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Sennheiser HD 580


Pros: Comfort, interchangable/upgradable parts, sonic versatility

Cons: *Slight* lack of HF detail compared to some

I bought these headphones used on eBay in November '07. They were cheap, and were drilled through the headband for a listening post. They came with brand new HD650 cables.


This review will not be 'editorial' quality, because I can't stand the pompous, flowery hifi-speak that most hifi journalists subscribe to. This is more about why I like my HD580s.


I bought them before I had an amp to run them with, and so built one. I'd been using AKG K141s for several months prior to buying these, and was fairly happy with them. However, as soon as I strapped the 580s to my head, I was hooked. This would be a headphone love affair that continued through several purchases, with these always in my no.1 spot.


These particular HD580s have 650 cables and 600 grills fitted, and a custom white with blue spatter paint finish. They look rather splendid compared to standard.


HD580 Spatter03icon.jpg


Anyway, I digress. I have a pair of newish HD600s with which I have compared these, and in all honesty there's not a lot of point in buying the HD600s apart from the fact that they're newer (is that even a reason?!).


The HD580s headband and earcup surrounds are made from a softer, less rigid material than the 600/650s, which some say effects the sound. Personally, I can hear no discernable difference between my 600s and 580s. One massive advantage of the HD580s over the 600s is that the headband is more compliant, and follows a larger radius than that of the 600s. As a result, they clamp FAR less than even correctly adjusted 600s (mine were adjusted by tweaking the metal strips which helped, but they're still leagues behind the HD580s). The enclosures into which the capsules/drivers are mounted are identical to those in the 600s at least, and quite possibly the HD650s.


Sound is fantastically easy going and detailed, but sometimes recordings can sound a little dull. Blues/jazz can lose a little HF edge, especially compared to AKG K701s, which also show the 580s/600s as being just very slightly ponderous (well the K701s are lightning fast, so that's to be expected). If I didn't own K701s, this wouldn't be a criticism.


Female vocals in particular are fantastic with the HD580s, and they do a great job with hip hop (Outkast), rap (Snoop Dogg, NWA, Ice Cube), dance, rock (Rancid, Motorhead, Guns & Roses, Picasso Trigger), reggae etc, but will not turn your mind to a pulp with extreme bass like closed cans will, which may or may not be a good thing.


These are my do-it-all headphones, and despite hankering after a different sound on occasion, I always find myself reaching for these over my other headphones. This is simply because they are comfier, less likely to have me reaching for the volume control due to their slightly laid back sound signature, and more suited to my main listening habits than other headphones I've owned.


For the price that these can be picked up for, you will find it very hard to do better than these. They are ideal fror progressing from HD555s/595s, or for someone looking for a nice, easy listening pair of headphones that won't ever make your ears bleed.


Pros: Superb clarity, ultra comfortable

Cons: expose flaws in the recording!

Purchased in Moscow, Russia in a premium store, hence the high price.


My first pair of audiophile headphones purchased without really reading any reviews but on the recommendation of the shop. Those Russians know a thing or two!


Went home, put them on, plugged into my old Dell laptop.... and they didn't leave my head for *6* hours.


I heard stuff that I never knew existed, it was a mind blowing experience that I can remember in detail six years later. A defining moment of my life.


These 'cans' are legendary and rightly so.


I just purchased a second pair (I gave my first pair to my old girlfriend) and look forward to some 600 grills and a decent cable.


Magical, magical, magical.


Pros: Lightweight,comfortable,great sound quality,rugged enough

Cons: None

This is my 1st pair of nice headphones, so I do not have anything to compare them to. I enjoy the sound of them tremendously paired with my (also 1st) amp, currently a CKKIII. At this time, my initial setup for my 1st chain goes like this: PC>Foobar2000(FLAC)>WASAPI>Nuforce uDAC>CKKIII>Sennheiser 580. I think the setup works well and I enjoy the beginner's system at the budget price total of only $370 for everything.

Do yourself a favor and instead of joining Head-fi just to ask "What amp/phones/DAC should I buy?" on your 1st post, educate yourself as to what is out there, what music you plan on playing mostly, and what prices to expect for what you are interested in buying, you will be able to jump on a good deal when you see it for sale here or on Ebay or another audio site (i.e. Audiogon).

Knowledge is power, so empower youself and make smart decisions!


Pros: Relaxed, even sound quality. Reference quality neutral.

Cons: No longer made, unfortunately. Bass not as good as the HD 650's.

I bought my pair 20 years ago, and I'm STILL listening to them! Everything else in my system has been changed, but these remain. I am now driving them with the excellent Schiit Valhalla, which was made for 300 ohm cans like these. Bottom line, these are long term keepers. I just wish they still made them! Since they don't, I've refurbished them with new earpads, head arch pad, and cable. I will replace the ugly gray plastic ear cup covers with HD 600 metal grilles, whenever they're not back ordered. Equipped thusly, I don't feel any need to upgrade now.
But I did recently get a pair of HD 650's. The comparison is most instructive! First, let me say I WISH the 580's had the 650's BASS! The 650's just kill the 580's in that respect, with a bass that is probably half again as much in absolute terms, as well as a fuller, more lively and liquid quality. The 580's bass sounds kinda dry and tight by comparison. And while the mids of the 650 are a bit more lush, they are clearly cut from the same bolt of cloth as the 580's. But as far as treble extension goes, the 580's just KILL the stock 650's. HERE is the 'air' I was craving in my review of the 650's! Massed strings, and orchestral music in general sound more correct and lively with the 580's. I get more of a sense of the venue with the 580's. Surprised the hell of me...but look at the GRAPH of the 650's treble response...down by 10db or more between 5500-8000Hz or so...that's a LOT, and it explains what I was feeling with the 650's. The 580's are also more nimble, and 'let go of the notes' more quickly and cleanly than do the stock 650's.
It's a toss up which are 'better'....for rock, jazz, string quartets, female voices, the 650's are very seductive. For orchestral music, I feel the 580's give a truer feel for the venue as actually recorded...I'll bet they're not far behind the 600's in that regard. As a neutral, truth-telling window into the recording, I feel the 580's are more accurate in absolute terms, much as I love some of the things the 650's do. Add to this the lighter weight and greater comfort of the 580's, and it's becoming clearer to me with every passing day which cans I'm going to keep. The 580's are THAT good, and I don't feel they need to apologize to anyone for anything, even 20 years later!


Pros: Very natural (and neutral) sound, great balance, no sibilance, relatively easy to drive, comfortable!

Cons: Treble heads may complain there's not enough highs

This is my first review, but I will try to make it fast and straight to the point.


I just received the HD580s from ebay, and before I bought them I did some research and found out these have the same drivers as the HD600s. However, that doesn't necessarily mean they sound exactly the same. But, I don't own the HD600s, maybe in the future I will. 


I opened them up, and while they are used, they look very lightly used, except for the ear pads, which are filthy (and smell.....ewww)

But anyway, they came with the stock cable, and without the 1/4 adapter unfortunately, so I couldn't hook it up to some good amps yet.


I plugged it in to the FiiO E11, which is connected to my ipod. First thing that I noticed was how amazingly balanced the sound was! I own the Beyer DT880, AKG K240, K550, ATH-M50, and the Shure SRH-940, and it is more natural sounding than ANY of them. That is what I look for in headphones, a nice, clear natural sound. It's almost like sitting in front of speakers, just enjoying the music, rather than complaining about how there's "not enough bass" or whatever. For once, I could just enjoy my music. 


That being said, people who prefer super detailed highs need to look elsewhere. These will not do that. I suggest the Shure 940s for emphasized treble detail retrieval. However, I think these are very detailed throughout the whole frequency range. 


If you want a comfortable, neutral headphone with enough detail for critical listening, or just sitting back and listening to music, these are for you! Highly recommended! :) 


EDIT: 5/29/14

I have tried these with the ODAC and O2 amp, more detailed but still the same natural presentation I felt with the E11. I think the ODAC and O2 bring out the best of the HD 580, while adding some more treble detail some might find missing in the HD 580 and 600. 


Pros: easy to drive; amazing in every aspects

Cons: Haven't noticed any yet

Better than RS1i, HD700 and K812 in most aspects.


Pros: neutral, clarity, soundstage, lively, comfortable, easy to repair

Cons: ear and headband pad replacement are expensive and doesn't last forever

Personally i prefer this design over the HD600


I have been extremely happy with these headphones for several years now. A hair got stuck in my right driver which caused a rattling at certain frequencies, it actually took me two years before I realized what the problem was and fixed it. Today they are as good as new and I am sad that they are no longer available. I'm sure the HD 700's sound amazing, but for what I paid for my 580s, I think they are one of the best purchases I've ever made.


They complement my much more bass heavy Triple.Fi 10s very well. These give me the soundstage I need to listen to classical, while the IEM's are used for most other types of music.


They look kind of dorky, but they make up for it being being extremely comfortable. I use them to watch TV and movies when I can't use speakers and there is no fatigue or discomfort after several hours of wearing them.


Pros: Comfortable, smooth

Cons: None, really...they're not wireless...

These headphones make you forget you are listening to headphones. They are so comfortable, so natural sounding, they are a joy. They have enough oomph to rock out (I don't think they are the ultimate electro/synth/rap cans) and yet present the most delicate classical music. 


After about 12 years of CONSTANT use they finally gave up the ghost. Sent them back to Sennheiser for repair and was told they were beyond worn out. Got 50% off for a new pair of HD600s.


I cannot think of any piece of audio or video equipment that gave me more pleasure for the money than my HD580s. Best bang for the buck I ever had. 

Sennheiser HD 580

The Sennheiser HD580 Over-Ear Headphones are a first-class audio solution ideal for use in recording studios. The diaphragm uses an advanced design to avoid resonant frequencies. The headphones use neodymium ferrous magnets in a system that ensures optimum sensitivity and high dynamic response with minimal harmonic and intermodual distortion. The ultra-light aluminum voice coils also provide excellent dynamic response, and the detachable OFC copper cable is reinforced with Kevlar for extremely low handling noise. Overall, the HD580 delivers natural, spatial sound that's highly accurate.

Cord Length10'
Impedance300 ohm
Additional Information9.2 oz
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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