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Sennheiser HD 380 PRO Headphones


Pros: Almost linear reproduction ,very good controlled bass, clear mids, decent highs. Much better highs and perfect clear linear sound with decent Dac/amp

Cons: Only good dac/amp(at least fiioE7) can drive it to make good highs and overall very good sound (theyre little muddy with poor sources),no leather pads



Due to my poor skills in writing in English this review of Sennheiser hd380 will be pretty short.

Build quality and package:

Nice, good quality but only plastic build without any fancy design accents. Seems to be quite solid. Coiled cable is not perfet solution in day to day usage but is ok. Nice hard case for headphones. The included also big jack adapter. Cable can be detached (headphoned have mikro jack input).

Sound and comfort:

With poor source like laptop sound is bit muddy and not so clear, there is also lack od high tones - headphones are bit bassy and not so special.
When I used sansa clip mp3 player sound was much better but still it was not it, despites clips linear response. Bass was almost perfect, especially low end, but mids were little too strong and high to weak. Don`t get me wrong - sound was quite linear, but there was no perfect details clarity that i was expected - with it was only decent/good with pleasing bass especially in rock albums. Soundstage was quite wide. Hd380 and clip is good but not better than many closed headphones at this time.
Because clip is not powerful source I connected my hd380 to fiio e7 dac - which is better than its amp section. That was good idea. Bass is even more controlled, mids are more wide and neutral and highs are there where they are should be. Sound is analytic and crystal clear and that low bass provides lot of fun. I find that for me best sound is when fiios eq is set up on 0 or 1 (I prefer 0). Setting 3 is dedicated for bass heads. I think that hd380s can play even better with for example full scale dac.
Soundstage is wide for closed headphones but not so as in many good open ones. Some people that are used to use headphones with boosted lows and highs can disagree with my opinion but Sennheiser hd380 sound is very entertaining for me.

Headphones are comfortable but not perfect. They are pressing little more than most of others. Also material on pads is not ideal - i afraid about its durability. Coiled cable is sometimes annoying. They are isolating from environment good, but they could be better.

Sennheiser hd380 are cheap compared to quality that they provide - its perfect entry level choice. Don’t forget about decent source because only with good sound card or dac they can play like professional headphones


Buy it or at least try it



Design: i like the design of the HD380 not fancy but look good

but they are very strong and i dont think you will ever brake theme


Sound blocking:  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!

when i listen with them on a bus i dont hear anything ftom outside



sound very natural

have nice clear sound

not heavy bass headphones, there is more mid-bass than sub-bass. (nice solid bass)

have airy sound for a closed headphones (because of the size of the ear-cops)

trebel is ok (have jumps in the trebel)

low mids


in the end in this price there is better headphones

but still good sounding heaphones


hope i helped you



Pros: Tight impactful bass, Nicely textured mids, fairly balanced, Nice carry case

Cons: Cups don't rotate vertically

I bought these to replace my ATH-M50s and HD280 Pro.


I am very happy with them, They have a relatively balanced sound with a slight emphasis on bass which is tight and punchy.


Bass - The bass on these headphones is tight and punchy (not loose and flabby like the ATH-M50 which was always a bother for me). It is slightly emphasised but not offensively so, kick drums have a nice snap to them.


Mids - Their mids is nicely weighted with a solid enough presence to give guitars, drums and vocals plenty of texture without being harsh like the HD280. I personally find the ATH-M50 lacking in mids and find they make music sound a bit weak and thin.


Treble - They Have nice detailed treble that is pretty much where is should be but could be a little stronger on portable devices, With an amp (doesn't need to be huge) the treble comes through alot better. They are better in the treble department than the HD280 but not quite as good as the ATH-M50 although the ATH-M50 has a bit too much treble for me, I find it overbears the rest of the mix on those cans.


Comfort - They are very comfortable and beat both the HD280 and ATH-M50 hands down.


Build Quality - Very light yet surprisingly sturdy. Metal swivel points and head band. plastic everything else.


They come with a nice travel case and have a detatchable cable both of which are very welcome additions to the overall package.


My only real gripe is that the cups dont swivel vertically so when you take them off your head to talk to someone you can't flip the cup so the speaker is facing away from you instead of choking your neck.


I would recommend these over the ATH-M50 and the HD280 Pro


I deduct half a star for the cup swivel gripe.


Pros: Build quality, good sound - even unamped, moderate portability, isolation

Cons: Coiled cable, not the premier choice for a portable walk on the street headphone

I will keep this review short, as I can pretty much confirm what other reviewers have said.


They are highly recommended for those seeking a sub 200 $ closed headphone with good isolation (very very little sound leak, and blocks off a lot of ambient noise), good build quality and nice carrying case. I have owned them for over one year and they show no visible sign of wear, every time i put them on it's like I've just bought them.


The coiled cable is sometimes not the most practical. 


Can work well even without amplification, but they benefit a lot from a good audio source. Purchasers will not be dissappointed.


I am curious how they compare to the Audio Technica ATH - M50. (difficult to find a pair in Romania for some reason)


Pros: Sound quality, Isolation, Comfort and fit, Durability, Hard shell case, Price

Cons: If used with portable or casual home use, needs replacement cable

I realize it is a bit of apples vs oranges, but I will compare these to the Sennheiser HD 600 sound, since I sometimes use those to mix recordings with, and many know their sound. Assuming good sources and amplification, the HD 380 pro sounds as balanced through the mids and highs as the HD 600. Both are what most would consider neutral, or flat, with the HD 600s being ever so  slightly polite, or veiled, or easy on the ears in the highs. The HD 380 pros have a slightly more upfront treble, but they are as natural and as detailed as the HD 600s. With the HD 380 Pro's closed design,  the spaciousness of the HD 600's open design is replaced with a more intimate sound stage, or isolated effect of closed design.  Resolution of fine detail in the mids and highs is outstanding in both of these cans, but is just slightly better in the HD 380 pros. I can hear more of what is in thick mixes with it.


Now about the bass. The bass in both cans is good and tight, and in the right balance to the rest of the music. The bass in the HD 380 pro is far more extended into the lowest octaves and is clean and tight way down to the sub bass 20 Hz. The bass in the HD 600s  is good but slightly loose down to around 40 Hz, but even there it is starting to roll off  a tad, and continues to to the point that it isn't accurate enough to monitor a mix well enough in the lowest octave, though it isn't missed much on a lot of music, such as classical or acoustic jazz or folk, that doesn't have much energy down there. Overall, the HD 380 pro is  clean and accurate and distortion free all across the entire audible frequencies, and is able to offer quick transients and dynamic impact not available with the HD 600s.  Part of this is due to  the difference between closed and open design, the improved angle of the driver to the ear with the HD 380s, and the easier to drive impedance of the HD 380s, but for bass impact down low, the closed design is superior.


The HD 380 pros are very comfortable, with the perfect clamping pressure, and large deep ear chambers that will accommodate the biggest ears on the biggest heads  comfortably for hours on end. They stay put and in position on your head even if you are moving around a lot. They make a very good seal and isolate you from outside sound better than any other non-active noise reducing headphones. At the same time they also leak the least amount of sound, which is essential in live recording, and a huge plus for listening in noisy environments, or in quiet places where you don't want others to be bothered with your program. They come with a good coiled cord, which is perfect in the studio, but a bit clunky and heavy for home and portable use. Fortunately, the cable is easily replaceable and after market cables specially designed for these cans are available in four different lengths for around $30 at Amazon. Just search "replacement cable for Sennheiser HD 380 Pro" there at Amazon. At this time, Sennheiser doesn't offer the straight cables, but I have purchased the cables through Amazon, and they are great braided cables with top notch plugs and strain relief.


They come with a handsome hard shell case, are built to take rough treatment and survive, and look good for headphones of this size, They are the best value in high quality headphones at only $105 now at Amazon.  5 stars!


Pros: Inexpensive, no obvious flaws in the sound reproduction, very good noise isolation, foldable

Cons: Very tight fit initially, the stock cable is heavy and bulky

I have owned a pair of these headphones for six weeks now.  Initially I bought them to cope with office noise.  I work in a large, open cube farm with a great deal of white noise and a constant cacophony of conversation.  


These 'phones have surpassed my expectations since day one.  Given my office environment and the fact that my music collection is 100% compressed, lossy audio (MP3 & AAC), I didn't think an expensive pair of open-backed headphones was appropriate.  Even with MP3s these 'phones breathed new life into my old music.  The noise isolation of these 'phones is very good.  In my office environment these 'phones almost completely cut the white noise, even without playing music.  I can still hear loud conversations clearly when no music is playing, though.  When I initially got these 'phones, I noticed they squeezed my head pretty hard.  Over time this has subsided without me taking any special steps to mitigate the problem.  The other problem is the stock cable is bulky and heavy and too long.  Luckily, it's replaceable.  Despite these headphones being of plastic construction, they are durable.  I store them in their carrying case every evening.


My very first upgrade was to replace the cable with a shorter straight cable.  I found a cable on eBay for about $25 with shipping.  It shipped all the way from China, taking almost 2 weeks to arrive.  After it shipped, I found the same cable in stock on Amazon for $5 more.  For whatever that's worth knowing.


My next upgrade was to buy a Modi+Magni stack from Schiit Audio.  These 'phones took to the stack very well.  This was a very worthwhile upgrade, in general, and make my good sounding headphones sound even better.  I genuinely was not prepared by the degree to which the sound quality improved with this upgrade, even with the same source material.


My last upgrade was to subscribe to Tidal.


Now, with the volume knob set to the 8 o'clock position on my amp, streaming CD quality source material, my music is so loud and so clear that (a) I can't hear any flaws with these 'phones, and (b) I can't hear anybody else, either.  It's downright blissful.


Pros: I agree with most of the Pro's with other reviewers. These headphones sound awesome.

Cons: The Jack started to become defective and within a month, no more sound. Luckily, Amazon allowed me to return them. I had them 32 days.

The Jack started to become defective and within a month, no more sound.  Luckily, Amazon allowed me to return them.  I had them 32 days, and the cutoff was 30 days. 


I am torn with purchasing another one or searching for something else.


The sound quality was amazing.  I only needed them for home so they were not intended to be used at the gym or during commuting.


I did routinely connect it to my tablet for phone.  The weight of the cord wanted to drag my device around.  I had to secure the cord to ensure my phone or tablet did not get pulled to the floor from the table.


Keep these factor in mind.


Pros: Balanced sound, treble sparkle, silky smooth female voices, very detailed, tight mid and sub bass, very comfortable ear cups

Cons: Not very adjustable, clamping force, slight echo to the vocals (Senn trait), not the best noise isolation, ear cups get a little hot

I chose the HD380 Pros to replace my Audio-Technica M50s, and have not looked back ever since (except to compare the M50s to the HD380s with songs). Sound-wise the Senns are superior to the M50s in every way. More realistic bass, non-flabby but without losing impact, MUCH better mids, more refined treble, and the ear cups on the 380s are tremendously better than those on the M50s. Whereas the M50s sound best with electronic music such as house, drum n' bass and trance, the HD380 Pros are not only good for those genres, but are great for R&B, rock, jazz, soul, and pretty much every genre under the sun other than classical music (a little too bottom heavy). The HD380s have a more spacious soundstage imaging than the M50s, due to the cleaner, less wooly bass. Since the M50s are going up in price again, and the H380 Pros are going down from their 199 dollar MSRP, I highly recommend the HD380s over the M50s. They will treat your ears better with the roomier cups, and will never fatigue your ears from treble assaults and harsh female contralto vocals, unlike the M50s. Keep in mind that the HD380 Pros do sound their best with an amp, but will have no problem running off an iPhone, Macbook, iPad, Galaxy S4, etc. Also, the HD380 Pros have a user-replaceable cable. Highly recommended. 


Pros: Sound, fit, comfort, build quality, design with carrying case.

Cons: Removable cable yes, but...


I have to start once again with saying that I love the sound signature of Sennheiser so I might have a biased opinion with these headphones. I think these are a definite step up from the 280’s. The sound from both sides of the spectrum and everything in between is just smooth and sounds great. I do not listen to any EDM or anything with a lot of electronic beats, etc… I mostly listen to adult contemporary, country, rock, alternative, and jazz. I also like the portability, because the fold down flat and the included case is nice too. They do have a detachable cable, which is a plus but you can only use Sennheiser replacement cables with the similar fitting plug. It is an 1/8 inch but it has a unique connecting piece on the headphone cup. I highly recommend them to anyone wanting a good closed can!     


Pros: Good amount of detail and also great passive noise isolation.

Cons: They will not sound good unless you use high quality sources. Minor coloration.

This was recommended to me by a friend and because of the other great reviews on the web I purchased a pair. What I can say is that it really brings out the details in music. Those low bit rate MP3's will not sound too good now. Bass is not exaggerated and highs are nice and smooth. The quality of the DAC is very important for this set of cans. The distortion in the mids were largely mitigated with the use of a high quality source (Guess my Xonar U1 was not not as good as I thought). They are highly detailed with a small amount of coloration due to the closed design which can be expected. 

Sennheiser HD 380 PRO Headphones

The HD 380 Pro professional monitoring headphones are designed to exceed the demands of the professional environment. The HD 380 Pro provides an extended frequency response with increased sound pressure level (up to 110 dB) for accurate sound reproduction in demanding applications. Not only that, but the lightweight, secure and rugged design offers a comfortable listening experience for long recording sessions. Ear coupling - Around-the-ear Frequency response (headphones) - 8 - 27,000 Hz Impedance - 54-Ohm Load rating - 500 mW Sound pressure level - (SPL) 110 dB (1 kHz, 1 Vrms) Total harmonic distortion (THD) - < 0.1% (1kHz, 100dB SPL) Transducer principle - Closed, dynamic Weight without cable - 7.7 oz. (220 g) Included - Replaceable single sided, coiled cable with a 3.5mm jack connector HD 380 Pro Screw-type 1/4 adapter Slim line carrying case

FeatureIncludes slimline carrying case
Height8.9 inches
Length6.9 inches
Weight1 pounds
Width3.9 inches
List Price$299.95
Package Quantity1
Product GroupCE
Product Type NameHEADPHONES
TitleSennheiser HD 380 PRO Headphones
Batteries Included1
Special Featuresnv: Model^HD380 PRO | Product Type^Headphones Professional Monitoring | Transducer principle^Dynamic, closed | Ear coupling^Circumaural | Frequency response^8 27,000 Hz | Nominal impedance^54 O | Passive noise attenuation^Up to 32 dB | THD^ 0.1 1 kHz, 100 dB SPL | SPL 1 kHz, 1 Vrms^110 dB | Resonance frequency^90 Hz | Max. power handling capacity^500 mW | Caliper pressure^6 N approx. | Weight excluding cable^220 g | Cable length^1 m coiled, extendable up to 3 m | Audio connector^3.5 mm plug, s
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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