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Sennheiser HD-558 Reviews

Kon Peki

Maybe the best value in headphones today


Pros: Forward, engaging mids. Overall euphonic, non-fatiguing, super comfortable, etc.

Cons: Lacking deep bass extension

At the time of this writing, these headphones cost less than $130 on Amazon.  At that price point, they are an incredible value.  For some reason, these headphones seem to be damned with faint praise in many reviews on the web.  I think some of the professional headphone reviewers are afraid to give top marks to inexpensive headphones, so they use terms like "more refined" for the more expensive ones.  I enjoyed listening to the HD558 more than my $400 HD600 (yes even with a good DAC/AMP), so I sold the HD600 and continue to enjoy the HD558.  If that makes me unrefined, so be it! What the 558 offer: -Beautiful, natural, relatively neutral sound...
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Sennheiser HD 558 - $200 + Your head = Perfection!


Pros: Comfort, style, and sound are 2nd to none in its price range.

Cons: 3.5mm connector too large to fit some portables. Cable replacement is hard to find. Price continues to go up with demand, specially outside the US.

  I have only owned this for a couple months, but it did not take long to see why these are highly regarded. They quickly became my favorite all-rounder headphone for home use. I also own the Sennheiser HD 25-1 II, and Grado SR60i, I will make some comparisons to these also. Although sound quality is important, I will take a more balanced look at how practical these are to use on a daily basis.   Comfort/Design   I consider the comfort and design of a headphone to be just as important as sound quality, because this is what will ultimately determine whether I will find it practical to use on a daily basis, and whether it will last for many years to come.  ...
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Solid midrange open cans for a reasonable price


Pros: Mostly neutral tonality, quality timber meets or exceeds expectations for the price, good presence across the spectrum, great all-rounders

Cons: Sennheiser veil, bass can bleed a little and doesn't go all the way down, mids not always as forward as I would like ideally

My chain: Lossless -> Foobar 2k -> HifimeDIY Sabre DAC -> E11   The HD558 are doing it for me right now. I was not blown away, but they really don't do anything wrong. The bass is not boomy but does bleed a tad, not ideal for classical but it's not hugely problematic.   The mids are nice. Never overly resonant, just enough bite to give realism but not intrusive. Imaging is very nice, but transients are a little weak.   Having started my hifi game at IEMs and gone far enough to see the kind of soundstage they are capable of (TF10, SM3), and opting for my first real can to be closed yet with a good stage (DT770), I feel like I can really discern the...
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Super happy with 558's


Pros: Everything

Cons: none

So I bought these hd 558's and I cant be happier, they rock and are a amazing headphone in all ways especially for the price! Music like Frank sinatra and the ink spots sound awesome on these! The bass is absolutely perfect for this kind of music and the bass reminds me of a old console stereo with 12-15 inch drivers. They are clear and precise as well, all vocal music sounds amazing but so does rock and dubstep/bass type music. I would highly recommend these phones  You do NEED a high quality source! I want to build a tube pre-amp or something for these to make the sound even more warm.

Great headphones!

Great sound quality and value! The sections in the ear piece can touch your ears if they are large and they are made entirely our of plastic, but overall they are extremely good headphones!

Almost perfect... Almost


Pros: Comfort, sound quality, removable cable feature, replaceable earpads, soundstage.

Cons: The 3.5 mm converter/adapter is huge, cannot use with phones/media players that have cases, all plastic build.

So, these were purchased on September 17th of this year from best buy online for $179.99, and I was overcome with joy the very second I submitted the order. I actually have never owned a pair of these before, so, I knew this was going to be a new experience for me.   I waited day in and day out patiently hoping that they would arrive soon, and guess what? My patience paid off. About 2 days after I had placed the order, they had arrived at my doorstep. Once I opened the box, I was actually surprised at how simple the packaging was. Nothing fancy. You get the headphones and the detachable cable. That is it, and I was ok with that. When I plugged them into my FiiO E17, I started to...
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Better Than ATH m50


Pros: Smooth, Euphoric, Naturall, Soundstage, Looks, Long Cable,

Cons: May be too slow for you, Lacking a bit of treble,

I Like It. I can't tell you I don't. 

Smoooooooth ^u^ but that damn plug >.>


Pros: Smooth mids, non-fatiguing but interesting highs and overall comfort

Cons: May be bass light which may feel a little muddy, ungodly plug and clamping force

First review but here goes :P   The Sennheiser HD 558 comes with a 3m detachable cable, a 6.5mm to 3.5mm converter and the headphones themselves.   Comfort and Build: Although the headphones themselves are made entirely of plastic it doesn’t feel like the cheap plastic. In fact the build seems solid enough to take light abuse but I really wouldn’t recommend anyone stress test these to any high extent. They do however feel like a well-constructed pair of headphones. In the comfort department it feels light on the head with heavy padding on the headband and thick padding on the ear cups. Both quite soft but the cloth material is a dust magnet. Even within a day of use you can...
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Great overall mid-priced headphones


Pros: Rich sound, very comfortable earpads, great mids, punchy bass, great soundstaging

Cons: bad 3.5mm adapter (way too large)

My opinions   Sound The sound produced by the HD558 is rich, a bit light, and isn't bloated with bass which is a good thing. It has a crisp treble and punchy bass, very great soundstage(expected from an open headphone) but sometimes the bass lacks. The great thing is this headphone will play any genre of music well, even from rock to classical(they play very well with classical).   Comfort The HD558 is very great for listening to music for hours. The velour pads very soft and comfortable, when you put it on, your head will still feel very light, and the pads are well shaped and pads are also great at managing sweat.   Build The design isn't very...
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The best value in the Sennheiser HD series!


Pros: sound, comfort, looks and value for money!

Cons: slightly pricey!

This is brief version of my review on my personal blog.The highs were initially a bit shiny for my tastes but with time they did settle down. In general the highs are crisp and clean (probably my Cambridge DAC Magic rubbed off some of its upper end shine).The mids are lovely and smooth, right there along with both highs and lows. If you enjoy jazz and vocals you’ll appreciate the tone of the mids greatly. It definitely stands up in comparison to my previous Sennheiser HD448 (and it should considering the price difference, and it definitely would be the recommended upgrade from the 448s). Bass is in sufficient quantity for non-bass heads, though it does get slightly boomy when extending...
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