the  earpads being so soft (so much padding too) allows them to feel very comfortable while being one of the most secure headphones I’ve ever tried (seriously, you can run and jump around without worrying about them falling off).

The alcantara used is really remarkable, the MOE while having very soft earpads and pressing against your ears are also very breathable. The surface of my ear barely accumulated any sweat even after 2-3 hour listening sessions. 






Similar to the older brothers theres not much padding on the headband, but its not needed because at 160g, the MOE is as light as feather on my head.


Overall:In terms on on ear standard= 10/10



This is an area I feel the MOE suffered. For being advertised as a closed back headphone, they really don’t isolate all that much at all. Even walking around quiet neighbourhoods, I could hear basically everything around me. This is a good option for those that want  to hear whats going around them, say when walking around downtown or when cycling or if you need to listen for the telephone in the office. But I wouldn’t be able to recommend them for buses, trains, or air travel.


Overall: 6/10- I suspect the alcantara material being so breathable, is the reason while it doesn’t isolate more (it’s a completely sealed design)


Sound quality: I want say this first, the Sennheiser had taken a different approach when tuning for the MOE aiming for a more exciting V-shape sound for the youth to young adult market, and the types of music many of them listen to (I suspect, anyway) which is geared more towards rap, hip &hop, pop, and more electronic music.

From now on I will just evaluate the momentums on their on merits. (I will write a separate review comparing both momentums.


Bass: Normally portable (on ear) headphones suffer from bass, and its extension due to the size of the housing. The MOE doesn’t suffer from this problem, the bass reaches very low and is very prominent. I will note that the bass oddly has a very different characteristic from when outside (in my relatively quiet neighbourhood for example) compare to home.

At home: The bass has boomy, slight looseness quality, I find the bass on some tracks to be a bit “droney” (tends to linger a bit) and distracting at times, losing out on some definition and a bit of texture.

Outside: the looseness of the bass is less noticeable (contending with the ambient noise) and it still reaches very low. And seems to be less “droney” as well. The bass is also less emphasized when outside, making it more balance sounding, but still with plenty of punch and rumble. Though still not netural by any means.


But for  those that want bass impact from an on ear headphone the MOE should easily top your list!


Midrange: i find the midrange very clear actually with a hint of veiling. Despite the massive bass response it steers clear of it, a very common problem with bass heavy headphones. However, it is more recessed than my liking, it feels like the singer 2 rows back compare to the bass. Female vocals felt a bit more emphasized more so than male vocals on the MOE but that said female vocals never being unbearable or “too much”.  That said it’s a very small margin. A very competent midrange in a V shaped headphone.


Treble: the treble is actually very nice. I felt it was emphasized very tastefully, imaging is good for an on ear headphone. It has a bit more sparkle and is quite detailed but is stays away from sounding harsh or overly aggressive.  It extends well for an on ear (very surprising) and easily my favorite part of the sound.  Theres no spikes or dips in the treble, very impressed!


Soundstage: another part are portable on ears usually suffer. But the MOE is the exception. The MOE easily has one of the widest soundstages you can find for a portable on ear. Its quite expansive. Though this causes everything to be a bit more diffuse sounding, so the bass, mids and treble stay separate from one and another, but this makes the overall sound a bit less integrated as whole (affecting the sonic imaging).


Overall:7/10 Portable headphones always suffer in more ways than one, and I felt the MOE fared pretty well. If sennheiser makes a revision doing some nip and tucks to the sound (bringing forth the mids a bit more, tightening up the bass), I’m sure it will amazing.


Portability factor

They fit easily around the neck when not in use, I don’t think anyone will have a problem with that, they can also easily slip into a messenger bag with little issues and are made to withstand everyday wear and tear.


Overall 9/10- again this is because they don’t fold up or flat



Overall I think the addition of the MOE to be a very good one to the momentum series. They can easily cater to different audiences and both sound very competent. Their small size and unique styling will easily make them stand out in the crowd (in an amazing way), along with a wide range of colours, you can find one that suits your personality! You’ll be hard pressed to find a more complete package if your in the market for a portable on ear headphone.


Pros: solid sub-bass, enjoyable well rounded signature.

Cons: on ear design can be slightly uncomfortable - mediocre isolation

Sennheiser Momentum On Ear

I bought the Momentum On Ear (MOE) on a bit of a whim and mistaken thought I could return them if not satisfied. So not really an auspicious start to a headphone aside from getting them at a good price compared to retail. I honestly thought I was just going to end up returning them.
Buy upon initial listen I have to admit I have been surprised by them. Bit before I get into their sound let's talk about the headphones physical attributes first.
Build quality of the MOE is absolutely top notch. The headphones exudes quality construction and design and every color looks good in my opinion. Being traditionalist I bought the black/red model for myself but was tempted by the red and white models I'm the store as well. The cables are a but thin but non micro phonic and the button are easily distinguished and feel good on the microphone cable. I also love the fact the microphone cable works with my android phone minus the volume controls. I also love the case and bag that come with the kit buy have to admit o will likely use the cloth bag alone more often than not.

I find the headphone very comfortable worn around the neck when not being used as I walk around. When being used the comfort is good but not perfect as I do find my ears getting sore after an hour or so. But these are one of the more comfortable on ear headphones I have tried or owned as I can wear them for several hours with only a minimal level of discomfort. The added comfort does come at the cost of isolation though. Walking around the mall, I found these woefully inadequate at keeping the noise at bay. So if isolation is important you will want a different headphone. In comparison the Keff M500 these feel more secure on head and slightly more isolating. In comparison to the Mikros 90 they are less clamping but due to the M90 fit similar in comfort overall but they have significantly less isolation.

So how do they sound? In a sentence, they are rich and full sounding with a small dip in the midrange. I find I can listen to them for hours with pretty much any genre I listen to.

Bass - This is the strongest part of the sound signature but not in an obnoxious or over bearing fashion. They have excellent sub bass and only a very modest mid-bass hump. The bass is not loose bit also is not to punchy. It has a smidge of boominess to it that can be overwhelming with some songs. In my testing I have only a couple of tracks that have bothered me though.

Midrange - The midrange is a bit recessed in comparison to the bass and the lower treble but not enough that I felt cheated. It is clear and mostly unaffected by the mid-bass with a slightly warm tilt to it.

Treble - is strongest in the lower treble and gently rolled off in the upper treble. This has a tendency to make these occasionally sound hot/ harsh for some cymbal crash heavy music but generally speaking very easy to listen to for your extended sessions.

The overall detail of this headphone is not as resolving or transparent as some other head phones like the Mikros 90 or Kefff M500 but it is more detailed than most of the Monster brand headphones I have heard in the same price range. I find the detail is good enough that I only miss it when doing direct A/B comparisons to a detailed headphone.

The sound stage is of a decent size and better than average compared to other on ear headphones. Due to the slightly recessed midrange the sound stage is middle row of a small venue in regards to placement.

Overall I find these to be an excellent consumer oriented headphone that will please most people. The bass may be over powering for head-fi members who have grown accustomed to more controlled bass though, if you prefer tight bass or a neutral sound and more detail then you should look into something like the Mikros 90


Pros: soundstage!, overall frequency response, dynamics, price, the entire package! 32 ohm - You can feed them directly from DAC

Cons: they should be labeled as a open headphone, it's true that they leak a lot.

I've recentlty bougth them for office. All i wanted was a pair of fairly decent cans within the budget ive prepaired for this occasion.

Unboxing was a surprise, in the package we get a nice pair of switchable cabels, one for "iPod" with a mic and volume control , and the regular straight one.
Theres a sachel for headphones and ... A case made from eco leather for both headphones and cables. NICE!

Build quality: aluminium alloy, leather, italian proprietary eco leather on the ear pads... They made my AKG K701 look bad in direct comparison. They got THE LOOKS.

Sound quality: first things first, those cans need 30-50 hrs to burn in. Bass was another unexpected thing from those headphones, I've never heared do well controled, thight and intense bass ever! And its not dominating, bass exactly knows his place here. In reviews above You can read that they are bass heavy - thats not true, bass is clear and objective hits just hard enough, but if Your source is bass heavy better get a nice DAC that doesnt colour the lower parts wink.gif

Soundstage ... Compared to K701 they create a scene thats closer to the observer but separation is nearly flawless.
Highs - perfect, period.
Mids - with neutral and good dac same as above, but if something feeds bass too much mids get muddy.

Price: in europe they can be bought for 85€ (1st revision) atm and I dont know any headphones that can compete in this budget or even doubled.

Summary: if the on ear is the thing You are looking for, with those its hard not to satisfy even demanding headphone enthusiast.


Pros: Full spectrum sound. Analytic yet fun tonality

Cons: Earpads are an awkward fit at times.

The Momentum On-Ears are very impressive headphones. They have incredibly accurate tonality like the kind you get with analytical headphones, yet somehow sound fun at the same time. As stated in the Pros bar above - they have full spectrum sound ( no frequencies masked or missing). This means your going to hear the lowest bass notes, the highest tones of the snare drum and every sound inbetween! There is no bleeding of low's to mid's or mid's to high's...it's all seamless.


That brings me to the only negative...the earpads! Everytime i use my Momentum on ears i have to literally move them around until i'm sure they wont slip off my ears...


Don't be put off by that though because they are worth every penny for the sound they give. 


Pros: Good sound (soundstage for a closed on-ear is good, nice FR and detail), decent comfort, looks awesome, sturdy build

Cons: Faulty wiring was a problem with my pair

I got a pair of these new on Amazon about a month and a half ago.  I thought they sounded great for a pair of closed on-ears, and were pretty decently comfortable to the point that listening to tehm for two hours straight, I had no real issues.  The isolation is also pretty good for closed on-ears, considering the lack of extreme clamping force (which is good for comfort, of course).  Good frequency-response and detail, and they have a nice soundstage for headphoens in their class.

Unfortunately, however, I think the manufacturing quality-control on these may not be up to Sennheiser's usual standards!  You see, after just two hours of normal use from the heaadphone jack on my laptop (was using WASAPI, of course) which certainly is not powerful enough to over-drive them, the right driver completely stopped working!  I suspect it was due to faulty wiring to the right side coming from the left-driver where the input jack is located.  Anyway, this obviously ruined teh headphones for me, and I returned them to Amazon for a refund.  Not wanting a repeat of the same experience, I bought a pair of V-Moda M-80s Crossfades insteaad, which I can honestly say are quite superior to the Momentum on-ears in almost every way except isolation. . .soundstage better, detail a tad better, about equally comfortable for me, better looking in my opinion, slightly nicer frequency-response (slightly flatter, but still nice punchy bass, although the treble on the M-80s might actually be a TAD bit inferior to the the Momentum on-ear), superior build-quality and, clearly better quality-conrol with the manufacturing.  I'm honestly GLAD that my Momentum on-ears turned out to have faulty wiring, because it's as a result of that, that I now have the M-80s instead.  However, the M-80s are, depending on the COLOR of the Momentums (strangely enough the price varies WIDELY between the different color options, weird) a tad bit more expensive, but I'd say totally worth it.  Did I mention the M-80s also come with much higher quality cables?  It's true that the Momentum on-ears come with one extra cable, but both cables seemed quite typically flimsy to me.


In conclusion, these are certainly good sounding and comfortable, and even reasonably well-isolating headphones, for their class and price-point, but there are others available in the same general price-range (such as the V-Moda M-80) which are better, and I'd be quite wary of the wiring quality in these based on the experience I had with the right driver failing.

Sennheiser MOMENTUM On-Ear Headphone

Joining Sennheiser's Style Selection, the beautiful and compactMOMENTUM On-Ear headphones fuse luxurious, elegant aesthetics to high performance sound.Available in a range of distinctive pastel colours, MOMENTUM On-Ear lets you stay in step with this season's fashions while experiencingincredible sound on the move.

FeatureGroundbreaking technologies like open-type headphones, electrostatics, one way transducer or ring radiator driver. Equipped with Sennheiser's proprietary 18 ohm transducers, which take technology from the high-end headphone sector to ensure full stereosound with every detail of breath and tone clearly audible. MOMENTUM is complemented with a headband and earpads finished in high-tech Alcantara sourced directly from Milan to complementSennheiser's exquisite choice of materials. MOMENTUM On-Ear is available in pastel colors - emerging trend for softer shades that promises to be a key look in fashion collections in the coming year. Smart design plug - A hand flattering technical detail with great benefit. The low profile angled plug makes the MOMENTUM On-Ear perfect for use with Apple devices.
TitleSennheiser MOMENTUM On-Ear Headphone - Br
CatalogNumberList - CatalogNumberListElement505796
Item Height9.1 inches
Item Length3.2 inches
Item Weight1.54 pounds
Item Width7.9 inches
Package Height3.2 inches
Package Length9.1 inches
Package Weight1.6 pounds
Package Width7.9 inches
UPCList - UPCListElement615104246546
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC

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