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A Review On: Rockit Sounds R-50

Rockit Sounds R-50

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Pros: Incredible detail, massive soundstage, great build, super comfortable

Cons: Memory wire seems a bit iffy, stock tips are pretty terrible, may need an EQ and/or better tips to truly shine

First, I would like to thank Rockit Sounds for giving me a 50% discount on these for this review.


The Rockit Sounds R-50 is unreal.


The moment the R-50 arrived at my house, I was ecstatic and literally jumping for joy. I had heard so much about these, I just had to have the experience of actually hearing them. 

I took them out of their container and gazed upon what would become my favorite IEM. Dual balanced armatures, braided cables; it was perfect.

I put them in, and began to have a sonic experience that I'd not ever heard from an IEM before. I put on some of my favorite tracks and was immediately overtaken by the incredible quality of the R-50. 


This IEM is so incredible.


Build - Sturdy plastic housings with soft silicone cover. It feels excellently crafted. Memory wire is very soft. The joint between the wire and housing worries me ever so slightly.

Comfort - I've never used any IEM that was this comfortable. The silicone casing around it really takes away any discomfort that I've had with other IEMs.


Isolation - Pretty average. Greatly improves with tri-flange tips.

Sound - I can't believe how good these are. The overall presentation is so clear; so detailed. I was extremely impressed with my first listen, and I'm still impressed every time I put them in my ears. 


The lows are well extended, detailed, and most definitely not overwhelming or bloated. However, they don't really add any warmth to the sound. With the stock tips, the lows can be underwhelming. 


The midrange here is perfectly reproduced. I find it to excel at whatever genre I play. Both female and male vocals sound lifelike. The R-50 has such clear and balanced mids. They're some of the best I've heard. Definitely better than a good amount of over-ears I've used around the price.


Treble frequencies are what I find these do best. I've not heard any kind of clarity like this before. It was the first thing that I noticed with these. Snares, cymbals, everything sounds so crisp. It can get sibilant, however, especially with the stock tips. 


The soundstage of the R-50 is pure bliss. There is so much space in the presentation. It's absolutely incredible, and, without a doubt, I like it more than almost every over-ear I've tried.


Accessories - 3 sizes of silicone tips, clamshell carrying case, and airline adapter. The tips are pretty bad, if you didn't notice. I wouldn't dare use them for casual listening. The sound greatly improves with aftermarket tips.

Tips and sound changes

Stock - Like I said, these are pretty bad. The bass is very underwhelming, and the treble is very sibilant, even for me, as I like bright treble.

Shure Gray Flex - Much, much better than the stock tips. Sibilance is reduced, while bass comes out to what I would consider to be a natural/balanced level. 


Shure Gray Flex substitutes from eBay seller 'lostearbuds' - My favorite single-flange tip for the R-50 for sure. Has the same sonic changes as the real Gray Flex tips. The fit is amazing too. These are the most grippy tips I've ever used. I actually think I prefer these over the real Shure Gray Flex. Plus, they're much lower in price.


Shure Black Soft Flex - These were what I used before the Gray Flex and substitutes arrived. Still a good improvement over the stock tips. Compared to the Gray Flex/subs, these still have some of sibilance and bass is a little underwhelming, but nowhere near the level of the stock tips.


Shure Tri-flange - Sibilance is 98% removed, and the entire frequency spectrum comes into harmony.


Etymotic Tri-flange - Sibilance is completely removed. Other than that and possibly the fit (which I found these to be much more comfortable), these tips sound identical to the Shure tri-flanges. The Etymotic tri-flange tips are my most recommended tri-flange tips, and tips in general for the R-50. I recommend these most.

Monster/Generic tri-flange - I kind of just took a shot with these. These are about on-par with the Shure Black Soft Flex, but with a tiny bit more control on the sibilance. 

Hopefully to come sometime in the future...

Westone STAR tips
Westone True Fit tips
Etymotic Glider tips

Etymotic Foam tips

Shure Black Foam tips (Olives)

Shure Yellow Foam tips

Assorted Comply tips

The Rockit Sounds R-50 is probably the best IEM you can get with this kind of signature (balanced/articulate) at this price ($120).

I absolutely recommend it to anyone looking for this kind of sound. The R-50 is a true winner.


I find the Ety Triflange seat so deep that the buds are nearly horizontal. Try some Klipsch ovals. Very comfortable, good seal and tames the trebles around 6khz.
I like the horizontal positioning. Much more comfortable to me
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