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Sennheiser HD 380 PRO Headphones Reviews

Positive Reviews


The best closed cans for monitoring and recording live music.


Pros: Sound quality, Isolation, Comfort and fit, Durability, Hard shell case, Price

Cons: If used with portable or casual home use, needs replacement cable

I realize it is a bit of apples vs oranges, but I will compare these to the Sennheiser HD 600 sound, since I sometimes use those to mix recordings with, and many know their sound. Assuming good sources and amplification, the HD 380 pro sounds as balanced through the mids and highs as the HD 600. Both are what most would consider neutral, or flat, with the HD 600s being ever so  slightly polite, or veiled, or easy on the ears in the highs. The HD 380 pros have a slightly more upfront treble, but they are as natural and as detailed as the HD 600s. With the HD 380 Pro's closed design,  the spaciousness of the HD 600's open design is replaced with a more intimate sound stage, or...
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Negative Reviews


Jack Design could be better


Pros: I agree with most of the Pro's with other reviewers. These headphones sound awesome.

Cons: The Jack started to become defective and within a month, no more sound. Luckily, Amazon allowed me to return them. I had them 32 days.

The Jack started to become defective and within a month, no more sound.  Luckily, Amazon allowed me to return them.  I had them 32 days, and the cutoff was 30 days.    I am torn with purchasing another one or searching for something else.   The sound quality was amazing.  I only needed them for home so they were not intended to be used at the gym or during commuting.   I did routinely connect it to my tablet for phone.  The weight of the cord wanted to drag my device around.  I had to secure the cord to ensure my phone or tablet did not get pulled to the floor from the table.   Keep these factor in mind.

More Reviews


Probably the best closed headphones in 0-200$ price range


Pros: Almost linear reproduction ,very good controlled bass, clear mids, decent highs. Much better highs and perfect clear linear sound with decent Dac/amp

Cons: Only good dac/amp(at least fiioE7) can drive it to make good highs and overall very good sound (theyre little muddy with poor sources),no leather pads

    Due to my poor skills in writing in English this review of Sennheiser hd380 will be pretty short. Build quality and package: Nice, good quality but only plastic build without any fancy design accents. Seems to be quite solid. Coiled cable is not perfet solution in day to day usage but is ok. Nice hard case for headphones. The included also big jack adapter. Cable can be detached (headphoned have mikro jack input). Sound and comfort: With poor source like laptop sound is bit muddy and not so clear, there is also lack od high tones - headphones are bit bassy and not so special. When I used sansa clip mp3 player sound was much better but still it was not it,...
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Unbeatable audio in its class


Pros: Outstanding audio reproduction for this price point and class.

Cons: All plastic, can get sweaty.

Intro/Setup     The full-size closed under $200 category is a very popular one among pro’s and casual listeners alike. The most similar competitor to this I own is the Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 250Ohm. I will make some comparisons to this and the smaller on-ear Sennheiser HD 25-1 II which I also own. My source in testing is the 1/4inch headphone output of my TEAC UD-H01 DAC/Amp connected via USB to my Windows 8.1 desktop. I use the foobar2000 player with EQ off playing various files from FLAC to m4a to mp3 (VBR/CBR 320). I managed to get my pair of HD 380’s on sale for $100 USD. Now on with the review!     Design/Comfort (7/10)     If you plan to...
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Bonavon Vovo

The better alternative to the ATH-M50


Pros: Tight impactful bass, Nicely textured mids, fairly balanced, Nice carry case

Cons: Cups don't rotate vertically

I bought these to replace my ATH-M50s and HD280 Pro.   I am very happy with them, They have a relatively balanced sound with a slight emphasis on bass which is tight and punchy.   Bass - The bass on these headphones is tight and punchy (not loose and flabby like the ATH-M50 which was always a bother for me). It is slightly emphasised but not offensively so, kick drums have a nice snap to them.   Mids - Their mids is nicely weighted with a solid enough presence to give guitars, drums and vocals plenty of texture without being harsh like the HD280. I personally find the ATH-M50 lacking in mids and find they make music sound a bit weak and thin.   Treble...
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So happy with these I own two pairs


Pros: Comfortable, good isolation, good sound, good durability, replaceable cable

Cons: Needs new cable, bland design

I first used these as monitoring headphones for recording. They quickly moved out of my home studio and now I use them everywhere. I have one pair at home and one pair at work. I also take them when I travel.    Pros:   Comfortable- I wear these all the time. They are a little tight which helps with isolation. Sometimes they require a bit of repositioning to get back to comfortable.    Good isolation- Great for recording. Also great at work and for travel. It blocks out a lot of noise   Good sound- I like the sound of these. For me I find that what I hear through these head phones translates well to the car and speakers.    Good...
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Closed HD600!


Pros: Level of isolation, Comfort, Fit, Efficiency, Bass extension, Good mids and highs

Cons: Lack of mid-bass hump can bother some (not me)

Initial impressions: They can't reproduce the tone of a bass guitar correctly, let alone a human voice. Estrange thing is that they aren't sibilant or anything, but some mysterious peak between upper-mids and treble make some instruments like cymbals and female voice sound too unnatural and away from realist.   Bass sometimes sound bloated, and doesn't have a proper texture and articulation. The sound is detailed in a strange way: they have the infamous E.A.R. from Sennheiser, which is probably the most unnatural presentation of soundstage in a headphone. They can put hidden special effects easily, but they lack the nuance and detail of a instrument performer. You can't hear the...
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Great Bang For the Buck


Pros: Inexpensive, no obvious flaws in the sound reproduction, very good noise isolation, foldable

Cons: Very tight fit initially, the stock cable is heavy and bulky

I have owned a pair of these headphones for six weeks now.  Initially I bought them to cope with office noise.  I work in a large, open cube farm with a great deal of white noise and a constant cacophony of conversation.     These 'phones have surpassed my expectations since day one.  Given my office environment and the fact that my music collection is 100% compressed, lossy audio (MP3 & AAC), I didn't think an expensive pair of open-backed headphones was appropriate.  Even with MP3s these 'phones breathed new life into my old music.  The noise isolation of these 'phones is very good.  In my office environment these 'phones almost completely...
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A Fantastic Sub-200 Dollar Closed Back Studio Monitor (Move Over ATH-M50s!)


Pros: Balanced sound, treble sparkle, silky smooth female voices, very detailed, tight mid and sub bass, very comfortable ear cups

Cons: Not very adjustable, clamping force, slight echo to the vocals (Senn trait), not the best noise isolation, ear cups get a little hot

I chose the HD380 Pros to replace my Audio-Technica M50s, and have not looked back ever since (except to compare the M50s to the HD380s with songs). Sound-wise the Senns are superior to the M50s in every way. More realistic bass, non-flabby but without losing impact, MUCH better mids, more refined treble, and the ear cups on the 380s are tremendously better than those on the M50s. Whereas the M50s sound best with electronic music such as house, drum n' bass and trance, the HD380 Pros are not only good for those genres, but are great for R&B, rock, jazz, soul, and pretty much every genre under the sun other than classical music (a little too bottom heavy). The HD380s have a more...
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wonderfully Sound blocking - and good sound

Design: i like the design of the HD380 not fancy but look good but they are very strong and i dont think you will ever brake theme   Sound blocking:  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! when i listen with them on a bus i dont hear anything ftom outside   sound. sound very natural have nice clear sound not heavy bass headphones, there is more mid-bass than sub-bass. (nice solid bass) have airy sound for a closed headphones (because of the size of the ear-cops) trebel is ok (have jumps in the trebel) low mids   in the end in this price there is better headphones but still good sounding heaphones   hope i helped you mikel

One of the best headphones for the price


Pros: Build quality, good sound - even unamped, moderate portability, isolation

Cons: Coiled cable, not the premier choice for a portable walk on the street headphone

I will keep this review short, as I can pretty much confirm what other reviewers have said.   They are highly recommended for those seeking a sub 200 $ closed headphone with good isolation (very very little sound leak, and blocks off a lot of ambient noise), good build quality and nice carrying case. I have owned them for over one year and they show no visible sign of wear, every time i put them on it's like I've just bought them.   The coiled cable is sometimes not the most practical.    Can work well even without amplification, but they benefit a lot from a good audio source. Purchasers will not be dissappointed.   I am curious how they compare...
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Dobrescu George

Closed back Sennheiser made for monitoring!


Pros: Clean sound, Neutral signature, Fast transients, Comfortable, Lightweight, Well built, Good soundstage

Cons: Linear bass, Slight roll off in treble, Coiled cable by default

          Introduction   HD380Pro - the first serious headphone that I owned. I actually bought HD380Pro together with an AKG K271MKII at that moment, but I decided to only keep HD380Pro as I preferred the better bass reproduction it offered. I found it in the meanwhile that the rather poor driving power of cowon J3 - wasn't really enough to properly drive the mighty K271MII and this is why I didn't really like the sound. I did return to K271MKII later, and it does sound very good, but you need a good DAP to drive it, either a FiiO X3ii or a FiiO X5ii or X5-3.    My audio adventure was just starting when I got Hd380 and I'm glad I bought...
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