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MP4Nation Brainwavz M1 Reviews

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Brainwavz M1 – Clean & Clear – “Audiophile Sound” On A Budget


Pros: Overall SQ, balance, clarity, build, fit, accessories, value, cable build

Cons: Cable noise & memory, no neck cinch, jack housing size, strain relief on IEM

For larger views of any of the photos (1200 x 800) - please click on the individual images INTRODUCTION Brainwavz is a now well established manufacturer of headphones in the value for money category – offering many different options that suit almost anyone’s sonic preferences.  I’ve previously had both good and bad experiences with their headphones / IEMs.  I’ve previously reviewed and owned their B2 IEMs and HM5 headphones, and both were stellar performers.  I’ve also sampled their R1, R3, S0, S5 and R3 V2 IEMs – and whilst the R3 V2, S0 and S5 were also solid performers, the R1 and R3 originals weren’t quite as well aligned with my preferences.   I’ve had...
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A Great Sounding 50 Dollar IEM


Pros: Price/Performance Ratio, Comfort

Cons: Treble, Cable

Brainwavz has, again, kindly provided me with a review unit of yet another one of their products. The M1 is not a newcomer in their line of products, but instead, one in which they would like to make more known to the public (and for good reasons!). To sum things up quickly before getting into details about my opinions of the M1, I can say that the M1 is perhaps one of my favorite IEM from Brainwavz. Accessories:Brainwavz IEMs all come with a good variety of accessories. This has always been one of their strengths. The IEM comes with a small softshell case with a good variety of tips, including some comply tips, and a 3.5 to 6.3mm adaptor. For a 50 dollar IEM, you couldn't as for...
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M1: An (Excellent) Old Flame Rekindled


Pros: Balanced SQ, value

Cons: Aesthetics

Here we go again. It seems like every other review I've done lately has been on some product from this up-and-coming company that is making a name for itself. Luckily for us, this IEM from Brainwavz is just like many of its brethren: a force to be reckoned with. Sound Bass: Just plain good. I've heard several of the sub $100 category from Brainwavz, including the Delta, S0, and S1. So far the low-end on the M1 is my favorite. The sub-bass is there (something not usually found in IEMs running under $100) and surprisingly capable. Macklemore's "A Wake" has some nice thump, but here's the kicker: no bleed! Would I classify these as basshead cans? Heck no. But, they reach deep enough for...
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Excellent Balance and outstanding claritity for a budget-minded set


Pros: One of the most balanced iems for a very low price

Cons: poor isolation, no moulded strain reliefs in the housing cable exit

Thanks to madiaplayer.cl the best audiophile-oriented shop available in Chile I got a M1 sample to test drive it and provide my opinion so you can give them a try if you like my description. This is my second review so please forgive any mistake here.   Packing   The M1 box is made of softened cardboard wich contains a transparent window that allows you to see the housings very similar in that respect to every single Brainwavz box and it is similar to the Pro Alpha package however, it is a more compact, a better designed one and its also easier to open. On its front Brainwavz tells you that M1 has a balanced sound , has a comfortable fit and that they come with a silver...
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A Mini- Hifiman RE400, Great bang-for-buck earphone: Sweet, Laid back Vocals


Pros: Mids, sweet- easy going vocals, smooth sound, small footprint, great cable

Cons: small footprint (see below), lack of strain relief on the housing.

The Brainwavz M1 has been widely toted as a popular option at under $50 for the last few years. Why is that the case? Well, because at the time of their debut, they were one the few balanced sounding earphones under $100 amongst a sea of bassy or V shaped sounding earphones. How do the M1s fare years later, especially with heavy favorites from Vsonic, Havi, TTPOD? Very well in fact, for a “budget earphone” they certainly have a very smooth and inviting sound that I’m very fond of.   hint- I nicknamed my M1s as “Mini- RE 400s (referencing to the Hifman RE 400, an absolute standout earphone at $99)- See the “sound section” for my comparison of the M1 with the $99 Giant, that is the...
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The Brainwavz M1 are a very enjoyable very musical iem that makes you keep listening to music, and punches in way above its below 50$ cost


Pros: balanced, accurate full range presentation of music with good rhythm, tone and musicality, makes you listen to the music, not the headphone and price

Cons: somewhat constricted dense sound, not a huge soundstage

The Brainwavz M1 is a sub 50$ sold by MP4Nation that is marketed as having a wide soundstage and accurate sound. I think that is half true, but must compliment Brainwavz on what they get out of an iem at this price. In short, this is a very musical and enjoyable headphone that is not fatiguing and makes you want to continue to listen to music of all genres because it enlivens you.   This dynamic driver phone has a newly redesigned oxygen free cable that is silver plated, which seems to give it a lively and dynamic sound which is accurate and punchy. The soundstage is large, but not really wide, and its fine. The tones of the bass, midrange and treble are tuned very very well...
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A good all rounder.


Pros: Suits most of the geners, nice bang for bucks, spleldid mids. nice package.

Cons: life less highs.

Getting started:- (accessories and miscellaneous)     Up close and here we go again, for Brainwavz. Just a week ago I received Brainwavz M1, yeah these guys are really generous and it’s not a new model from any angle (a few years old), and the reason I received this review unit is because Brainwavz are promoting their lineup of M series. Most of us must have heard of this earphone as a good mid centric phone with good bass. And the provided accessories are generous too, it comes with the usual red and black carry case, cable clip, 6 pairs of single flange eartips in 3 different sizes, one pair of bi flange and comply s-400.    Cable is really nice, internally...
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NA Blur

Brainwavz M1: A Mid-fi Saving Grace


Pros: Excellent bass without being boomy, small IEM body, and wonderful accessories

Cons: Becomes boomy amped and at high volumes, no strain reliefs on the cable, soundstage is a bit constricted

Brainwavz M1:  Mid-fi Saving Grace         SPECS: http://www.yourbrainwavz.com/m1.html   WHERE TO BUY / COST:   http://www.mp4nation.net/brainwavz-m1-iem-earphones $44.50 new   TEST TRACKS   California Girls by The Beach Boys found on Sounds of Summer - The Very Best of The Beach Boys – Track used to test the entire spectrum from bass, mids, to treble.   Propeller Seeds by Imogen Heap ( Instrumental ) – Track used to test soundstage and overall presentation of soundstage   River Flows in You by Yiruma ( Piano ) – Track utilized to see if the headphone / IEM represents piano in a realistic manor   Vivaldi...
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Mathews Joseph

Brainwavz M1- Indeed Good


Pros: Rich sound, Good Bass, Above average Detailing

Cons: The design and 'high frequency sounds' need to be bettered.

I purchased my pair of Brainwavz M1 two weeks back. In fact it is the first headphone that i purchased for quite an expensive price. Hence i don't know how many of you would take my review as a credible one. My first impression of the product is that, its the best quality sound that i've experienced till date. Coming to the technicalities (that i'm not at all an expert in), let me say that Brainwavz M1 gave me the best detailing so far. The lows are quite conspicuous, which implies that the bass is superb. The mids are good enough, and if there is anything that could be bettered, it is the highs. Talking about build quality and design (things that i don't care about much); the...
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