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Sennheiser HD 650 Headphones Reviews


Klassische Kopfhörer !


Pros: Sensational Excursion Factor , Exquisite Bass Extension , Almost perfect Mid-Range , Classic HE-60/90 Design , Potential Upper Treble Extension

Cons: Earpad Cost , Grainy Compared To HD800s , Beyers and E-Stats , Under Priced - In My Opinion , Could Be More Distant

  The one who started it all, the 650s was a unexpected purchase for me, I was 16 back then when I got the 650s , the only nice headphone I had was the v6 and a cheap Supra Sony but since I was building a nice PC at the time, I decided to invest in some Audio , wanted to get the best ....Initially I was gonna get the hd800, the price wasn't a issue since I had a huge budget but I decided to invest that elsewhere and got the 650s instead, these in one word are my "Favourite" Headphone, love them.   To the sound , I always thought the 650s were a acquired taste until I got AKGs, little did I know what I had there The 650s signature is warm, rolled of yet detailed with a...
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Musical reference cans


Pros: Lush sound, bass impact, treble extension, packaging

Cons: Clamping force, paint is prone to chipping

  Review Equipment: Amplifier: Matrix M-stage (Audio-gd SUN v2 HDAM) DAC: Matrix ASRC Cube DAC, Valab NOS DAC (v2.6) Other headphones: AKG K702, ATH-ES7, Beyerdynamic DT770, Sennheiser HD555   Packaging: Great packaging. The HD650 came in a hard box lined with tons of foam padding on the inside. The box is relatively durable and even had metal hinges for longevity. Included a nice 1/4" to 1/8" adaptor for use on smaller plugs. Overall, this is one of the best packaged headphones I've seen.   Comfort/Build: The Sennheisers fit like traditional circumaural headphones. Because of this, there is a good amount of clamping force. My smallish head does find...
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The Fed

The Sennheiser HD 650 - Greatest Ever... Really?


Pros: Smooth Presentation, a linear, stout sound at louder volumes.

Cons: build quality is meh! Overall sound is too recessed and lacks weight

The praise that has been heaped upon the Sennheiser HD650 headphone is something that probably every headphone OEM envies. The HD-650 is nearly a decade old and yet is still viewed by many as a top tier dynamic, worthy flagship and is the benchmark that many measure price to performance ratio against.   I personally was cruising along quite happy with my set up… Running almost exclusively between Denon D5000’s and Ultrasone Pro900’s I felt I had the best of both worlds. Since I love the visceral impact of good bass in my music, these two pieces seemed to be perfectly tailored to my listening habits.   The Denon gave me a little more reasonable treble energy and a little less...
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One of the world's top five headphones.


Pros: Richly detailed, supremely textured, natural sound that is smooth, effortless and relaxing to listen to. A forgiving allrounder with superb comfort.

Cons: Open headphone that requires good source and amplification

I've listenend to all the top offerings from Denon, Audeze, AKG, Hifiman, Ultrasone & Sennheiser and this is one of my personal favourites. It is a true reference class headphone that is very natural sounding, albeit leaning ever so slightly towards a darker tone. The sound is detailed, smooth and richly textured, especially drums come alive amazingly well. It has no problem spanning all the way from the deepest bass to the highest highs with supreme control and plenty of muscles to spare.   For the money I think this is a real audiophile bargain, the HD650 exists on that plane of ultimate performance where sound quality becomes no longer a factor of quality but rather personal...
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Reference Quality


Pros: Warm sound signature, detailed, non-fatiguing

Cons: 3-blob soundstage, clamping a little strong at first

The HD650's don't do anything really wrong. They have a natural sound signature and slightly elevated midbass that is easy on the ear (non-fatiguing). Most people will find that they appreciate their sound. They are not the final word in transparency and speed, but they are advanced enough technically to allow them to be true to the source material, offering an excellent sonic window into the music. This neutrality allows them to be used for reference purposes; as a studio headphone mixes done on them translate well to monitors. Similarly, they sound great with all genres, and don't dominate any particular one.   For a beginner head-fi'er, HD650's paired with a <$500...
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Reliable, High-End Stalwart


Pros: Very comfortable with a mellow, involving sound that harmonises brilliantly with live recordings.

Cons: Paint chips off headband with regular use

There's plenty of debate around here as to what makes a headphone "high end". Putting price aside for a moment, I have no doubt that the HD650 marks the beginning of the high-end range. I've auditioned many headphones over the past few years and while many sound different only the electrostats such as the HE60 truly sound superior in every way to the 650s.   In terms of sound the HD650 is what I would call a "natural" headphone. Very rarely do I get the feeling that any part of the spectrum is being over-emphasised and the result is an intimate presentation with good (if not exceptional) soundstage - perfect for live performances. Some would criticise the 650s for their rolled-off...
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Natural Sounding And Laid Back Great All Rounders


Pros: Work well with pretty much every genre; extremely relaxing; superb bass; look great

Cons: A little bit of a tight clamp

I've owned these headphones for around a year now, when I first bought them they were a quantum leap forward in my headphone listening life. It felt like a big spend as I had to buy a desktop amp and a dac at the same time and it took a pay rise at the point where I was questioning the wisdom of it all to finally pull the trigger. I never looked back.   It is funny that the cost seemed so extreme to me now; once you delve into the audio enthusiasts world and see the prices some other headphones go for you realise that the HD650 is in fact a serious bargain, especially since many people (myself included) think it is a far better phone than many of those higher priced...
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The Monkey

Still Among the Best


Pros: Great bass, scales well

Cons: 3-blob soundstage

A pair of headphones I wish I kept.  Great bass, excellent highs with the right equipment.  Scales with the best of equipment.  Everyone should own a pair at least once.  

The Gentle Workhorse


Pros: Smooth, non-fatiguing sound, comfortable, well-balanced sonic signature

Cons: Sub-bass could be deeper, treble could be slightly more airy

My first Sennheiser was the HD555, which was a real gem for its price bracket, and then when it broke, I replaced it with the HD600. I immediately exchanged it for the HD650 as I found the HD600 to sound so similar to the HD555 (just a little bit more treble mainly) that the price difference wasn't justified. The HD650 is very similar to the HD600, but with a bit more weight in the bass, and a slightly smoother sound overall. But in any case, these upgrades are all diminishing returns, as the HD555 really is excellent already.   The HD650's clamping force is strongest of the three, but it's still comfortable enough that I often forget to take them off after I was done listening to...
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A Review For Classical Music Listeners


Pros: Tonality, Easier to match with other equipments, smooth sounding, beautiful mids

Cons: For some recordings and with some equipment it can sound bass heavy or too dark, narrow soundstage, colored treble

My reference for reviewing the HD 650 is the AKG K701. I've used the HD650 with various amps and sources including the Nuforce HDP, Headroom Ultra Micro Amp (now discontinued), the Beta 22 (2 channels), Musical Fidelity M1 and the ALO Rex MKII. Sources included Marantz CD5003, Ultra Micro DAC (discontinued), Ultra Desktop DAC (discontinued) Nuforce HDP and Centrance DACPort LX.   I think many reviewers have already talked a great deal about the characteristics of the HD650. Most of them have better experience and probably are more capable of discerning the pros and  cons. I only wanted to add a few points regarding classical music listening.   Some listeners shy away...
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