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Sennheiser HD 518 Reviews


Great Headphones for a great price


Pros: Comfy, Good for long listening sessions, Great sound

Cons: long cord

First off id like to say i am not an audiophile and this is the second time on this forum that ive wrote a review.   Now with that said these headphones are really great and well worth the money i paid for em. The sound i bright and the highs and mids are clear and crisp and the bass is not at all overpowering which i personally love about them. They are quite an improvement from the HD 202s that i have.   When i first got these i put them on and at first it didnt seem all that different from my 202s till i went and put my 202s on and realized that i was very wrong. The highs and mids seemed to muddled due to the bass. So i put the 518s on and i could just hear how...
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HD 518 impressions


Pros: Big step up from HD 515, Mids and Highs are clear and vivid, Bass is more pronounced but still laid back, Comfortable for long listening sessions.

Cons: Plastic material (still feels and looks good though)

Design - The louvered design is something people will either like or hate. I personally like it since it gives it a very engineered look, just like a German car. The color combination is stylish and gives it a high end feel, very nice use of graphite and black with some silver highlights. I personally prefer these colors versus the 598.   Comfort - The velour pads have an edge in the inside but are still very comfortable, but the 558 pads are still a little bit better, they're rounded on the inside edges and are not as 'springy'. I can still listen to these cans for hours on end though. I also wanted to add that one of the reasons (I assume, aside from making it more...
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Great Sounding Headphone


Pros: soundstage, amazing bass and mids, non fatiguing, great all- arounder

Cons: highs are slightly veiled

I'll keep this review short, im a beginner, and this review are all my own opinions so please bear with me.  thank you!   This headphone sound so good for its price.   For me, its sq is almost excellent that every time i put this on, i always have a smile on my face. Others may not appreciate this because the sound is warm or dark.   It really shines on its soundstage, bass and mids.   Soundstage- big or wide, lots of airiness, because of its open back design and the E.A.R., it makes you feel that you are in a live recording, or you are sitting in front of high end speakers.   Bass- Its not lacking neither overpowered. it's deep, controlled bass,...
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A Great Open Backs for Multimedia and Beginners


Pros: dark, smooth treble, strong bass impact, very comfortable, easy to drive, sounds good with cheaper amps, excellent for movies and video games

Cons: annoying 1/4 inch to 1/8 inch adapter, bass is a bit obese and undistinguished, not the best transparency in mids, vocals are a little veiled

I purchased the HD518s for a good price lightly used, and have been very satisfied with them. They are darker Sennheisers, and have the signature Senn smooth sound. I have never owned Senns before, so these were my first pair. I am fairly used to how AKGs sound, so when I first listened to the HD518s, they initially wowed me with how smooth their mids and highs were, and how strong the bass was. There definitely is a "wow" factor when you first listen to them, especially if you listen to brighter, leaner sounding headphones. They are all plastic, but feel well made. They have that Sennheiser vice grip on the head, but you get accustomed to the grip, they do not present a comfort problem....
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Sennheiser HD 518 Impressions (EDIT 2014-03-04 fiio e10 impressions)


Pros: Bass, soundstage, comfy, great all-arounders

Cons: Vocals in music (fixed with eq)

Hello,   I would like to share my impressions of my first a bit more decent headphones - Sennheiser HD-518. I'm no audiophile, so this review will be more for a "normal" people, who want to use it not just for music, but for games and movies too.   Build quality and design     Headphones is all plastic, so no suprises where. It have strange grills that could look a bit silly, but hey, you will not go out with them outside. You could and I did it few times, but cable is just too long, you end up in wire mess + headphones are open, so no isolation from outside noise, you just don't enjoy your music with these outside.   Pads are made just for me. They...
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Great value for lovers of mids.


Pros: Really comfortable after a bit of a headband stretch, rich sound, natural vocals, above average design.

Cons: Stock cable is quite long, 3.5mm adapter is oversized and clumsy.

So I was recently in the market for a pair of open back headphones, and after hearing praise of Sennheiser for their offerings, i decided to purchase the HD 518 with my budget of about 100 dollars.    I think that the design is something you love or hate, and personally i love it. The louvered sides look quite nice to me, and the Sennheiser logo in the middle just looks elegant. The earpads are made of what i can only think are some sort of cotton material, and they're exceptionally soft. They aren't the largest however, so if you have ears that stick out they might touch the drivers, but i didn't find this to be an issue. The headband is made of the same soft cotton material,...
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Not great. Just okay.


Pros: Good overall sound.

Cons: Lack of bass, no isolation.

I bought these from Amazon about 2 weeks ago, and felt buyer's remorse when I wasn't blown away by the sound.  They aren't bad, but they do lack bass and the feel is cheap.  They were somewhat comfortable, though, and the overall sound stage was alright.

some of the best under 100


Pros: price, sound quality, build quality

Cons: ok design, the 558 and 598 look much better

Sound stage is average, but separation is awesome. Some people clam that bass is lacking, however, I think the sound signature is absolutely great.   Sounds good even when driven by laptop and phones. This headphone uses the same driver as 558 and 598 but the outer shell and ear pads aren’t as good, that is the only down side. But you can't expect too much for $80.   Edit: after 1 year of use i replaced the cushions with the 558 one (555/595), more confortable, and i have pop out the grill and replace it with a piece of very thin cloth.. so lightly modded, sounds bit more airy, if you still planning to get one of the 5 series should really jut buy the 598, pretty cheap now.....
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Entry level audiophile cans yes AUDIOPHILE


Pros: open sound, sufficient bass, mids are awesome, no sibilence

Cons: not for treble fans

These cans offer great multilayer-ed sound especially in comparison to entry level headphones. As I am upgrading my gear in a linear fashion, my last cans are HD448 just a step below these.I believe you already have a decent idea of how these cans sound if you frequent here often, for variety sake, I will try to base review in context to my prior experience ie what such an upgrade brings to the table.   When I put these for first time, I was disappointed. After plugging in amp, they sounded as muddy as my $10 earbuds. I had heard these cans needed short break in which was absolutely spot on. In less than 10 hrs, sound started taking its place.   These cans are clear upgrade...
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