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Sennheiser HD 600 Reviews


Hard-Working Reference


Pros: Luxurious midrange, full and extended bass, smooth treble, comfortable.

Cons: Maybe a bit too full-sounding? Not quite as resolving/detailed as some of its peers.

Let me just say one thing up front: if you have any complaints about the speed or the bass extension of these headphones, you need a better headphone amp. /endofdiscussion The HD600s will take the best in source material and amplification, and give you the best sound in return. It's not coincidental that these cans are held up as the reference's reference: more than any other headphone I can think of they sound like whatever it is you are listening to. Their most notable audio characteristic is this ... amiable compatibility. That and the ability to play cleanly at very loud peak levels. Combined, the HD600s are ready for whatever you care to throw at them, never drawing unwanted...
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Sennheiser HD600 - Timeless Sound Quality


Pros: Pros : Sound quality, comfort, build, modularity (parts), balance, naturalness, clarity, detail

Cons: Cons : Headband not as strong as it could be, initial clamp force

The Sennheiser HD600 is an open dynamic circumaural head-phone which Sennheiser market for audiophiles, and also state as ideal for studio monitoring.     Pre-amble (about me at time of writing) I'm a 44 year old music lover.  I don't say audiophile - just love my music.  Over the last couple of years, I have slowly changed from cheaper listening set-ups to my current entry/mid-fi set-up.  I vary my listening from portable (i-devices + amp) to my desk-top's set-up (PC > coax > NFB-12 > HP).  My main headphones at the time of writing are the Sennheiser HD600s, a modded set of Alessandro MS1i, and a set of B2 iems.  I previously owned Beyer...
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YoYo JoKeR

Sennheiser HD600 : To Infinity and Beyond


Pros: Sound Quality, Build, Comfort, Scalability, Modularity

Cons: Stock Cable, Veil, Slow Speed

The Sennheiser HD600's are my first set of headphones. I have long wanted to pen down this review, and here I am writing this review after several months of experience with my beloved HD600’s.         Intro : I am an 21 year old Engineering student living in a small town in India. I would like to call myself an music enthusiast, rather than an audiophile. I mostly listen to Bollywood and Indian Classical Music. There is not much audiophile-community presence in India, Though lot of potential remains to be tapped. Auditioning an headphone is almost impossible in India. At the time of my purchase, I took recommendations from fellow Head-Fi ‘ers who guided me into...
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Dethroned, yet still one of the dynamic kings.


Pros: Very detailed. Balanced. Good soundstage. Absolutely amazing mids. Entirely modular, with all parts replaceable.

Cons: Bass could be a little tighter. Some would say subdued treble, but I'd say it's at a very realistic level. Soundstaging has room for improvement.

Note: The price paid is used from Amazon Marketplace.  Also, I've duplicated my review from the other product listing here on Head-Fi.  If it is possible, the two HD 600 pages ought to be merged.   The first thing about these the HD 600 is the excellent tonal balance - it's never harsh, but the highs are still there and very detailed.  Sometimes the finest details may get lost in very complex music thanks to being overshadowed by other parts of the music, but the resulting detailed smoothness is a very good thing.   The mids - ahh, they're to die for!  They're the highlight of the headphones.  They're detailed and lifelike, similar to the...
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It doesn't get much better then this


Pros: Sound signature smoth fatigue free sound while still remaining fairly detailed, Fully modular design

Cons: Not overly flashy the build doesn't really match the price, Bass doesn't extend overly low, Standard cable should be better

In my humble opinion the Sennheiser HD600 is by far one of the best sounding dynamic headphones on the market period hopefully you'll agree with me at the end of this review. Specifications   Frequency response (headphones) 12 - 39000 Hz Sound pressure level (SPL) 97 dB at 1 mW THD, total harmonic distortion 0,1 % Contact pressure ca. 2,5 N Ear coupling circumaural Jack plug 3,5/6,3 mm stereo Cable length 3 m Transducer principle open, dynamic Nominal impedance 300 Ω Weight w/o cable 260 g Nothing really much to see here other then the fact this is a very...
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The Amazingly Natural HD 600


Pros: Price, Comfort, Neutral, Accurate, Depth, Realistic.

Cons: Lack of bass extension, Narrow stereoimage, Weak headband, Wear tight at first

Info: DAC: CA DacMagic Plus. Player: Foobar2000. Source: PC lossless files through USB to DAC. ****: 6.7 inch erect. I've had these headphones since Christmas now and coming from HD 598's the improvement was noticeable (less grain,more bass impact, NEUTRAL and more realistic) but the treble sounded hot, and the stereo-image too narrow...  After listing for them and comparing them for few days, my brain started to adjust to the sound of the headphone and it started to sound AMAZING and the phones stereo-image started to widen a bit (or a placebo). Anyway now 4 months after owning them I have been really happy with them and i just did the foam mod (I replaced the inside foam with...
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Pros: Underpriced in 2015, Speed, Stacking Ability, Forgiving, Mids, Detailed, Comfort, Easy to drive,

Cons: Fit is a bit tight at first, Plastic build doesn't really scream "High End",

This headphone is simply stunning. Especially given the new price. It never does anything wrong no matter what I throw at it. It handles all genres of music like a Bad-ass and it's easy to drive and for about 500$ (with a schiit stack or o2 Amp oDAC combos) you can get something that gets close to high - fi while saving money for school.     Fantastic.    I also own many other headphones (Ath-m50x, lots of Grados, HD-650, and two HD 518s ) and my sources are the Bottlehead Crack, The Odac +o2 Combo, and the Schiit Stack.  In my opinion, This headphone is the best general-purpose headphone.

Best headphones I know


Pros: Extremely comfortable, great sound

Cons: Long standard cable.

I have owned my HD600 for 12-15 years now. I had to change headband and earpad de to weare after 10 years. I believe the Sennheiser HD600 is my best purchase EVER no matter what! I am extremely happy with them. They are great sounding. I truly feel they are shining with my Darkvoice 336SE amp. Great bass, openness, dynamic, instrument separation etc. They are not particular picky regarding amp og source. I love their sound.    I also own Denon D500 lawton mod and Hifiman HE500. Both om which I regard inferior to the Sennheiser HD600.   Cant recommend them strong enough!

Pure Euphoria


Pros: Euphoric Sound, organic, laid back, easy listening, airy, good detail

Cons: lacks aggression, rolled off sub bass,

Check out my Video Review for the Sennheiser HD 600!      Well guys I want to say I finally did it! I broke down, and purchased a Sennheiser HD 600. After hearing about it for YEARS I just had to hear it for my self, and I'm rather glad I did!  Though it should be noted, my HD 600ish is technically... an HD 580 headband, HD 650 Grills and Cable with HD 600 drivers within. So in a sense, it's bit of a FrankenPhone. But it's got the  HD 600 internals so a HD 600 it shall be! The build quality on the unit is very nice! It has a good in the hand feel to it. Granted it's mostly plastic, but it still has a nice sense of weight and sturdiness to...
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Changed My Mind, Absolutlely Perfect


Pros: Mids, Detail, Imaging, Soundtage, Balance/Accuracy

Cons: Clamping force, I have seen some say that the headband broke, Sub Bass

(Excuse me if bad grammar )   Sennhieser hd 600 review (So Far, No AMP.) *keep in mind I have never been a person who likes loud music, so the HD600s have enough volume directly plugged in for my ears. Not everyone is the same and it does not mean you are death. Im just accustomed to listening at this level because I believe you get more fidelity from doing so. ----------------------------------------------   Highs- Not as prominent as I want them to be. Very peaceful on your ears though, absolutely no fatigue and very natural. It seems the 558s color this area to a much greater extent than the 600   Mids- The most beautiful I have heard. Even directly plugged in to...
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