Too much bass, strident treble

A Review On: Sennheiser HD 25-1 II Professional Headphone

Sennheiser HD 25-1 II Professional Headphone

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Pros: Kinda of OK - there are much worse out there

Cons: Too much bass, treble is an assault upon my ears

Too much bass, strident treble. I guess it could be worse. Midrange is not bad. It might sound OK straight out of my out of my cheap Android phone which lacks power and sounds kind of muddy.


The treble hurts me. I wouldn't keep them though, even if someone gave them to me for free. I wouldn't give them to my kids either because I don't want to destroy their high frequency hearing.


Really ugly too.


I really don't understand. The hd25 doesn't have too much bass, there's even people complaining there's not enough bass.
And about the treble being an assault to ears, I don't get it too.
I can hear treble up to 18khz , so I don't think my hearing is that bad.
I'm wondering if we are listening to the same headphone. Might be a problem with your source.
Harsh trebles? No way with the hd-25.
I actually agree with the harsh trebles and the emphasized bass; it does get fatiguing very quickly! Suppose that's what the volume knob is for ;)
Regarding the treble lacking smoothness / being grainy , things improves a bit by switching to velour pad.
You'd be happy also to have a slightly weaker bass.
Might need to try with be velour pads. Senn came out with new cup design that tames the treble resonances:
Only thing that sucks is that this "corrected" edition is $350, which is how the headphone should have come in the first place. As for bass, this thing has more bass than the V-Moda M80 and Beyer DT1350. Just a tad too much for my tastes because I'm not really a basshead.
There's a big controversy regarding the innerfidelity review. Don't forget that he compared the regular hd25 with pleather vs amperior with velour (see first comment). The difference in measurements are not that big .
And even some sennheiser rep, said that the intent was with amperior, to reproduce same sound, with lower impedance, and improved materials. So no, it's a bad plan to get amperior, if you want improved sq, imho.
I'm fairly sure that my source doesn't cause excessive resonances at 6k and 12kHz. ssss sssssss ssss ssss sss :-) Maybe the headphone is defective. :-(
You could try to listen to one side at time (left or right).
If there's a big difference between left & right then you have a defective driver.
I'm not a fan of the hd25 either... I got my gf a pair and my friend got some m50s. The m50s sound much better to me.
Though, the m50s were burned in a lot more and the hd25 were fresh out of the box so I'll try again later...
I'm pretty sure they wanted to improve the sound. That's what the aluminum cups and especially the damping foam is there for in the Amperiorioriori. Obviously source chains do have an affect on the extreme to which one might hear one part of the spectrum versus another.
If there's too much treble for your tastes, why not use EQ???
Had the M80s. They were actually quite nice with pretty decent mids, bass that was not overwhelming but had good impact and treble that was never harsh but perhaps a bit recessed. I found them to have decent soundstage too compared to these but they didn't seal out noise as well. However, for the money, the Soundmagic HP 100 mops the floor with both, its on another level. If you don't mind rocking big shiny cups but oh that bass.