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A Review On: SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 8 GB MP3 Player (Black)

SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 8 GB MP3 Player (Black)

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Pros: CHEAP + Expandable + Great SQ

Cons: The battery isn't the longest laster... otherwise NONE

I really like my Clip+ k701smile.gif



  • It's tiny
  • It's expandable
  • It sounds great!
  • Support for a wide range of Codec's / Rockboxing is super easy.
  • It has voice recording and radio 
  • For the price - no other manufacturer that I know of can touch it.



  • Battery life isn't the best... Which is its only real 'flaw' as far as I can see. I'm never that far away from a USB point though... If I were going on an extended break, I'd definitely want to take something with a better battery life.
  • The clip... it's a bit crap... I almost never use it.


My thoughts


I don't think it's the worlds best kept secret that this is a really good little player. Most reviews (like this one) are very positive. So all of the below has pretty much been talked about by everyone already.


Bearing in mind, players these days seem to be aimed aimed at consumers who want 'fancy' OLED displays for 'video on the go' ... So, if that's your bag, don't bother reading further... why are you reading a review for this anyway?


First off - I've read of some issues (which are a mystery to me...) some people have mentioned they had problems running it under certain platforms. I run OSX/Win7/ArchLinux and can confirm that it works fine in all of these as a simple drag/drop player - it has never given me any issues (you can even sync it in itunes using 'itunesmywalkman' if you so desire).


This powers headphones very well (compared to ipods) and does not need an amp for most portable cans... then again, it will look little silly if you plug it into your HD800's as the Clip+ is tiny. When I needed one (rarely) I used the iBasso T3 / D-Zero.. I have been using rockbox (which is incredibly easy to install on the Clip+).


Plus describes it pretty well (because it has a lot of great plus points 'har har'). I bought this when I was a bit low on funds and needed an emergency PMP, the fact that I could shove in a microSD was what made me buy one. After a long period of getting my music pumped via ipod (5g 120GB) or a Cowon S9 (both of which have now been sold); the SQ/price ratio is astonishing from the Clip+. There is a noticeable difference in sound quality between the ipod and this fun, cheap little player. The Cowon, not so much a noticable difference - but it's over £200 cheaper.


In terms of SQ - I'd describe the clip as slightly warm (which I enjoy), but overall very well balanced. As a source it plays OGG, MP3, FLAC & ALAC (and more when using Rockbox). It delivers nicely on bass, has pleasant mids and nice highs. I haven't heard it struggle with anything thrown at it so far - and my music collection is a pretty eclectic mix.


I have a 32GB micro SD plugged in, so at around 40GB total it's more than big enough for FLAC playing. I've had this for around a year now and I've plugged a few cans in. I'm settled on listening with my Phonak 112's (they sound great on the Clip+), but also I use RE-zero's and this tiny device even reaches fine volume on my Beyerdynamic DT770 pro's (120 ohm). My iPod does not do that... 


Nothing in this price-range comes even close.. and it beats the pants out of quite a few more expensive players. I don't need OR want video functionality. I won't rant on about it...  I should re-iterate - I don't have any desire for a portable device to supply video, for me - the fact that the sansa clip+ doesn't have a huge screen, doesn't support video etc and has a very minimal mono-LED interface is a plus in itself.


So... save some money on your player and go and invest in some decent cans for gods sake! I'll be happily testing out a pair of DT1350's on this next week :)


One last thing ... Its voice recording functionality is surprisingly good and I've found it useful to record conversations for possible evidence of malpractice / on-spur interviewing where I've needed it... whilst clipped to my pocket. Totally unobtrusive and oddly useful. 


Thanks for the review! Nice to know that it can take 32GB microSD cards.
Thank you for the info, beebot!
The Clip+ really is a great little player and nothing come close to the overall quality/$. I had a 4gb + and it unfortunately got crushed under a car seat and did not survive. I'm either going to get the same blue + or else the new 8gb I never knew was out! I'm just not rich enough to endure the (dare I say) poorer sound quality of some of the other much more expensive mainstream players. I hear Cowon are decent but they are around 3-4x the price of this. Good review.
Thanks :) - also @Syros, to confirm, I'm now using a 32GB 4speed MicroSD (SanDisk) - which just works without the need of an adaptor.
Owing to upgrades, I (the Windows XP complainant :) ) have gone Windows 7. Absolutely no problems at all. I'm still using the player, still totally satisfied with it, and it is still going strong and loud. You won't find me sporting an iPod any time soon.