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Sennheiser HD 598 Reviews

Positive Reviews


Quality headphones


Pros: Amazing soundstage, extremely comfortable, Outstanding sound quality

Cons: Come with 6.3mm jack plug but you end up using them with 3.5mm adapter most of the time

Note: This is my first audiophile headphones so i can't compare them to any other headphones out there for the same price.   These headphones are well designed, fit your head perfectly and are extremely lightweight. They are made out of plastic but they don't look cheap. They are very solid in my opinion. You can wear these for a long session and never worry about them. This is the first reason i decided to buy these. About the color. You may or may not like it. I love the color combination, they look classy but it's all about personal taste. Since they sound so great you'll forgot about the color soon enough after wearing them.    Second reason, probably the most...
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Sparkly High's, tight lows, amazing soundstage, very detailed sound, and a great overall headphone!


Pros: Amazing sparkly high's, Very balanced, extremely comfortable

Cons: lacking bass

(This is my First Official Review in the Head-Fi Community)  HD 598 Review The HD 598's are a worthy headphone of the Sennheiser Brand. As this headphone is rated for audiophiles, I will be reviewing it at that level of sound. This particular headphone's strength consts of amazing highs, and I recommend it for its soundstage, clarity and comfort. However, this headphone is best suited only for classical music, jazz, audio recordings, and genre of that type. More modern music genres, such as hip-hop, rock and pop are not as well suited to this headphone. As I often work at home, often isolated from the other members of my family at my desk, this open ended headphone provides the...
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Excellent overall 'phone.


Pros: Soundstage, detailed sound

Cons: Few accessories

The Sennheiser HD-598 Open-Backed Headphone is a great value for how it's priced. Found mine used with only two hours use, and I must say that these babies are a joy to listed to for any most any genre of music.   Sound The sound of the 598 is warm and detailed, with light emphasis on the low mids and upper bass. I find it quite refreshing, especially after my last phones, the ATH-M50s which give preference to the deep bass. The 598, though not being a rattling bassphone reproduces complex bass lines with ease and control. I've quite enjoyed TripHop on these, especially Heligoland by Massive Attack, but also acoustic singer-songwriters (like Laura Veirs and Sara Jarosz) play very...
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Negative Reviews


Fehlerhaft Kopfhörer


Pros: Natty, Removable 4 Conductor Cable.

Cons: Hits Excursion very early, Poor Headband Ergonomics, High Level of Distortion, Overrated and Overpriced.

      Want to preface this by presenting this picture, I'm not a TROLL or a A-Hole, I just like to mock the fu** out of headphones I dislike. This time its time for the "Fehlerhaft HD598".   I'm a fan of the 580-600-650, I own all of them. The 598 is interesting because it sounds crude. Coming from Senn I was surprised by how bad it sounded..the first day I got them I was certain I had a defective unit, so I went to Senn and was able to convince them I had a faulty pair. They gave me a new one after a week, I was sure my first 598 was broken and I was expecting the new one to be just fine but...nope, the new one sounded exactly the same. So then I was sure,...
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An improvement to the HD595


Pros: never harsh sounding, no sibilance, easy to listen to, wide soundstage

Cons: bass rolls off, not very detailed, a bit muddy, dark sounding, overpriced

Firstly, this headphone is the prime example of something I'd love to hate. I did like the HD595 as a non fatiguing headphone... and yeah the HD598 is better. But that ugly design and MAP restriction left a sour taste. I'm still saddened they didn't switch to a 1/8 inch connector as most devices use that nowadays. Another problem is the impedance varies among the frequency greatly, especially in the mid-bass. Don't plug these into some receivers, they will get really muddy. It sounds like the HD595 with better clarity, and more treble. But again much better can be found for the money. Supposedly Sennheiser fixed the build quality issues, but we'll see...

Lacklustre sound


Pros: Comfort

Cons: Too much seperation, distance, and empty areas. No "immersion".

I got the Sennheiser HD-598 based on all the existing rave reviews. It's amazingly comfortable. That's all the good I can say about it. I just hate the sound.   Okay, I am no "audiophile". I am not using these headphones on any fancy sources. First device is my laptop...an MSI GE70. It has "SoundBlaster" lol! Second device is my old phone...a Samsung Galaxy Ace II x. It has "PowerAmp" app installed lol!   So this review is for cheapo weirdo's like me.   Yes, it has "sound stage". It's almost like they put different speakers in different faraway sections of the headphones...and each plays one component of the sound.   But the problem is that everything is...
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More Reviews


The smooth and musical HD 598


Pros: Airy soundstage, sparkly treble, slightly lush mids, neutral bass, comfort, great looking, serious bang for the buck.

Cons: Mild upper mids coloration preventing them from sounding totally natural.

The HD 598 is a terrific mid-fi headphone. They sound very natural and almost effortless. They are extremely comfortable headphones. Also, they look like a luxury product. These are excellent for gaming and watching movies. Also, these don't have high impedance like the higher end Sennheiser headphones. You can drive them with your iPod. Though, an amp can help you drive them to their full potential. If you are a basshead , then stay away from them. It doesn't mean they lack bass, they have a perfect amount of bass for  most music genres, though, it's not overly emphasized like in bass heavy headphones.   Talking about its sound - They sound smooth with mild coloration...
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Rich and exuberant, great with classical music and christian rock


Pros: So well balanced. No overpowering bass. So real and so natural is the sound. Pads are so comfortable. Stylish look

Cons: None I can think of.

I am a headphones aficionado and I enjoy collecting good headphones Just got this pair of incredible headphones today after biking for more than 10 km. Was going to buy another make but when I set my eyes on this one and it's the only one in the store, I seized it because I read such good reviews it has. I put them on immediately and rode home on my bike. It was probably the most enjoyable 10km bike ride I ever had with John Mayer crooning away while I push those pedals.   I am enjoying Beethoven sonatas just as I am writing this now. Music is so rich and exuberant that it is giving me immense enjoyment and happiness.



Pros: Soundstage, forward and addicting mids, very comfortable

Cons: Bass lacks physical impact

  OPENING THOUGHTS   If we were able to sit in the center of music, it might sound something like Sennheiser’s HD-598. For most people, $250 is a lot of money to spend on headphones because their MP3 players come bundled with earphones that, “sound fine,” to the typical user. We walk through stores past the headphone aisle and never think twice if we even happen to notice in the first place. When I look around a store the only headphones I see are Dr. Dre Beats, but only because of the mass marketing…so why would a pair of Sennheiser 598s be worth the cash? Comfort and sound quality have been beautifully combined in such a way that exposes those $15 iBuds, $50 headsets,...
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I've had these for about 6 months. I find them to be outstanding. I love them!


Pros: Natural, airy, unhyped and detailed

Cons: None...except they'll make you realize just how bad MP3s really suck. But is that really a con?

I've had these for about 6 months and I find them to be outstanding.  I think you'd pay double to get anything better.  Natural, unhyped response. Nice full soundstage. VERY, VERY COMFORTABLE. I use them with a Fiio E10 as well as a Focusrite TwinTrak Pro. I have quite a bit 24/96 and vinyl. For reference I also own  AKG K240M (600 OHM), Sennheiser HD439, Superlux HD681 and AKG K55.  The 598s are by far my favorite, no contest.

Indeed a classic, as much as the luxury cars from which it borrows styling cues.


Pros: Comfort, design, balanced and natural sound, amazing value for the money.

Cons: Large and non-foldable, long no button cord, plastic feeling headband cushion.

COMPANY:  Sennheiser MODEL:  HD598 COST:  $299 CAD - $250 USD – Note: often on sale for much less TYPE:  Open, Dynamic, Over-Ear DRIVER SIZE:  40mm neodynium FREQUENCY RESPONSE:  12 Hz – 38.5 kHz EFFICIENCY:  112 dB NOMINAL IMPEDANCE:  50 Ohms WEIGHT:  270 Grams COLOURS:  Ivory with Burl Wood or Black (SE Edition) INCLUDES:   Headphone Adapter – 6.35 mm to 3.5 mm Headphone Cable – 3-meter OFC (Oxygen Free Copper), 6.35mm with single sided 3.5 mm bayonet type connector with twist lock to ear cup Cardboard box with plastic window     Build Quality, Aesthetics and Comfort   Drawing on the reputation...
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The Sennheiser 598 has carved out an entirely new niche in the audiophile world: value-fi.


Pros: Amazing performance for the price, easy as pie to drive, can scale extremely well, forgiving presentation

Cons: Polarizing appearance, needs an aftermarket adapter for 1/8" jack

The Sennheiser 598 is the new the ruler of the sub-$300 roost.    If you're looking for a headphone with an expansive sound stage that is at once both intimate and expansive...   If you can't shell out for a Hi-Fi set of cans like the HD600/650 and the necessary amp to drive them well....   If you're looking for a versatile headphone that bring music to life but doesn't punish your ears with poor source material...   If you're looking for a headphone that you can comfortably wear all day long....   If you're like me, and use your computer as your primary entertainment center for music, movies, and games...   Then the Sennheiser 598s are...
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Sennheiser HD598 Review


Pros: Light, EXTREMELY comfy, great mids & highs,

Cons: Bass lacks impact, annoying cable, no carrying pouch

  Hello everyone. I'm going to review Sennheiser's HD598 audiophile headphones, and give you an overview of my personal opinions on it. These seem to be one of Sennheiser's most esteemed set of cans, so if you really want to know what all the jazz is about, well here you go. Feel free to agree or disagree however you find suitable, however I warn you, if you disagree with me, you are provoking the wrath of the almighty audio gods, so I would be wary if I were you.   ***Disclaimer: This is all opinion-based, but I'm pretty sure my opinions are true. Otherwise I would be an insecure jack wagon***   I got these headphones about two months ago and have been giving...
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Pros: Looks, sound quality, soundstage, comfort, everything

Cons: I love these cans

I have gone through many different cans from Grados to Beyers, all kinds of IEMs and still yet I have never been able to part ways with the 598s. I have listened to many high-end headphones and while they are better they are 5 times the price!! I think these are the best all around headphones money can buy, they are my favorite gaming headphone and will be for a very long time. These were my first audiophile can and was my gateway into the vast world of hi-fi, now I have the D7000 to compliment these with and could not be happier. Did I mention the looks of these cans, I think they are amongst the best looking cans out there. The comfort is fantastic and can easily wear them for hours...
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very impressed !


Pros: extremely comfortable, great sound, wood acsents

Cons: doesnt do Metal music justice, quite plasticly,

let me start off by saying these are my first pair of audiophile headphones.   when i bought these i had no idea what to expect. right out of the box they sounded okay so i gave them a week to burn in and they have sounded great ever since. it wasnt until i recieved them that i was told they were made for acoustic and classical music " =(, i listen to rock ". but they work great for alternative, progessive, experimental, ambiant, and hardcore rock. but not for metal. overall im very pleased.

Excellent all-around headphones


Pros: Great sound, Comfortable, Well Made

Cons: None

Ive listened to the Ultrasone HFI-780, Sony MDR-V6 (MDR-7506), Grado SR80i, and the Sennheiser HD598. The HD598 wins. The Ultrasone HFI-780 has absolutely terrible sibilance/sibilant. This is a common complaint with these cans. The 780 has better bass than the HD598, but the sibilance ruins these cans. The Sony MDR-V6 (aka MDR-7506) are phenomenal cans, but rather boring. These are some of the most popular headphones ever made, for good reason. They do sound incredible, and they are inexpensive. Every sound is fantastic. However, its boring. People in the audio industry refer to them as flat, and flat is the perfect way to describe them. And some people love this sound, however I...
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