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Budget answer/introductory champ

A Review On: Panasonic RP-HTF600-S Step Monitor

Panasonic RP-HTF600-S Step Monitor

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Pros: Price, Sound quality

Cons: Colored, veiled, needs a little extra power

Getting Started 


Forewarning I'm a neutral fan and don't like colored or veiled sound, please take that into account. Also My ratings are based around the price - for the money these headphones are undeniably out of the ballpark. 


The sources used for this review are my SLS audio receiver qv-avr500 (respectable onboard amp) and straight from mp3 player (this is a budget headphone afterall)




Exceptional - presented like a 100$ headphone and protected well from damage (ordered these online) certainly a better looking package than what came with my ATHM50


Contains the headphones (Circum-aural) with quality pleather pads (very similar to M50) 10ft cable (straight and a little thin, but on par with headphones twice the price) 1/4inch adapter (gold) and standard 3.5 (gold) 



Light and feel neither delicate or sturdy (a great deal of plastic). Great padding, very comfortable (your ears might get warm after an hour or so) They certainly feel like more than 30$ and are infinitely more comfortable (and attractive) than anything in the Sennheiser HD2xx line




Warm and full - very detailed (not just for a $30 can, but for a CLOSED can). Imaging is fantastic and adds great depth to the music. The highs were slightly sibilant when I first used them, but they mellow after a short burn (20 hours)


The Mids were slightly recessed, and vocals felt veiled - certainly the biggest shortcoming here, but still, nothing to really take off for - it doesn't effect the music in a negative fashion - but you WILL hear a difference between this and a high level can. 


The low end is excellent - tight and punchy or low and boomy, whatever the music calls for. While its not the bassiest can in the world - its enough to make me label this a BASSHEAD headphone. However (being a neutral fan) I should point out that this doesn't sound bad to me - its just not a personal preference 


Overall they sounded fun and inviting - WELL worth the money





Vocals and Mids are more forward - bass is less warm and in less quantity - the detail remains largely unchanged. The highs feel more energetic and the headphone takes a more neutral sound

I find it enjoyable - but it sounds better out of the receiver (making me certain that these will want some form of amplification)


For 30$ you can't beat it - the #1 competitor in this price range is the Senn HD202...and its vastly inferior headphone


If your new to HiFi sound, or are a budget can junkie - check these out, they are well worth the $$$


(I'll be editing this in the future by adding additional sources/amps)


All recordings used were in FLAC or 320k Mp3. 


If I write a review for these it'll pretty much read the same
Nice review. I agree 100% with your take on them. I have yet to find a better sound for the cash spent.
Can't disagree more. Build quality is less than good with drivers that can get out of place and need to be physically blown back. Poor strain relief on the cord. Hot, sweaty, cheap pads. Extremely veiled sound, muddy overbearing bass, no detail, distortion on some high notes. Listening to music with these was not enjoyable in the slightest.
You'd be much better off with KSC75's or Porta Pros in this price range.
^ Sounds like you are listening to a damaged pair - My drivers are perfectly stable. Also, bassy headphones aren't for everyone (as I pointed out). So here on Head-fi we tend to play nicer and not take away TOO heavily for something not being to our taste.

also KSC75 and Porta's aren't for everyone - they are portable and can be uncomfortable for some.
To be accurate, I didn't have a damaged set, just listed a couple of the physical flaws that have been reported in the long thread in the full sized headphone thread regarding these headphones. The issue with the driver getting out of position is not an isolated case, as several have experienced it. My problem with the set centered on its poor sound and sweaty pads.
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