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Razer Carcharias

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Pros: Very comfortable, cable is nice, fairly good value

Cons: one headphone in mine broke, mic is sensitive

when i first got this i had high hopes, and to begin with they did meet my hopes, fairly good sound quality, extremely comfy ear pads, but then set in the truth. as with most headsets the audio is far less Superior than most other audio outlets, i use my Soundsticks 2 and cx890i's as a comparison, the bass is basically non existent which may be good for those who just want to game, but i used these to listen to music in the evenings. after a while one of the headphones became temperamental and then broke, then set on the real problem i have with these. using these with skype for example causes many problems, the microphone al of a sudden became more sensitive, this caused people that i was in chat with to even be able to hear everything that was coming out of the headset even louder than what i could hear it, and created a whistling affect for those who had fairly sensitive.


i reccommend these to anyone who just wants these to game and to game only, from my experience i would be tempted to buy from razer again but i am not a convert of headphones + detachable mic 

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The mic on it is pretty good but it's noise cancelling so you are going to hear everything. there is no power behind the drivers at all, a shame at that price. I got mine at BB for $40 and they served their purpose but I couldn't stand that audio anymore so I came back to head-fi lol.
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