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Very Underrated. but could be one of the best in its price range. versatile

A Review On: Philips SHL5905BK/28 CitiScape Uptown

Philips SHL5905BK/28 CitiScape Uptown

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Pros: accurate bass, soundstage, depth, versatile headphones, fun to hear

Cons: in line volume control useless, not exactly neutral

i never usually write reviews, but when i do, its usually with underrated earphones/headphones, because i think they do deserve some justice.


just a background, i owned headphones/earphones like brainwavz, sennheisers, superluxes,  beyerdynamics, etc. Some of them on come and go fashion, buy and sell. im no heavy audiophile, but i love listening to music in all aspects of genre.

i bought it because it was on sale.

this will be a short review since headfier manveru already wrote a conprehensive review. this will be to highlight and add some.

here goes:


initial impressions: for its price, i say it is very beautiful. pictures dont give justice since feeling it rather than seeing gives justice to its quality. feels more expensive than its price, with premium feel and faux leather. it sounded closed out of the box, but after 100hrs burn in, god they opened up.


bass: one of its strong points. accurate, does not bleed, punchy, tight, and appears when needed, disappears when not. 


mids: average. not recessed, not forward, but is there when needed. 


highs: its very bright sounding, decay and attack excellent. some siblance on very high frequencies, but rarely




with brainwavz hm5: blows it out of the water. the brainwavz may have been bassier, but is muddy with poor details. the philips uptown is more versatile and fun sounding with no compromise on retails.

audiotechnica ath m50: the philips uptown has more control on bass than the m50s, with more vibrant highs. but depth portrayal and soundstage the philips uptown had it. I had to say philips give better value than m50s, even in build quality.

creative aurvana live: the aurvana live gives more details no question. but bass reproduction, soundstage, and versatility, i give it to philips uptown. 



conclusion:  one of the headphones i was forced to make a review since i find it hard to understand how such headphone with excellent quality came unnoticed. 

its more or like v or u shaped, but fun and versatile. if your looking for neutral then steer away from this. but if your a music lover looking for fun versatile headphones, i highly recommend you take a second look. its philips testing the audiophile waters, and i give them credit for making the uptowns.


highly recommended underrated headphone. :D


I have the silver/brown version of thei headphone and I agree with you this is a very underrated headphone I got it at a very good price. In fact I paid about 26 dollars for it and for the price they are trully exceptional
I had the silver/brown. After i had these cans i realized how overrated ath m50s are. The m50s are good, but some options are better. $26.? Never had cans that good!
I myself own these headphones. They're awesome for the price! I'm shocked as to how underrated these babies are, they're amazing for the 50 bucks I paid! The Philips Uptown is definitely a hidden gem - I'm glad I found it.
Change the pads to Shure 940s with Senn foam underneath to calm the treble and this becomes a stunning headphone with very deep bass that is no longer overblown but deep and a sound that is way beyond its price point.

The volume control has gone on mine. Just a pause/answer button so the volume imbalance doesn't exist on it.

This is a bargain once modded.
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