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Sennheiser IE 8 In-Ear Headphones

98% Positive Reviews
Rated #1 in Universal Fit


Pros: Warm Intense Sound Signature with Shimmering Exquisite Treble and Tight Bass

Cons: Overall neutrality can be adversely affected by the overpowering bass if turned up

Wow, what can I say. These came like-new and packaged perfectly from FlexPen76 with 100+ hours burn-in time. Compliments to him again =] 

First Impression- The entire Sennheiser construction was very solid and the box was very attractive as representative of fine German engineering. I had no trouble ascertaining if the ones I got was real and at first I must say I was overwhelmed by all the included accessories. However, as stated by many users, all the excess tips were completely negligible and the only one that remotely fit in my ears was the silicone default one. I immediately took them and stuck the nickel-plated jack in my newest Ipod Touch without hesitation. The bass-knob setting was a little higher than 1 and I wouldn't recommend going over that unless you want the treble to be drowned out by the bass. But that's only because of the tips I was using. I played a few low bit-rate songs and was surprised to say they weren't overly sensitive to low-quality music. Then I initiated a hq trance song with the sound turned a little above normal and closed my eyes. It was interesting to note that I barely noticed a difference in soundstage to my full sized cans D2000 and Dt880. That just shows how well the IE8 balances the entire frequency spectrum in an ethereal-like cover. Overally SQ was quite detailed and I also noticed how well it reproduced every note of noise from classical pieces to vocal trance. I would say it sounds like a Rs1 without the overly fatiguing signature but it lacks the mid-range of the Grados. The highs are well configured but tends to sound well only without the bass booming at the same time. 

Will be giving a more detailed report after I play around with these more.


Pros: Superb SQ for that price

Cons: Hard to say

This is my first top tier IEM. I own it quite a long period of time.


I am very happy with the SQ.... Anyway here is my review after 5 days of usage =)  ( i left it in seller website)


Честно говоря звук сразу после распаковки был ужасен :) Но я знал что динамическим затычкам надо время что бы 'раскрытся'. Так и произошло. Буквально через 5 часов они зазвучали значительно лучше. После 80 + часов разогрева звук поражает :) Я не сказал бы что люблю слушать гитару или пианино. В основном я люблю электронную музыку. Но блин, когда я услышал как в них звучит гитара. Это словами не передать. Аж мурашки по коже пробежались. Вокал тоже очень радует. Басы мягкие и упругие. Очень приятные. Когда их одеваеш такое чуство вроде бы музыка вокруг тебя. Она везде, а не только в твоей голове. Вобщем, советую всем кто любит звук сенхайзера. Единственное с чем могут возникнуть проблемы это с подходящей насадкой. Слава богу мне как минимум 2 пары подходят идеально. Всем правильного выбора :)


Pros: Superb sound, very detailed, strong bass, an awesome soundstage, no microphonic, good built quality

Cons: the sound tuning is useless, earhook, cable

I've been using Sennheiser IE8 for 2 years and its still awesome. sadly I lost it about 2 months ago.

The first time I use it, it sounded ordinary but after several days of burning in I finally found the true sound that is so amazing.

The sound is detailed, clean instrument separation, strong bass, and an awesome soundstage, and no microphonic...

but after using it for a year I have to buy a new cable because the cable broke up, and also I found the earhook is not practical to use. I got my perfect seal from the medium sized double flange tips after experimenting with all the ten tips provided. and It's so comfortable also. The carrying case is neat because it carries two reserve tips, cleaning tools, a microfiber cloth, and your IE8, but the design is complicated. 

well its quite pricey and because this is an IEM people didn't see that this thing is expensive. And you know, it just so sad.




Pros: Very Very strong bass, mids are good, highs are crisp, comfortable, very strong build, almost no microphonic, replaceable cable

Cons: doesn't isolate too much noise, some people may dislike the midbass hump, carrying case is complicated (but cool:)

These earbuds has a warm sound, but with very nice mids, and crisp highs. I heard that lot of people say it has too much bass, but I think they are just enough with the knob turned to the max (maybe it can have even more bass). I found that they sound a slightly similar to the Klipsch Image X10. The cable is the best ive ever saw, they are soft and they have minimal microphonics. The only downside I found is that they don't block out much sound. Oh, and When I got those earphones. The Cable was wrapped so tightly in the box that it basically destroyed the cable.

For the price I paid (around 300USD) , I would definetly recommend it to people who takes their music seriously.


Pros: Lovely (and occasionally jaw-dropping) midrange, fun bass, smooth highs, awesome soundstage, good cable

Cons: Needs running-in, fiddly to get perfect fit, needs an amp to shine

DOI: I don't get to listen to new gear a lot so I may not be any use at answering questions about comparisons to anything other than my own stuff (which may or may not be considered esoteric). I was (and am) a full-size hi-fi person so my tastes in this will clearly colour what I look for in head-fi. I tend to value realism of tone for well-recorded voices and instruments but for orchestral works and pop/dance music, I prefer a neutral-warm musicality and dynamics.



Initial set-up:


Carry case is lovely but clunky and useless for in-out day-to-day carry. Cable is nice, a useful length and non-microphonic unless you're really scraping it. The clip helps.



Best in box for my smallish ear canals were the medium single-flanges - absolute best were cut-down Comply foams, which are crazy expensive in the UK and being cut-up, only last a few days of hard wear before the seal goes. Ended up getting Proguard silicone tips which I use to this day (which reduces total comfort and congests the sound but was a reasonable trade-off for durability). I wore them over-ears with the cable guides as I run around a lot.



iPhone 4 w/ ALAC then added a BSG cmoy tin-amp with LM4562 (gain 6) and a Tangent-design Pimeta v2 built by myself as a high-end build with BB OPA827 x 3 (627s were waaaaaay too pricey). Lately, I've been using an iPhone 5S with the Onkyo player app and an iBasso DX80 with Lurker's firmware (ALAC and Hi-Res FLAC)


A Few Thoughts on the Sound:

Initially, crazy bass which sounded bloated and horrible. After running in on the cmoy for a few tens of hours, it started to clear so I persevered and the muddiness disappeared. I've always kept the IE8s at the lowest bass setting and worked on optimising the seal. There's a lot of bass and can be a bit 'splashy' and it doesn't extend all the way down but the quality even with the well-documented mid-bass hump is a lot of fun with e.g. The Prodigy and Nine-Inch Nails and doesn't obscure the rest too much. Highs are slightly rolled-off but this helps those, like myself, who are very sensitive to sibilance or 'hot' recordings. Detail is good but micro-detail and subtle changes in e.g. the background dirge of Nightwish's Taikatalvi certainly needs a better player than a phone - the upper-range smoothness and the high sensitivity/low impedance probably don't help. Overall, the IE8 is smooth: it forgives low-quality rips, voices (esp. female ones) are clear and with the right recording have a flutey quality that sounds lovely though isn't necessarily the most realistic e.g. an opera recording like Kleiber's 1977 La Traviata. That being said, I played Sandi Thom's 'I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker' for the first time through the cmoy w/ LM4562 and the voice in my right ear was so 'real' I jumped sideways on a busy street...


Soundstage is massive, and in a way I particularly like - moreso with the Pimeta and OPA827s: the vocals are in my head but everything else is all around. This can get a bit echo-chamber for some tunes but with particular recordings it gives an 'out-there' effect you can't cheaply achieve even with a full-sized system. Coupled with the Complys, you can forget you are wearing in-ears. I've been known to take my kit onto the street at night when it's quiet and play Florence + The Machine's Cosmic Love far too loudly and dance around grinning whilst it feels like the sound is coming from the sky around me. Seriously. Stop looking at me like that...


(The only reason I stopped carrying my Pimeta was the 1-hour battery life - never got the oscillation stable-, the box weighs over a 1Ib and carrying a large metal container covered in switches gets you funny looks on London Underground in this security-conscious day and age.)



A bargain at the price I paid (~£100) and a very decent upgrade if you like bass. However, perfect fit was an issue for me and it really needs something better than a phone to show off. My favourite to calm a sibilant tune on my rather sizzly but otherwise solid iBasso DX80 (e.g. any of Fun's studio albums - sometimes feels like a very musical white-noise generator). 5 years later and I still go back to them.


Pros: Wonderful natural sound on all frequencies, after listening extensively to music that I'm very familiar with. On vocals, synths, classical and dance.

Cons: Not cheap, but worth saving for and getting them.

Excellent IEM headphones. I usually use my modified HD600's with my hifi system or whilst listening from my mac via my external DAC through my headphone amp, but I recently FLAC'd my entire CD collection (several weeks later) onto an AK Jr, and with the IE8's the sound quality is excellent. (Memories of my first Walkman in 1981 and the impact it made on me as a young boy, the sound was a vast improvement on what I'd heard from any tape player before). The IE8's almost isolate most external noise as it's easy to get a good seal in your ears with the variety of rubber tips that are provided so when the music is playing, all you hear is the music and the reproduction is excellent. From vocals of Andy Bell in 'Am I Right' to Louise Setara in 'Love me Still', to driving rhythms and drums in Lou Gramm's 'Angel With A Dirty Face'. All the varieties of music I've listened to through these IE 8's I've never been disappointed.

Build quality is usual German quality, so nothing to worry about there. They are packaged in a nice sized case that is easy to fit in your pocket, and the cleaning tools and other rubber tips are all stored neatly.

All in all I'd certainly recommend these IEM's, they're not the most affordable if you're on a budget, but if you can save that bit longer, they are most certainly worth it, and I'd be very surprised if you regretted your purchase.


Pros: Great Bass, articulate Treble and mids

Cons: Minor Mid-Bass Hump that appears to smooth out after burn-in, OEM Ear tips not up to par with Earphones.

Purchased these From an Authorized seller in the UK as a Demo but in as new / Mint condition. They actually had 10 Pair, in hindsight I probably should have purchased a 2nd. After a Disappointing trial of Vsonic GR07 Classics, I decided to pop the Extra $$$$ and take a chance with the IE8s. I won't be looking back any time soon. You can use a lot of adjectives, in a nutshell they sound great and are actually on par with My Senn HD650s sonically. The first thing I did was Try all the supplied Tips finding that the Large regular tip is the best of the OEM lot for my ears. I will go into a little more detail in a few for better tips. Then I burned these in having a Listen at 50, 100, 200, 250 and 300 Hours. I for one definitely can hear a vast difference between New and Burned in. Relaxed would be what I would call the Transformation, and the Mid-Bass hump which never really bothered me anyways has smoothed out. I also Purchased a set of Balanced N8 OCCC silver Plated copper upgrade cables from HIFI-Acoustic Audio. Fantastic workmanship on these cables. Highly Recommended.


Now for eartips: I have Tried Comply Foams, Generic Silicone Hybrids from Ebay, Genuine Sony Hybrids, Phonak, Monster Gels, JVC, both Clear and Black assortments from Meelec, Auvio hybrids and of course the supplied OEM. My conclusion is BY A WIDE MARGIN: The Auvio Hybrids available at Radio Shack in Large size. They just make the sound BLOOM, at least to my ears.


Sorry for being Late to the Party, Might Have to try out the IE80s.


:):) TWIN


Pros: Build Quality, Comfort

Cons: Bloated Mid-Bass, Muddy Sound, harsh Peaks and Resonance in the Treble

Please you yourself a favor and don't buy these IEM.


Pros: workmanship, detail

Cons: value

only auditioned this iem for a brief time as I would never pay nearly this much of my hard earned money on an iem. These must have been tuned to a certain type of modern music and for that, whatever it may have been, these probably sound outstanding

Sennheiser IE 8 In-Ear Headphones

The Sennheiser IE 8's audio performance warrants a standing ovation. Rediscover your music collection and tailor it to your aural tastes with a tunable bass frequency response. The customized sonic signature is complemented by a unique fit thanks to the included ear adapters, ensuring perfect fit, guaranteed. This fit isolates the user from their environment, offering passive noise attenuation and the best sound experience. The compact design of the IE 8 works with any attire in any situation. The IE 8 stores quickly and safely in the included carrying case.

FeatureSleek ergonomic design and various sizes (S, M, L) of eartips for a perfect, customized fit
Height3 inches
Length1 inches
Weight0.66 pounds
Width1 inches
List Price$449.95
ModelIE 8
Package Quantity1
Product GroupCE
Product Type NameHEADPHONES
TitleSennheiser IE 8 Premium Audiophile Noise Isolating Headphone
Batteries Included0
Warranty2 years warranty
Special Featuresnv: Cord^1.2 m symmetrical (earphone to separator: 0.4m; separator to plug: 0.8m) | Ear coupling^intraaural (ear canal fit) | Frequency Response^10Hz - 20kHz | Impedance^16 ohms | Plug^3.5mm L-shaped stereo jack plug | Sound pressure level (SPL)^125 dB(SPL) | THD^ | Transducer principle^Dynamic | Weight^5 g
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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