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Panasonic RP-HTF600-S Step Monitor Reviews


HTF600, Big Sound with a Not So Big Price


Pros: Warm, Bassy, Musical, Lush, Smooth, Inexpensive, Ruggedly Built, Mech Design, Comfortable

Cons: Not high fidelity (very colored and not analytical)

Panasonic RP-HTF600 Step Monitors Big Sound with a Not So Big Price On the never ending quest to find hidden gems out there, yet another challenger has come forth. The Panasonic RP-HTF600 Step Monitor. I try a lot of headphones. I love picking up a set of inexpensive cans and seeing if they sound good or not. Why? Because it's fun. I already have high end stuff but that doesn't mean I can't also look for something fun and great to listen to while not spending much. That also gives me the ability to listen to high end, mid-tier and entry and then there's headphones like the HFT600 which isn't even entry level in terms of cost, because it's so ridiculously inexpensive (anywhere from...
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$30 Budget Basshead Cans


Pros: Warm musical tone, large quantities of bass, fun sounding.

Cons: Lacks detail & clarity, leaks sound.

I decided to purchase these headphones after reading the large thread that was praising them greatly. I was in the market for a budget basshead pair of headphones, so it was a logical decision. As soon as I received them, I used them as my primary headphones for a week, while burning them in during the night.   My initial impression confirmed that the tone was very warm, musical, and colored. They were pleasant and non-fatiguing to listen to, with a very nice soundstage, and were a massive comfort improvement over my Grados. I did notice a large amount of sound leakage -- it was nothing like a Grado's sound leakage, but it was apparent. These are more semi-closed headphones...
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Budget answer/introductory champ


Pros: Price, Sound quality

Cons: Colored, veiled, needs a little extra power

Getting Started    Forewarning I'm a neutral fan and don't like colored or veiled sound, please take that into account. Also My ratings are based around the price - for the money these headphones are undeniably out of the ballpark.    The sources used for this review are my SLS audio receiver qv-avr500 (respectable onboard amp) and straight from mp3 player (this is a budget headphone afterall)     PACKAGING   Exceptional - presented like a 100$ headphone and protected well from damage (ordered these online) certainly a better looking package than what came with my ATHM50   Contains the headphones (Circum-aural) with quality...
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Panasonic RP-HTF600-S + Beyerdynamic EDT250V Replacement Velour Ear Pads = Audio Perfection


Pros: Deep, Palpable Bass, balanced mids, and sharp, crystalline treble (especially with Byerdynamic ear pads)

Cons: Pleather ear pads somewhat uncomfortable.

Bought these last week off Amazon.com for $34.  Right out of the box they sounded great to me.   Was never a believer in "burn-in", but now it makes sense;  headphones have drivers, which are essentially air-moving diaphragms mounted on pistons (voice coils) - and it is completely reasonable to suppose that these diaphragms get conditioned after so many excursions & hours of flexing and use. Anyway, after about 40 hours of listening, these phones sweetened up quite a bit.   Then I got the Byerdynamic ear pads today ($25 USD off Amazon) and installed them - signature-wise, mids are a bit more clear, and the treble really came to life and really does sparkle....
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Sound it is ok but from my experience they could dead quick


Pros: good sound

Cons: I think they where not build to last

Very short review. I am not expert in sound and headphones, I don't own many. The sound on this from my perspective it is good. They have deep bass but not that punchy, more on the soft side, the medium frequencies are somewhat overtaked by the smooth bass, not so clear more audible on the hi spectrum, the high frequencies are ok. On busy music I notice the tendency to mix the sounds with the low frequencies trying hard to keep the sound clear and undistorted. On clear music with sound well separated they sound great. They will not work on the phone...volume will be to low but they do ok on an Ipod shuffle gen 1 plenty of volume, also they sound poor on the most cheap type of...
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good for the mone


Pros: light on the head very comfortable for long use 50mm drivers for 45 dollars

Cons: need a good dac

for the money there are very good closed headphones 

A True Budget Can. Good for office use


Pros: Fairly neutral and comfortable, Rugged Build even if it's made of plastic, good soundstage

Cons: Bass is not tight. Treble is too soft, mid's a bit recessed

Panasonic RP-HTF600 is one of my first open headphones and because of that I was easily amazed with the openness of its sound signature. For $30, it would be hard to find a headphone of this same type that is as good as this. The headphone doesn't fail in any major way yet still manages to impress me on plenty of ways.   Build Quality   I expected this to be flimsy but it isn't. It surely is made of plastic and the earcups are made of synthetic materials but even then, I won't call it easily breakable and uncomfortable. Cable is thick, long, single-sided and not removable. I find the cable being long as a convenience since I sometimes use this in my office.  ...
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A Gift From Heaven - The Budget All-Rounder King of Kings


Pros: Lush, clear, rich, musical, comfortable, versatile, perfect bass, price, effeciency & power

Cons: Ear Warmth, Quick Fit buttons (what do these things even do?)

There isn't too much to say about these phones beyond what MalVeauX has so eloquently stated. His review played a strong part in my decision to get these cans, and he was quite simply correct on all fronts. The Panasonic RP-HT600-S is an incredible headphone, and IMO an all-rounder fit for a king. Reviewing a headphone can be a little like reviewing food at times; everyone enjoys different flavours. All I can say is that for me, personally, this headphone nails my preference in sound to a tee and should hold at least some level of appeal to most listeners. If you tick at least 3 of the following boxes you should go buy a pair immediately: ∆ Varied music tastes ∆ You would like...
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Best Headphones I've owned


Pros: Great sound, low cost

Cons: Not ideal for "active" listening

This is truly my first foray in to high end headphones.I bought a pair of Klipsch Image Ones after listening to them at Best Buy and being pretty impressed with them initially.  Shortly thereafter I discovered this forum and got curious about better headphones.  I went to Echo Audio here in Portland and quickly realized I could spend more money than I cared to.  After doing a little digging here I stumbled on these Panasonic phones and couldn't be happier with them.  They sound great and I can't believe what a good value they are.  It's gotten to the point where my wife steals them all the time because she thinks they sound great too.  Couldn't be happier...
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what a Full sound


Pros: Soundstage, bass, signature, comfort

Cons: Price(depending on where you find it), too forgiving

great bass. especially the mid bass is superb and delicately punchy... no bleed to my ears    very clear for a bass heavy headphone   they sound warm and overall very easy on the ears...supremely forgiving....great clarity .. beats my xb 500 in almost everyway.  bass is very well layered and faster than sennheiser hd 428 and xb 500. also shows equal layer and extension in bass to xb500, at the same do not sound bloated like the latter   treble is enough not to complain about..  I dint have my usual treble checking tracks but i can still vouch for this....(eq might help here)   mids sound warm but i dont find any particular...
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