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Phonak PFE 012

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #196 in Universal Fit


Pros: All good

Cons: Could at least come with some kind of a case

 I am one of the crazy guys with a bucket full of IEMs.  I listen mostly to my beloved Cowon J3 because I can equalize most IEMs for a sound I like. I have an amp. Now I have the 012s, like I needed yet another in-ear! I purchased the black filters to swap with the installed green based on reviews I read but they're not really necessary but they do make a change. I'm going to make this a short review... I have not a thing con to say about these. These surprise me by being better than my memory of them each time I listen with them They're great with all genres. There's nothing about these that I need to forgive. I applaud Audeo. I really REALLY like these.


Pros: Detailed and smooth treble at the same time

Cons: Bass could have more weight

Very detailed and realistic. Really smooth treble. Sometimes the bass lacks some weight but it is fast and it extends very low when it is called to.

Phonak PFE 012

Phonak’s bass-ic ingredient for the Audéo PFE 012: specially designed, in-built audio filters tuning sound waves to near perfect frequencies across the sound spectrum. The audio filters of the Phonak PFE 012 Perfect Bass earphones ‘adjust’ the sound waves to boost low frequencies and deliver cleaner, punchier bass notes without compromising on the overall sound eminence. The result for the listener: excellent levels of clarity and weight with every detail preserved to near perfection

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