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Sennheiser HD 700 Headphone Reviews

Positive Reviews


great phones for classical and jazz


Pros: big soundstage, precise imaging, immersive sound, clear lines from individual instruments in, e.g. chamber music or jazz quartets

Cons: rare sibilance

my experience with headphones is very limited, as is this review, but i thought someone might benefit from these observations, someone who wants to listen to classical and jazz.   i started with the hd700 by listening to the melos quartet playing schubert's "death and the maiden," and then checked my impressions by playing segments on my fidelio x1.   wow!  the hd700 had what felt like a 220-240o soundstage- i was sitting in the center of the quartet. the tone was wonderful and i was surrounded by the music- the first violin to my left, the cello on the right and a bit behind me, the viola front left and the 2nd violin front right.  the last 2 were a little hard to...
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Negative Reviews


Sennheiser brings aural excitement to my ears


Pros: Super comfy

Cons: Too exciting for my tastes, mid suckout, spotlit treble, too expensive, ugly

Personally I don't like it, but I can see why other people may. For a broader angle drier approach to these see: http://www.head-fi.org/t/614011/sennheiser-hd700-review

More Reviews


The next big thing? Maybe...


Pros: Exceedingly comfortable, easy to drive, many of the strengths of the HD800 at a lower price

Cons: The price will be an issue if it doesn't get discounted, highs can be bothersome, plastic construction may not feel like $1K headphones

      Just adding a quick summary based on my time with the prototype version of the HD700. In my opinion this is a very good headphone, yet I know it won't be perfect for everybody. But no headphone ever is!   It basically takes the HD800 sound, reduces the treble energy to some degree, and possibly bumps up the bass impact a tad. Either that or it just seems that way due to the treble balance. Since mine was a prototype version, there is a chance that the final sound will change. Therefore I'll be speaking in generalities. I know for sure that there will be updates to the headband to offer more padding. Despite that, I already found the HD700 to be supremely...
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An extremely good pair of headphones for the serious home listener.


Pros: Un-coloured sound, feel solid and professional, removeable and replacable cord.

Cons: The cotton cord with a mind of its own, very open design lets a lot of sound out.

After building a very exotic valve headphone amp, with a Sophia Mesh Plate Rec. tube, I wanted to match this thermionic marvel with REAL quality phones. I have a pair of AT ATH700 Airs which I love and think excellent value for $160. I also have my "train" pair of Phiaton 400s with their closed back. The Phiatons are good but the ATs much better. I Googled for the "best headphones" the the answer came back "Sennheiser HD700s". Too many good reviews to ignore them and at around the $1K mark I must have a pair. RRP for these pro. phones is $1,100. Even on eBay they were going for $1,050. But shopping about I picked up an authentic new pair for $750. At $750 these are a steel. I'd pay $750...
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Nice addition to the Senn line up.


Pros: Very good imaging, staging is very speaker like, seamless tone from top to bottom, excellent clarity, midrange and tight tuneful bass.

Cons: Unruly cable

January 1st  2014     Initial impressions http://www.headfonia.com/ls-take-on-the-sennheiser-hd700/   First off "Happy New Year" Took awhile but my HD700s finally showed up yesterday, a cursory listen (5-6 hrs) mirrored more or less yours and Mike’s impressions. As mentioned above I’m using a Bryston BCD-1 as source balanced to a BHA-1 for amplification, so no hiss, hum, you name it just a jet black back-round allowing every little nuance to come through unscathed. What was great was that instead of jumping through numerous tidbits of audio nirvana and being swept into audiophile neurosis I actually got immersed and “almost” listened to each disc in its...
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A nice pair of headphones between HD650 and HD800

I spent a few months to find a good upgrade from the HD598. I had tried HE-500, LCD2.2, and Grado GS1000. I had never wanted to try a HD700 after having read the criticism about the sound and the bad measurements.  Between those I chose the LCD2, but because a friend's suggestion I got a HD700 from amazon. I just wanted to make sure LCD2 is the best choose on $1000 range headphones but from the first minute I tried the HD700 I found that it’s not as bad as some of the reviews.    After burn-in the headphone for around 40 hours I spent whole a weekend to compare HD700 to LCD2, to me they had a same sound quality with different sound signature, for some genres I...
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David Chavez

A hit and a miss..


Pros: Comfort, looks, non fatiguing

Cons: Value, overall audio quality,

Let me begin by saying there is nothing special about these headphones.  My first impression of them made me smile because I fell in love with the oral shaped ear cups (I'm a sucker for "small" full ear headphones). Comfort is a highlight that sennheiser did not lose when they made these headphones. But when your paying $1000 dollars on headphones comfort shouldn't sway you from giving up large gapes of audio quality.  Which leads me to audio quality, if the only headphone drivers that existed were still dynamic drivers then this would have a great success for sennheiser. (Note I burned them in 6 hrs a day until roughly 250hrs) The best way to describe these headphones would...
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The Sennheiser HD 700 is a viable alternative to their flagship HD 800


Pros: Superlative imaging, accuracy and transparency, generous sound stage, comfortable to wear

Cons: Expensive, its accurate sound is what some object to as the Sennheiser "veil"

Designed to fill the gap between the HD 650s and the flagship HD 800s, the new HD 700s essentially share the status of flagship top-of-the-line headphones with the 800s. The open 800s are superb dynamic headphones featuring spatial accuracy and unparalleled imaging. Their innovative design uses a large "ring radiator" driver that is positioned a bit forward of the ears and then angled slightly backwards so that they deliver a more planar wave front. That modified acoustic wave front is the source of the 800s improved imaging as it more closely mimics the way we actually perceive sound. Listening to orchestral music, for example, produces an often uncanny sound stage of depth and breadth...
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Sennheiser HD 700 Is Really Not That Bad


Pros: Looks great, Comfy, Wide Soundstage, Great Imaging

Cons: 6k Treble Spike, Plastic Design, No Bass Impact

    Intro:  I have owned this headphone for about a year now and so far so good! I have found that the HD700 is a very revealing headphone that drastically changes its sound signature from each amp//source you listen to it with.   Type of Music I listen to: Indy, Classic Rock, Rap, R&B, Soul, House   My Current Set Up: WA2 Modded Arcam rDac HD700   What I have heard with the HD700:   Set-Up 1: Bryston BHA-1 Bryston BDA-1   General Thoughts: I found that with this solid state the treble peaks are ever present. Really fatiguing to listen to.     Set-Up 2: Woo Audio WA2 Arcam rDac   General ...
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My 1st 5-Star Review | Sennheiser HD700 compared to the Sennheiser HD800


Pros: Sound, build quality, price-to-performance ratio

Cons: Could be lighter

Introduction: This is my 1st 5-Star Review. I am a very picky reviewer and I am a true believer in 'every little bit counts' and honestly I have little to nothing to complaint about aside from the headphone being a little bit heavy.   Build quality: The construction of the HD700 is very similar to the HD800. Just by looking at the headphone, you might mistake one from the other.   Sound quality: The biggest difference in my opinion lies in the smaller earcup that houses a smaller 40mm driver, compared to the massive 56mm driver on the HD800. I think this affected the sound quite a bit. With the smaller driver, I found that it was less spacious and the soundstage was not...
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They hit a sweet spot


Pros: Comfort, light weight, spectacular sound: response and imaging

Cons: Not cheap

I've used most of the old-school brands (Grado, AKG, Sennheiser, Sony, Koss, David Clark, ...) and have tried several of the Jonny-come-latelys, and the HD700s are simply the best for comfort and sound that I know.   I can wear them for hours and never get fatigued.   Most of the others that I've heard fail relative to the HD700 in terms of either wearability or audiophile sound.   I use an after-market cable that's shorter and lighter than the stock cable.   My other options are Etymotic fitted in-ear 'phones or Genelec active monitors.   I've never heard the HD800s with anything better than a computer (and a PC at that) driving them, so I can't...
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