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Sennheiser HD 600

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #2 in Over-Ear


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Pros: Luxurious midrange, full and extended bass, smooth treble, comfortable.

Cons: Maybe a bit too full-sounding? Not quite as resolving/detailed as some of its peers.

Let me just say one thing up front: if you have any complaints about the speed or the bass extension of these headphones, you need a better headphone amp. /endofdiscussion The HD600s will take the best in source material and amplification, and give you the best sound in return. It's not coincidental that these cans are held up as the reference's reference: more than any other headphone I can think of they sound like whatever it is you are listening to. Their most notable audio characteristic is this ... amiable compatibility. That and the ability to play cleanly at very loud peak levels. Combined, the HD600s are ready for whatever you care to throw at them, never drawing unwanted attention to themselves, always sounding great.


Perhaps part of the secret to this neutrality and high enjoyment factor is the way they dial down the resolution just a tad. A fraction de-focused, one notch less treble intensity - blending the music into a coherent experience rather than individual strands of detail. Some people might disapprove, I call it genius.


These are comfortable, durable headphones built to a high standard. The foam pads on the earcups and headband died after a decade or so, but I easily replaced them with the new parts from Sennheiser.


Pros: Pros : Sound quality, comfort, build, modularity (parts), balance, naturalness, clarity, detail

Cons: Cons : Headband not as strong as it could be, initial clamp force

The Sennheiser HD600 is an open dynamic circumaural head-phone which Sennheiser market for audiophiles, and also state as ideal for studio monitoring.


Pre-amble (about me at time of writing)

I'm a 44 year old music lover.  I don't say audiophile - just love my music.  Over the last couple of years, I have slowly changed from cheaper listening set-ups to my current entry/mid-fi set-up.  I vary my listening from portable (i-devices + amp) to my desk-top's set-up (PC > coax > NFB-12 > HP).  My main headphones at the time of writing are the Sennheiser HD600s, a modded set of Alessandro MS1i, and a set of B2 iems.  I previously owned Beyer DT880, Shure SRH840 and 940 + various other IEMs. I have auditioned quite a few entry and mid-tier cans, but have yet to hear any flagships (at current time of writing this review).  I have very eclectic music tastes listening to a variety from classical and opera to grunge and hard-rock.   I listen to a lot of blues, jazz, folk music, classic rock, and alternative rock.  I am particularly fond of female vocals.  I tend toward cans that are relatively neutral/balanced - with a slight emphasis on the mid-range.  I prefer a little warmth in the overall signature.  I am neither a bass or treble head.  Current amps = NFB12, GoVibe PortaTube, Fiio E11.  Previous desktop set-up was a Fiio E7/E9 combo.
Packaging and Accessories
I purchased my HD600s from another Head-fi member.  They come with a very solid and well padded case, and a 3.5-6.3mm adapter.
Technical Specifications
From the Sennheiser website :
Nominal impedance = 300Ω
Contact pressure = ca. 2,5 N
Weight w/o cable = 260 g
Jack plug = 3,5/6,3 mm stereo
Transducer = principle dynamic, open
Ear coupling = circumaural
Cable length = 3 m
Frequency response (headphones) = 12 - 39000 Hz
Sound pressure level (SPL) =  97 dB at 1 mW
THD, total harmonic distortion = 0,1 %
Frequency Response Graph
(From HeadRoom)
Build / Comfort / Isolation
The HD600's build is solid - but not 'bullet proof'.  They are very light-weight (plastic headband - with a carbon fibre inner band) - but they are well put together.  If I had one criticism, it would be that the headband is not as strong as I expected.  When I got mine, I found them a little 'clampy' - so thinking the carbon fibre inner would be strong enough, I tried to stretch them to alleviate the clamp.  Big no-no.  Snap!  One broken headband, and me almost shedding 'manly' tears.  Admittedly, I stretched more than I should have - but it was because I expected the carbon fibre to allow the plastic outer to bend.  Anyway  - you have been warned.  I'll tell you how I fixed them down the page shortly.  The shell is plastic (very light) with some plastic moldings - the outer shell has a marbled look - that I think actually looks quite classy.
hd600-2.jpg hd600-3.jpg
 The headband padding is actually very soft and extremely comfortable.  The ear pads are a soft velour which has quite deep cups, and are also very comfortable.  Note - after a while you get used to the tight clamp - and I've found I could wear them for hours.  They would be the second most comfortable headphones I've owned - just behind the DT880s.
hd600-5.jpg hd600-6.jpg
These are an open can - so there is no isolation in or out.  They are not as bad as a Grado - but they are open.
The huge benefit with these cans is that they are completely modular - you are able to break them down fully, and all parts are replaceable - even the drivers.  So after my "mishap" - I got in touch with Sennheiser, and they had a replacement headband on it's way to me.  It was a very simple operation to dismantle the headphone and swap the parts out.
The cable is also replaceable, and you can go after market if you wish.  Personally I find the stock cable to be very sturdy (advertised as OFC copper and kevlar reinforced) - and it doesn't seem to be prone to cable noise or tangling.
Listening Set-up
My main set-up with the HD600 is PC > Coax > NFB-12 >HD600.  For a transportable rig, I use iPhone4 > PortaTube > HD600. 
Sound Quality
These are very simply "keepers".  They are the most natural sounding headphone I have used or auditioned to date.  They are very well balanced across the spectrum - with a slightly elevated mid-bass and lower mids.  Overall I would call the sound slightly warm without being dark.  I used to play guitar, and have spent time in my youth listening to live orchestra and solo violin - and I found the HD600 to be quite realistic.  A quick summary of the main sound quality headings:
Detail - While not as detailed as the DT880, I found the detail on these still quit high.  They do tend to be slightly laid back, and can get slightly congested with very fast music.  The clarity is very good.  I find them articulate and refined.
Sound-stage - Similar to the DT880 in overall size.  Depth and width ifs quite good, and instrument separation (particularly for classical) is quite good.
Highs - These surprised me.  They are nowhere near as etched as the DT880, but I don't find them veiled at all.  For me the highs are quite natural - no trace of sibilance or harshness, with still good detail.  Highs are not the focus, but they are still presented beautifully.
Mids - IMO this is where the HD600 really shines.  Acoustic guitar (any stringed instrument really), piano, and female vocals especially are wonderful on the HD600.  I recently bought Alison Krauss and Union Station's album Paper Airplane.  The combination of Alison's vocals and the bluegrass flavour of the music is simply divine.
Bass - on the NFB-12, the bass is well defined and punchy - with good impact.  it just doesn't reach low into the sub-bass like the DT880.  But it doesn't need to - because once again the bass is beautifully balanced with the rest of the frequencies.
Power Requirements
The HD600 has 300 ohm nominal impedance - but what surprised me is how easy these are to actually drive.  They do sound wonderful out of the NFB-12 and also my PortaTube - which both have plenty left on the pot.  But I can also play these easily on the little Fiio E11, and even out of the headphone out of my iPhone4 (admittedly on about 80% volume).  On the iPhone4 unamped, the bass becomes quite boomy and muddled - so it's obviously not being driven properly - but these don't require huge power.  They do seem to scale well - the difference between E11, my E7/E9 (when I owned it) and now the NFB-12 is noticeable - with extra body and definition from the NFB-12.  I'm looking forward to trying these with a Schitt Valhalla sometime next year.
Summary / Conclusion
The HD600 has become my favourite headphone for simply listening to music.  They are well built, comfortable, and sound simply phenomenal.  Their tonal balance and the naturalness of their sound is the best I've personally heard so far.  While I wouldn't recommend them for critical listening (the DT880 is better for the extra detail and extension it brings), for non-critical listening enjoyment - there are few better IMO.


Pros: Sound Quality, Build, Comfort, Scalability, Modularity

Cons: Stock Cable, Veil, Slow Speed

The Sennheiser HD600's are my first set of headphones. I have long wanted to pen down this review, and here I am writing this review after several months of experience with my beloved HD600’s.





Intro : I am an 21 year old Engineering student living in a small town in India. I would like to call myself an music enthusiast, rather than an audiophile. I mostly listen to Bollywood and Indian Classical Music. There is not much audiophile-community presence in India, Though lot of potential remains to be tapped. Auditioning an headphone is almost impossible in India. At the time of my purchase, I took recommendations from fellow Head-Fi ‘ers who guided me into right path, towards the Mighty HD600. 


I will try to keep this review simple and hope it will help fellow enthusiasts to know more about the wonderful HD600.


Sennheiser HD600 is an upgraded version of the HD580, which was an revolutionary headphone released in 90’s and has won thousands of ears along its journey till today. The HD600 is made in Ireland, and comes packed in an thick and strong cardboard box which is cushioned from inside, where the HD600 stays put, for its onward journey towards the beloved owners! No complaints here.






Design and Build : Excellent and practical build with professional grade materials. High quality joints, nothing squeaky, sturdy grills, conventional yet very reliable connectors. nano-carbon material ensures in light weight. Very durable, sturdy and reliable construction, along with an attractive Marble finishing. Now not many prefer marble finishing, but as for me, I love it! The HD600 is modular! One can fully dismantle it and assemble it back with ease! Which ensures in long life and easy maintenance of the headphone.



Comfort : It is very comfortable, can be worn for hours without any sign of discomfort, thanks to oval shaped earcups. The Initial clamp force is a bit strong, but the force relaxes off gradually according to the shape of our head. Ventilated velour pads along with head cushions keeps us cool and comfortable, which is a big plus for Hot climatic countries like India.  



Sound : The HD600 is an Wonderfully sounding headphone. It’s sound can be consider as ‘Euphonic’ Rich, Textured, magical sounding with very good sound stage and details. It’s natural, smooth and grain-free sonic quality often makes one feel as If they are hearing their music in real concert and not through an headphone!


Lows : Very good bass and sub bass. Balanced and Tight, well extended, and clean.


Mids : Seductive and very natural. Mids are presented in a lush and rich manner, which results in its pleasing natural sound.


Highs : Realistic and smooth. Not Bright. Just ‘Right’


Sound-Stage and Details : Sound stage is very good though not as wide as Q701 and not as detailed as DT880. The soundstage and detailing of HD600 is very balanced and ‘Just Right’ and ‘Realistic’


The HD600 can be said as more natural than neutral with respect to its sound. The HD600 gives Hi-Fi sound at Mid-Fi price point. One can listen to HD600 for hours together without any hint of fatigue or discomfort. Another positive point about HD600 is that, HD600 scales very well with equipments! I can easily recommend the Bottlehead Crack, which is an excellent OTL amplifier, has special synergry with the HD600. Otherwise an economical O2 amp will also do for an very good listen. The stock cable is quite thin, a reasonably priced Cardas cable would further enhance the already wonderful sound of the HD600. 



Conclusion : HD600 is an truely amazing and exceptional headphone! One can cherish it for lifetime. The HD600 is an masterpiece, which is a bliss for audiophiles and enthusiasts alike.



The following features are hard to find anywhere else, but are present in the HD600 :


1. Eternal Sound Quality

2. Super Comfortable

3. Very Durable

4. Scale-ability

5. Modularity

6. Affordable.


I would like to thank Sennheiser for creating the legend and Head-Fi for continuing the legacy.



The Sennheiser HD600 is not just another headphone; It’s a Legend.


Pros: Very detailed. Balanced. Good soundstage. Absolutely amazing mids. Entirely modular, with all parts replaceable.

Cons: Bass could be a little tighter. Some would say subdued treble, but I'd say it's at a very realistic level. Soundstaging has room for improvement.

Note: The price paid is used from Amazon Marketplace.  Also, I've duplicated my review from the other product listing here on Head-Fi.  If it is possible, the two HD 600 pages ought to be merged.


The first thing about these the HD 600 is the excellent tonal balance - it's never harsh, but the highs are still there and very detailed.  Sometimes the finest details may get lost in very complex music thanks to being overshadowed by other parts of the music, but the resulting detailed smoothness is a very good thing.


The mids - ahh, they're to die for!  They're the highlight of the headphones.  They're detailed and lifelike, similar to the highs.  But they're so realistic sounding - even so more than the HD 800 and Beyer T1 I've auditioned.  As far as I'm concerned, the HD 800 (haven't heard the HD 650) still falls short here in comparison.  Guitars, brass, saxes, vocals, and more sound so much more realistic (and and have more visceral impact) than anything else I've heard (my new Alessandro MS1is come close, but not as much with the low mids).


Bass is fairly tight and at just about the right level for all types of music.  You'll never make anyone happy with any given quantity of bass, but I think these are as close to a neutral level as you'll get.  Very low bass can be a little loose, and rapid bass notes aren't as distinct as the HD 800, Beyer T1 or DT 880, but it's still excellent overall (and especially compared to lesser headphones).


Their soundstaging is very good - but there are, of course, far superior headphones for this.  Depth is good, width is good, and precision of placement is good - again, a very balanced sound.  The sense of spaciousness (a function of all three factors) falls a little short of the AKG K701, and of course the HD 800 and Beyer T1 - but of course is far more evident than the close-in Grado sound.  The "It sounds like they're playing in the room with me!" sensation never really happens to the same level that my speakers (Infinity Renaissance 90) can provide.


The build quality is very good - the headband and frames are supposedly made of carbon fiber, but after inspecting them (and seeing photos of cracked headbands) I believe it is probably a carbon fiber reinforced plastic instead.  Less impressive to your friends, perhaps, but an excellent material nonetheless.  They do of course feel slightly plasticky as a result (but it never feels like cheap plastic).


They're quite lightweight, and the padding is excellent - the velour earpads and headband are very comfy.  I know some complain about them being too tight - I can't really comment, since I bought mine used.  I never found them to be too tight myself.


They stand up to abuse admirably well - mine have lived in my backpack for four months straight and only have superficial damage to the grills (they get dented when sharing the backpack with my Nikon) to show for it.  They haven't been babied at all - just no abuse like trying to bend the headband over on itself...  Anyway, since everything is modular, you can easily replace any part that has broken.  I just got new pads and a cable to replace the worn originals.


The marbled finish does wear off a little over time, but it has yet to become detrimental to their appearance so far.  Oh, and by the way, the finish looks a whole lot cooler in person than in photos of the headphones.


I've found amp'ing them not to be as difficult as some seem to think.  A/B'ing my uDAC (my main source and amp) against a Beyerdynamic A1 amp, I really couldn't consistently tell any difference between them other than ultimate power output.  The Sansa Clip+ actually does an admirable job running them up to moderately loud levels (not short-term ear blasting, of course), and never clips with them when playing music.  It does, however, sound slightly (yet noticeably) less dynamic and with a narrower, less well defined soundstage in comparison to the uDAC. I forgot that I have a crossfeed plugin (HeadPlug MKII) running on Winamp, so I have to retract those opinions for now - although it does stand for now that I can't get a crossfeed with the Clip (without using an amp with one).


So, the verdict?  These are amazing headphones, deserving of their place as one of the best dynamic headphones available to this day (15 years after their first introduction!).  Their smooth, slightly warm (not dark!), but very realistic and - yes - exciting yet neutral sound is near-perfect in balance.  Soundstaging is perhaps the area I would like to see the most improvement, but it is good in this respect already.


You'll have to pry them out of my cold, dead hands.


Pros: Sound signature smoth fatigue free sound while still remaining fairly detailed, Fully modular design

Cons: Not overly flashy the build doesn't really match the price, Bass doesn't extend overly low, Standard cable should be better

In my humble opinion the Sennheiser HD600 is by far one of the best sounding dynamic headphones on the market period hopefully you'll agree with me at the end of this review.


Frequency response (headphones) 12 - 39000 Hz
Sound pressure level (SPL) 97 dB at 1 mW
THD, total harmonic distortion 0,1 %
Contact pressure ca. 2,5 N
Ear coupling circumaural
Jack plug 3,5/6,3 mm stereo
Cable length 3 m
Transducer principle open, dynamic
Nominal impedance 300 Ω
Weight w/o cable 260 g

Nothing really much to see here other then the fact this is a very high impedance headphone with a moderate sensitivity which means this headphone clearly NEEDS good amplification. Self powered small USB dac/headphone amplifiers can drive this headphone fine however for the best experience I recommend at least a Schiit Magni or O2 as both these amplifiers swing plenty of current into a high impedance load. These headphones will play well out of a receiver (as long as its a resistor based headphone out not opamp), integrated amplifier and preamp aswell (I've used it on my vintage mid 70s era Sansui integrated amp and it drives the headphone very well to extremely loud levels too). If tubes are your thing these match perfectly with all OTL Tube Amplifiers due to their high impedance.

The Sennheiser HD600 is a unique headphone in the way that every part can easily be removed and replaced and spares are readily available and when I mean every part I literally mean everything, you don't even need any special tools to disassemble it everything just snaps together. Fit and finish are really nothing to write home about, it seems durable enough never had issue with my headband cracking/snapping (which is supposedly an issue) I've had the headphones for a while and im not precious with them either. The overall build quality is fine and it does the job, it isnt spectacular by any means especially at this price point. The standard cable is pretty lame I destroyed mine in just a few months (the part that connects to the earpiece). Replace this with a HD650 cable which is much more solid and better made cable and no before you ask it does nothing for the sound don't try to tell me otherwise I don't believe headphone cables make any tangible difference, although don't let it stop you spending 5 or 10 bills on a custom cable though if that helps you sleep at night.

If you can get over the initial clamping force that goes away slowly with time these are a very comfortable headphone the pads are soft and plush and feel good on the head. You can hardly feel the headband on your head there is no pressure points there other then the clamping around the ear. People stretch the headband to help loosen clamping force but I do not recommend this as its not needed and you can potentially break it. It will go away with time.

The Sennheiser's sound signature can be described as neutral with a slight warm tilt although not overly rolled off at all. Its a smooth sounding and forgiving headphone not fatiguing to listen to in the slightest but still remains detailed enough to be somewhat analytical (Which the 650s don't do IMO).The bass is good just don't expect it to extend super low, Its right were it should be not overly abundant but enough for the headphone to not sound anemic in the slightest. This is why to me the HD600 to strike the perfect tonal balance for a headphone.The 'veiled' term used by some to describe these headphones a load or rubbish and anyone that believes in this probably listens to obscenely bright headphones. Soundstage is good but not amazing for open headphones if you want a headphone with a superior soundstage have a look at the K7xx line of headphones or step up to the HD800 which especially the latter offer a massive sound stage. 

Ill give you my listening experience with my 3 amplifiers source is music files from my PC -> Optical in to my DacMagic 100

Woo Audio WA6
If I blindfolded you you probably wouldn't be able to tell this is a tube amplifier. The HD600s sounded great for this amp however the low end wasnt as present or as tight as it was with my other solid state amplifiers. Highs where crisp and clean nothing rolled off and mids were present with great punch and clarity. There really isnt that much more say about this amplifier. If I had a bottlehead crack or Woo Audio WA3 there would have been much more to say and made for a more interesting comparison as these are both OTL which greatly alters the sound signature.

The wire with gain as people call it again nothing really much to say here either the HD600s paired wonderfully plenty of power to drive these cans with ear shattering levels. Bass was more prevalent on this amplifier then on the Woo (probably due to the higher dampening factor). Mids and highs seemed very similar, so similar infact the only difference I could pick was that the highs seemed to be more prevalent on this amp but thats not to say that the Woo rolls off the higher frequencies that would be an exaggeration, best way to describe it would be slightly smoother sounding.

Gustard H10 (modified v200 clone)
Pairs excellently with this amplifier. Bass was very controlled and tight and more prevalent then on the O2 (which would make sense as people describe the V200 as a warm sounding solid state amplifier) other then that it was very very similar to the O2 across the rest of the frequency spectrum. Keep in mind this amp is complete overkill for these headphones.

The HD 600 is a forgiving headphone but at the same time is still detailed enough to give you an accurate portrayal of whatever it is you are listening to. As you can clearly see it does everything rather right and that's a big call to make as its very hard to find a headphone you can actually say this about. No headphone is perfect even top of the line flagships which cost many times more then this. The HD 600 isn't perfect either but for the price point this headphone is available for its as close to perfect as you can get.


Pros: Price, Comfort, Neutral, Accurate, Depth, Realistic.

Cons: Lack of bass extension, Narrow stereoimage, Weak headband, Wear tight at first

DAC: CA DacMagic Plus.
Player: Foobar2000.
Source: PC lossless files through USB to DAC.
****: 6.7 inch erect.

I've had these headphones since Christmas now and coming from HD 598's the improvement was noticeable (less grain,more bass impact, NEUTRAL and more realistic) but the treble sounded hot, and the stereo-image too narrow... 

After listing for them and comparing them for few days, my brain started to adjust to the sound of the headphone and it started to sound AMAZING and the phones stereo-image started to widen a bit
(or a placebo).

Anyway now 4 months after owning them I have been really happy with them and i just did the foam mod (I replaced the inside foam with stocking and stretched it over the driver)
and OH MY GOD. It's pretty much a whole different headphone. The whole sound of them just opened up and the stereo-imaging is now clearer and sharper than ever.
Listening to Tipper's Forward Escape album, I could hear every little sound moving around in space super clearly.
Only negative is the lack of bass impact, but I guess I can't have it all. :D


Pros: Underpriced in 2015, Speed, Stacking Ability, Forgiving, Mids, Detailed, Comfort, Easy to drive,

Cons: Fit is a bit tight at first, Plastic build doesn't really scream "High End",

This headphone is simply stunning. Especially given the new price. It never does anything wrong no matter what I throw at it. It handles all genres of music like a Bad-ass and it's easy to drive and for about 500$ (with a schiit stack or o2 Amp oDAC combos) you can get something that gets close to high - fi while saving money for school.





I also own many other headphones (Ath-m50x, lots of Grados, HD-650, and two HD 518s ) and my sources are the Bottlehead Crack, The Odac +o2 Combo, and the Schiit Stack.  In my opinion, This headphone is the best general-purpose headphone.


Pros: Extremely comfortable, great sound

Cons: Long standard cable.

I have owned my HD600 for 12-15 years now. I had to change headband and earpad de to weare after 10 years. I believe the Sennheiser HD600 is my best purchase EVER no matter what! I am extremely happy with them. They are great sounding. I truly feel they are shining with my Darkvoice 336SE amp. Great bass, openness, dynamic, instrument separation etc. They are not particular picky regarding amp og source. I love their sound. 


I also own Denon D500 lawton mod and Hifiman HE500. Both om which I regard inferior to the Sennheiser HD600.


Cant recommend them strong enough!


Pros: Euphoric Sound, organic, laid back, easy listening, airy, good detail

Cons: lacks aggression, rolled off sub bass,

Check out my Video Review for the Sennheiser HD 600! 




Well guys I want to say I finally did it! I broke down, and purchased a Sennheiser HD 600. After hearing about it for YEARS I just had to hear it for my self, and I'm rather glad I did! 

Though it should be noted, my HD 600ish is technically... an HD 580 headband, HD 650 Grills and Cable with HD 600 drivers within. So in a sense, it's bit of a FrankenPhone. But it's got the  HD 600 internals so a HD 600 it shall be!

The build quality on the unit is very nice! It has a good in the hand feel to it. Granted it's mostly plastic, but it still has a nice sense of weight and sturdiness to it. 


To start with the Headband it self is composed of an inner metal band and outer plastic components. The Ear Cups are adjusted with a nice click as you move them down the notched head band. Again everything has a very nice feel to it, nothing's flimsy or weak.


Again these are the HD 650 Grills... but they look nice. Again  nothing flimsy on this headphone. 


The Cable is also from the HD 650, and I'm happy with it! It's a rather long cable and I've rolled over it a few times by accident now, I even stepped on it once. Non the less, like the rest of the headphone it has a good feel to it. Just an over all well built quality through an through! 


FooBar 2000 -> Kernel Streaming -> Audio GD NFB10ES2 Dac Line Out -> Schiit Vali

So I'm running these through my Vali and I won't be doing any comparisons in this review! For the test tracks I used  this album.

Late Night Tales : Air


The albums is a lovely mix of Classic Rock and Classical Music, with a little techno added in there! I think it makes an excellent demo Album for any headphone or system!

The HD 600 has one of the most Euphoric sounds I've heard! It's has a great sense of organic warmth and is very laid back. 

Now many people claim this is a "veiled" headphone, which I disagree with. The unique color of the headphone is very different! Many of my headphones have a peak around 8-9k, well the HD 600 has a DIP there and a peak around 3-4k. Thus, upon listening to it sounds very different! Though, after about 10mins I found my self noticing a great deal of detail and air within the warm intimate sound of the HD 600.

In short, the HD 600 is a wonderfully organic, airy and detailed headphone. It is certainly intimate and warm, but is by no means fuzzy or veiled. 

You do need an amp for it and I highly recommend the Schiit Vali!



Pros: Mids, Detail, Imaging, Soundtage, Balance/Accuracy

Cons: Clamping force, I have seen some say that the headband broke, Sub Bass

(Excuse me if bad grammar )


Sennhieser hd 600 review (So Far, No AMP.) *keep in mind I have never been a person who likes loud music, so the HD600s have enough volume directly plugged in for my ears. Not everyone is the same and it does not mean you are death. Im just accustomed to listening at this level because I believe you get more fidelity from doing so.

Highs- Not as prominent as I want them to be. Very peaceful on your ears though, absolutely no fatigue and very natural. It seems the 558s color this area to a much greater extent than the 600
Mids- The most beautiful I have heard. Even directly plugged in to my macbook pro the mids are very detailed and natural, sometimes even sounding realistic  slightlyoverall  better than my SR 325is.
Bass/Lows- VERY good bass (atleast to me) lacking a bit of sub-bass but the mello highs help establish a good amount of body.This means, It never really seems like it lacks body although it’s sub bass is not as prominent.
Detail- On par with the m50, less fatigue. Absolutely brilliant :veryevil:
Imaging/soundstage- So far the imaging increases as the quality of the file does. This is a forgiving headphone but it does benefit from higher quality recordings. Good separation and soundstage, although a bit bigger would be nice. In the long run, the amp might give me what i’m looking for here :).
Compared to HD 558 (Modded foam pads) directly plugged in (NO AMP YET PEOPLE)
HD600>HD 558 Detail
HD600<HD558 Highs (The 558s are more aggressive especially during guitar riffs, and I like it better so far)
HD600=HD558 Imaging
HD600>558 BASS
HD600>558 Overall presentation, NO amp or DLC
But remember, this is directly plugged into the 3.5mm jack. Subject to change when my DAC/AMP arrives sometimes next week.
I received my shiit valid/modi amp.
Overall I am very satisfied with the result. The soundstage seems to have increased and I can now hear “layers” of instruments. I did not think this level of fidelity would be possible with a sub-200 dollar amp/dac combo and the HD 600.
Everything seems to be perfect. And I actually don’t believe it!
Highs- It seems like the dac/amp combo is slightly brighter than neutral and a tad more aggressive. To me, the combination with the HD 600, being more laid back,  made it absolutely perfect!
Mids- These beasts were already good without an amp. Now I am hearing the same amount of refinement and balance but with even more detail. It’s safe to say this headphone now  has more detail than my ATH m50s. Definitely getting to a point where they sound realistic.
Bass- Absolutely one of my favorite parts of this combination. The bass has been increased but has also gotten tighter than when directly plugged into the Macbook Pro. This is more noticeable with high quality recordings. There is enough “Thump” for most music, but I still feel it’s not proper for EXTREMELY (Slightly annoying and restarted) dubstep.
Imaging/SS- Is this a dream? I am hearing layers of instruments  and the wind around them. No i’m serious. Do i really need to upgrade further?
In direct comparison with an amplifier there is absolutely no competition with it’s little brother the HD558. I am so satisfied with this purchase I don’t think I will be upgrading in the near future. 5/5
Sennheiser HD 600

Sennheiser HD 600 Headphones ( ear-cup ) - gray, black

FeatureDetachable, Kevlar-reinforced oxygen-free-copper cable with very low handling noise
Height0.39 inches
Length0.39 inches
Weight0.57 pounds
Width0.39 inches
List Price$519.95
Package Quantity1
Product GroupCE
TitleSennheiser - Sennheiser HD 600
Batteries Included0
Is Autographed0
Is Memorabilia0
Operating SystemN/A
Warranty2 years warranty
Special Featuresnv: Transducer Principle^Dynamic, open | Frequency Response^12-39,000 Hz | Nominal Impedance^300 ohm | Connector^3.5 mm mini-stereo with 14 adapter | Characteristic Spl^97 dB | Ear Coupling^Circumaural | Headband Pressure^2.5 N | Distortion^Less than or equal to 0.1 | Weight Wo Cable^9.2 oz
Model NumberHD 600
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC

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Some HD 600s are known to ship with the cable inserted loosely. This can cause the sound to cut out of either side when the cable is moved. To fix this, push the cable in hard, not just a little hard, but push it in with the angry fist of a god hard. Once it's in hard, it should stay that way on it's own.



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