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Sennheiser HD 439 Headphones Reviews


Fantastic but cheaply made and needs the burn-in


Pros: great SQ, great modding capabillities, comfortable, very light, aesthetics, surprisingly durable

Cons: very plasticky, needs burn-in for full potential, needs modding for full potential, aesthetics

                                                                   Intro Sennheiser has always been well-renowned for their high-end headphones, why in fact their flagships cover most of the top 5 headphones, but what about their low-end headphones? Are they good enough to distinguish themselves? And I'm here to say, after about half a year that they are indeed quite well-rounded headphones.                                   ...
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Great Budget Closed-Back Cans


Pros: Sound quality, comfort, varying cable lengths

Cons: Underwhelming aesthetics, possible build quality issues

I picked these headphones up as a replacement for my years-old Bose TriPorts whose earcups are falling apart. I already own a pair of 558s, but at present my girlfriend and I share a small room and open-back headphones don't work well with our respective sleep schedules.    Packaging Blister pack, nothing to write home about. Same basic packaging as most of their low-end stuff.   Accessories Kudos to Sennheiser here -- included are two different cables (4' and 10') as well as a 1/4" adapter plug, which in my experience is kind of rare for $100 headphones. As a company, they're pretty good about this.    Quick note about the cable: If you decide...
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The Easy To Love Velour Experience


Pros: Low cost, feather-weight, sound pretty good

Cons: At $39.00......none?

There are many headphones out there for $39. Still finding a pair that you really like is maybe a slight challenge? Sennheiser has produced an interestingly fun pair of headphones which offer the consumer a number of traits which help it stand out. In this review I'm going to go over my personal history with the modification and talk about the stock headphone for those not interested in the mod. I'm going to delineate the build quality, the sound and ending, explain how the HD 439 is still a value in today's marketplace.1) The packaging:Bubble packaging has maybe good and bad points. I actually like it as you know when the bubble is unopened your guaranteed a pristine product. The bad...
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Awesome sound quality and comfort for the price. You need to spend more than double to get better sound.


Pros: Excellent soundstage for closed back headphones. Awesome bass extension and great overall clarity without being harsh or tiresome. Removable cables.

Cons: Could include a storing pouch. Nothing else worth noticing.

These headphones are the best. Neutral sound but without being boring, the only "coloration" is an increase in bass extension, which is excellent if you listen to rock, metal or electronic. You won't get tired of listening to them. Voices sound amazing on these, especially if you're listening to podcasts or other types of speech.   I get the impression that volume, bass and overall clarity increase over time. Maybe it's what audiophiles call the "burn-in" effect. They do seem much louder now than a year ago. Or maybe I just love their sound. I would only get better ones if I chose open-back, got a really good amp and went for the Sennheiser HD 600.   Overall, highly...
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Decent closed headphones for home or travel use


Pros: Very comfy, sound for a price, Bass (modded)

Cons: Build quality feels cheap, maybe female voices

Hello,   Quick thoughts on modded with bass mod sennheiser hd 439.   Build quality   It is a mixed bag really. Headphones it self feels cheap. Well, probably because it is cheap. But they don't feel cheap then you have them on a head. They are very comfy, velour pads fit my ears perfectly. I forget I have headphones on my head the moment I put them on. Although if you have big ears, it could become an on ear headphones, because pads are not very big. Design is nice to my eyes, but you know, it can look bad for you   Audio quality   I'm reviewing modded headphones with bass mod, so keep that in mind. The sound they make is really quite good. Bass goes...
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Good choice in its pricerange


Pros: Light, comfortable, detachable cable & comes with two lengths, bass is not dominating

Cons: The sound overall is a bit muddy, plastic design seems quite fragile

I got to try these out when my brother bought them for his casual computer use.   The headphones are very light, and have quite comfortable cloth pads and headband. They are made entirely of plastic, which at least doesn't feel to be of too high quality. I can obviously not comment on long time endurance. Visually they do look quite appealing however.   As my reference pair in this test I used the Beyerdynamic DT-770 80 ohm headphones. Note that I said reference, I didn't directly compare them since that would obviously be unfair considering the DT-770 costs twice as much. Only FLAC files were used, with a Cambridge Dacmagic Plus as source.   Overall the sound...
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A good expendable pair of cans for private use.


Pros: Sound Quality (Post Burn-In), Portable device compatibility, Lightweight

Cons: Feels INCREDIBLY plasticy, Maybe too light, Soundstage isn't the best, Isolation

Disclaimer: My review may be rather invalid due to my lack of experience in the audio world. In that case, if you are new to this, it may be very helpful.   The HD 439 was definitely a good buy for its purpose of being my iPod's go to for music.   Sound Quality The sound is great for the price. Very crisp at the mids to highs, and the bass wasn't overpowering. The soundstage however, was a slight let down, being kinda too narrow to enjoy some more closed-off' sounding songs   Build Quality The build quality is terrible, but expected for the price. They are made of a cheap, lightweight plastic that does not feel durable at all (So little that I feel...
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Outstanding under 100$ budget closed-back headphones with great overall sound quality and premium comfort.


Pros: great value, very comfortable, velour padding, lightweight, surprisingly durable, detachable cable, best design of the Sennheiser HD 4xx series

Cons: not for bassheads, cheap build, might feel like on-ears to those with large ears, comes with no carrying case, sound isolation is adequate at best

First of all, I am by no means, a critical audiophile with a trained ear, so don't expect this review to have an in-depth breakdown of the sound.  I'm merely a college student that enjoys listening to my music.  I have had the Sennheiser HD 439 for four months and here's my review:   For its price range, the comfort is unmatched.  I have worn them nonstop for 4+hours everyday (well mostly everyday) for the past four months and I always experience no discomfort whatsoever.  I don't even feel the weight of the headphones pressing on my head when I put them on and I have a pretty small head.  These are easily much more comfortable than the other headphones...
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Sennheiser HD 439


Pros: Great sound quality, very cocmfortable

Cons: plastic, weak build. may fall off from your head

after weeks and weeks of reading the reviews, i decided to give it a go and test this headphones in a concept store and eventually bought them. my first impressions were, these are veeery comfortable im telling you. i had pleathers before this one and for about less than 2 hours my ears starts to heat up and sweat. i use this for like 4-5 hours with taking it off whenever i will talk to someone here in my office but thats it. in short, this is so comfortable it can stay in your ears for quite awhile.    build quality is is mediocre. i expect more for a $100 cans. these are all plastic and if you have heavy hands, you might break them...i think same as hd 598's? (correct me...
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great value headphone


Pros: flat response

Cons: extension not the best

I'll post more text review soon.  For now here is my new video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMSjdD_u28A
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