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Monster Turbine Pro Copper In-Ear Headphones

95% Positive Reviews
Rated #18 in Universal Fit


Pros: Great sound, great accessories for customizable user experience, better quality audio for the money than competitors, great warranty for portable unit

Cons: While comfortable for IEMs, they're IEMs! Packaging brags and labels users

I was selected to review these headphones in exchange for honest review, that review follows:
I have used a lot of different headphones of varying prices and have been enjoying the Monster Turbine Pro Copper headphones ever since I received them.  In short, they are now my IEMs of choice.

Before even listening to the headphones, I was impressed by the packaging and the way I could customize my experience with them.  The attention to detail on the packaging (like the little fabric loop and magnetic closure that makes opening the box easy yet keeps it closed when desired) told me that Monster was thinking about the whole offering experience.  Upon opening the box, I was impressed by the array of accessories.  There are two nice cases included.  I'm not quite sure which I prefer on functionality, but one case says "For Audiophiles & Audio Professionals Only," which turned me off of that one a bit.  While it's nice to know that Monster believes the products are high-grade, I don't really need to show that off.  However, perhaps this is what is brilliant about the flexibility of these headphones: Again and again, Monster offers choices to make the experience the best for each individual.  This possible philosophy extends throughout the product use.  So many sets of eartips are provided that I really don't even want to count them all, there's a flexible holder for your favorite eartips if you want to carry them with you, there's a pair of over-the-ear hooks in case you wish to use the headphones that way, there's a slider on the cable that can be adjusted if you wish to reduce some slack above where the R&L cables come together, and there's a very nice 1/4" adapter.  The eartips are definitely the most important of the accessories, as I certainly didn't find them all to be a good fit, let alone find them comfortable.  With other IEMs, I've had much fewer choices, making it tough to get the headphones to work properly.  In open disclosure, Monster sent these to me for an honest review, so I didn't have to worry about the cost, but they really are a great value for the quality.  Given many will take the headphones out and about, Monster's, "you break it, we replace it" warranty will surely be appreciated.

Now on to what really matters: sound.  While Monster recommends doing a burn-in of the headphones, once I found a set of ear tips that fit properly, I instantly was impressed with the headphones.  However, it is true that after running though the Stereophile Test CD 3 burn in track and a random sampling of my music for many hours, the music did feel a bit more natural.  I was particularly impressed with the tightness of bass and warm mid-tones.  When I compare them to my Sennheiser IE7s on Dean Peer's all bass guitar track, Lord's Tundra, I was surprised how much deeper and more precisely the Coppers could play.  Also, playing the high bitrate binaural Explorations In Space and Time album available on HD Tracks, I was able to pick out instrumental details I could not with the IE7s.  Effectively, it seemed like the imaging on the Coppers allowed for lots of independent instruments to be heard cleanly at once, while other headphones seemed to be dominated by the loudest instruments.  More than these technical details, I simply enjoyed getting into the music on the Coppers.  Whatever I threw at them sounded great.  I was really engaged with the Mumford and Sons album's enveloping vocals and tunes, while darker A Perfect Circle albums took me on a journey with Maynard's visions through masterful editing and lyrics.  I also very much enjoyed London Symphony Orchestra's Braveheart Soundtrack, Paramore's Riot, a host of tracks from Ben Folds, Hot Chili Peppers' Stadium Arcadium, Snow Patrol's Eyes Open and many more.  Each were so vibrant, and I just wanted to play them again and again.  Honestly, they remind me lot of Sennheiser HD 580s in a very tiny package.

I tested the headphones with a number of headphone amplifiers.  My typical rig was an Apple Mac Pro using lossless files feeding a Cambridge Audio DacMagic via optical, to a HeadRoom Ultra Micro Amp with Astrodyne power supply.  I also used a really cheap Fiio E1 from an iPad and the internal 1/8" outputs from computers and smartphones.  I found that the Coopers worked quite well with all of this gear and they seemed to offer a lower noise floor than the IE7s, and the Coppers didn't need a high impedance adapter to avoid communicating noise from a computer's standard headphone jack.  That said, the Coppers really showed what they could do when connected to the DAC and a good amp.  Since they're easy to power, I found that the DAC was much more important than the amp.

While I have to say that I prefer open over the ear headphones for all around comfort and quality, they often aren't the right fit for the environment.  In fact, the noise isolation from the Coppers are impressive and are great when I want to go into my own world in public.  The Coppers with the cheap Fiio E1 do a very nice job compared to full size headphones with much more complicated (and expensive) gear.  I look forward to more opportunities to compare these headphones with others, but they unquestionably are becoming the bulk of my portable rig.  If I didn't have an extensive desktop rig, I'd probably just use these as the headphones I use most of the time at home and office.  Great work indeed.


Pros: SQ overall; Build; Packaging; Warranty

Cons: Bit heavy on the base; Fatigue to wear after couple o' ten minutes; easy to get tired of


SO, lets get on to it. The MTPC's are a pair of IEM's that are in a very akward position. It is quite pricy and rejected by the "purist audiophiles" that dislike the brand of Monster, due to the Beats Phenomenon; it is not picked up that well by non-audiophiles due to the muddy SQ a bad amping process can give it. But these are actually a hell of a pair of headphones, and Monster is a company that has earned my respect.


So these were my first "Audiophile" grade headphones. I had been fine with my Beats Tours prior to this purchase, and I never realized on what I was missing out. Once I purchased these, there was no turning back. I was blown away by how good headphones could sound. Now I own the HD600's and the W40's (Update: Now the K3003). I enjoy both greatly, and I am parting with my Turbine Pros because I am selling them to a friend.


Starting by using the IPT, I was not aware of what the MTPC could achieve. True, They weren't THAT BAD without amplifying as some of you say, but they certainly could not compete with the experience that the Fiio X3 offered me.


I used these headphones carefully, and I was very happy that it lasted me a long time. I like the warranty (lifelong) and the free once-in-a-lifetime exchange for a total new one. A TOTAL NEW ONE. Thats how confident they were in their build quality. (or unconfident? lol :P)


I am not to judge the SQ too heavy here, though I like it. I fee like dancing every-time this headphone is being worn, which can be a bad thing (because some of the music I feel like dancing to is actually soft and sad songs). That being said, this is definitely a fun headphone, with heavy coloring but very good sound quality.


Highs: Highs are fine. They are THERE, but thats it. Its good highs, but not where the strength of the MTPC are at.

Mids: I enjoyed the Mids the most. I feel the MTPC's have really done a good job to bring the sound into your ears.

Bass: GREAT BASS. Nuff said.


Bottom Line: If you want a headphone that is often underlooked and misjudged because of it's brand, and like hipp-pop music with heavy bass and good mids, go for the MTPC. I loved these headphones!


Pros: Solid Build quality, nice cable

Cons: Constant faults, sound quality for the price.

After reading many positive reviews of these headphones I was ready to purchase these in a heartbeat. When they arrived at my door I was very impressed by the packaging; high quality, professional and neat. When I first hooked these up to my iPod i was pretty impressed by the sound quality of these IEM's.

However, after about a week ago I found that these headphones had severely diminished in sound quality and sounded like they were underwater. I then realised that it must be a loose connection. 

I then took advantage of the warranty available with the shop I purchased these from, and I sent them back feeling a little down that these didn't last very long. 

I week after sending them back I received a brand new pair and hoped that this time I would be as impressed with these IEM's as other reviewers have been.

Sadly, this was not the case. When putting these in the ears they clicked and popped which didn't feel good in the first place. Then when I played music into these they continued popping!

I decided that that was to be the end of my turbine escapade and returned them for a full refund.


I then went to Richer sounds (a UK Hifi store) and purchased a pair of grado sr80i's for half the price of the turbine pro copper's and they sounded miles better than my old pair of turbines. 

A year on and I have had no regrets in returning these IEM's and have never thought about trying them again, I'll stick with my grado's.


Pros: Perfect sound quality and cable too, really good build quality, too much accessories inside the confection.

Cons: Price, a little bit delicate.

Perfect sound quality and cable too, really good build quality, too much accessories inside the confection.. however they seems a little bit delicate and the price is too high, but considering the build and the sound quality, the price can be really good for these in-ear headphones.
I've buy them 1 year ago, and they remeins my absolute favourite, especially with a good amplifier.


Pros: Clear and detailed sound, deep bass, lifetime warranty, great accessories

Cons: A bit too much bass, build quality control

The MTPC produces a balanced, detailed, and neutral (a slight warm) with bass-boost sound-signature. One of the best in-ear headphones I've ever heard but for bassheads.  


Pros: Good sound quality, two carrying cases, plenty of tips included

Cons: Build quality suspect, picky about fit/insertion depth

I got these about a year and a half ago as a Christmas gift, and they've been my companion for some time until the left earpiece one day began outputting a significantly lower sound level than the right. The build quality in general had always worried me, with the drivers rocking a little in their outer casing, the stress relievers at the earpieces actually coming off and sliding down the wire, and other weirdness. However, they did last me for over a year, and Monster's warranty should cover it.


With that out of the way, the sound quality is rather excellent for an IEM, as is the isolation. With the proper tips, most outside noise fades away, and you're left with good, tight bass and highly detailed mids and somewhat sharp highs. Overall they tend to particularly excel at faster-paced music, such as rock and metal, which also happen to be what I listen to most often.


Comfort-wise, they can be a pain. It seems one of my ears doesn't like having an IEM in, though I had no trouble with the Shure SE-215's I'd been using prior. The plethora of tips that came with them never really seemed to match up with my ear type, and as a result, I'd often have to fidget with them to keep them properly seated. Still, that's more a product of my ears' shape than the IEM's themselves, and Monster did a great job of packing in as many types of tips as possible to work around that. It's worth noting that they are moreso than any other IEM I've used very sensitive to insertion depth, and inserting too deeply or too shallow will negatively affect their performance, from loss of bass (too shallow) to loss of volume or near complete silence (too deep).


Overall, they're a pretty good pair of IEM's, though they'd certainly rank lower with me if they didn't have their great warranty.


Pros: At this price point & when used with the perfect fit Supertip = Unbeatable

Cons: Monster thx to Mr Dre = branding gets a bad name, unjustified IMHO

1st off I bought these so I'm not 1 of those reviewers that get things to keep if they give reviews etc...

To the IEM's then ;
Here in the UK the cheapest price for mine's (control talk version) is about £250 these days I think.
I bought them 2nd hand from a friend, receipt & verified real, but beware that IMHO if you see these too cheap to be true = they will be fakes as Monster headphones are the most copied ever I think.

Now I'm not going to bore you to death with long winded words & so called "Audiophile" terms those kind of people like to use like "has a lovely colour spectrum" = Eh hello we're talking about SOUND here, so my review is pretty straight to the point & doesn't contain any **dophile terms tongue.gif

The IEM'S once you've found the perfect fitting Supertip for them be it a gel or foam pair = Give you exactly what U put into them IMHO.
U use them with an iPod & your not going to really get great results due to the iPods quality, so try & use a decent source is my advice.
My weapon of choice for my Copper Pro's is my Colorfly C4 Pro which will make your copper's sound truly exceptional.
Extreme clarity & very very true to the source, so if your listening to say a CD/ WAV Quality track be it jazz/ pop/ hip hop/ classical etc... You should get a lovely true sound not clouded by any of the 3 ranges at all, as in the bass is nice & tight, the mid is exactly where it should be IN THE MIDDLE & the treble (hi's) again are right up there & @ no time sound overpowering or give any hiss...

Now I have tried a good few headphones in ear, on ear & over ear but I always find myself reaching for these when I want my clearest sound, so all things said & done I guess these IEM'S are exceptional value for money as IMHO they beat a lot of the other big boy brands like your AKG, Sennheiser, Bose & we could go on all night spouting out names/ brands... But I'll stick to my Copper Pro's thank you very much as they just sound so good for their price that they slaughter the competition IMHO...
NOW All the AKG, BOSE ETC... FANBOYS FEEL FREE TO LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS BELOW, but do try & use normal words that describe sound & not the colours of a rainbow please.

In summary I think I've yet to listen to any type of song be it pop or even techno & not think that these sound great smily_headphones1.gif
Thx for reading.


Pros: Deep, well extended bass, warm mids, crisp, clean highs; look gorgeous, lifetime warranty, for the price I got them, best sound quality possible.

Cons: Extended wear (6+ hours~) discomfort starts to occur, fakes are EXTREMELY common as with a lot of Monster products. Soundstage is a bit narrow. DRIVER GRATTLE!!

Monster TurbinePro Copper:


  Bear with me since this is my first real review. I'm basing this review solely off of first impressions, with photos and extended analysis coming later. I've been looking for a decent IEM to use with my portable set-up, (IEM > L9 > iPod Classic 4G > E07k) nothing fancy, just something to take with me, and relatively inexpensive. The MTPC's have always been one of those "I wish I could have"'s for ages and when I found a new, authentic pair for 125$, I jumped on them immediately. 


Aesthetics, Packaging, and Build:


 For starters, these IEM's are packaged beautifully. The outside, diagramming and basic advertising of the phone's is a sleeve that slides off revealing the hard, and sturdy cardboard case that holds the Coppers. Inside you find the Copper's themselves, two carrying cases, (One hard sided, and one soft pouch), two pairs of flanged tips, three pairs of regular rubber tips, and two packages of the trademarked Super Tips, one containing a variety of sizes in silicone, and the other in foam. 


 The Copper's themselves are assembled entirely of metal and weigh a ton more than any IEM I've ever used. They look like they'll withstand quite a bit of use, and even if they happen to break, Monster will replace them free once, no matter what happens.


Sound Quality:


 So onto what most people care about, the SQ of the Coppers. 


 Before I go into detail, the analysis below was based off of about 25 hours of listening, using the Fiio e07k, off of an iPod Classic 4G


Music Used:




  Immersion - Pendulum

  21 - Adele

  19 - Adele

  Fallen Empires - Snow Patrol

  Dear Agony - Breaking Benjamin

  Colour the Small One - Sia

  Want - 3Oh!3




  Fade Into You - Mazzy Star

  Super Bass - Nicki Minaj

  Beethoven's 5th in C-Minor

  Alive - Krewella

  Daddy Sang Bass - Johnny Cash



Bass - 10/10


 Now please remember that this is based solely on my tastes, and that I've never heard better than these IEM's. I find the bass of the Copper's to be among the most controlled I've ever heard. The overall bass presentation has great impact without affecting the rest of the spectrum. Listening to house beats like Alive, or The Island are new experiences, leaving behind the muddy midrange of the Skullcandy's and Beats, and giving me the bass I missed while using the Shure SRH-940.


Midrange - 9.5/10


 Now when it comes to the midrange of the Copper's, its forward, warm and smooth. (Just as the box says :DD) Female and male vocals both sound amazing, and songs with little instrumental accompaniment shine. Instruments also sound wonderful thus far, going from the highest bass note, to the best guitar riff, I'm loving them.


Highs - 9/10


  One place in that I felt the Copper's were lacking in terms of total performance were the highs. Coming for the treble emphasized SRH-940's, it's quite a change of pace to experience these slightly rolled off highs. They are still present to the extent of keeping cymbals and snares sounding nice and crisp, but the overall sound signature is... I shouldn't say muffled, but more or less warmer than the 940's.


Soundstage - 7/10


 Nothing really special to report here, the soundstage is about average to my ears.


Instrument Separation - 9/10


  Instrument separation and imaging are almost on par with that of the Shures. Songs like Our Truth and Misery Business are actual enjoyable to listen to, and don't sound like a jumbled mess of music. Very nice.



Overall: 44.5/50 ~ 89%


When it comes down to it, the MTPC's are a great IEM, even for the price that they are running for right now on Amazon (279.95$) and I would definitely recommend grabbing them if you can find them secondhand for less than 200$. Monster really did a great job with these earbuds, greatly surpassing their muddy past involving the Beats. If you are looking for a near-audiophile sound signature that's fun and warm, grab these. The bass may not be quite what most bassheads are looking for, and as far as I can tell, they benefit a bit from an amp. More to come, pictures as well.


Thanks for the read! ^^


~Koda Fenrari..




When I bought these headphones, I knew going into it that there of folks who don't like the sound of these, but I'm not one of them. I actually really like the sound that these In Ears have, and they are a great set for me to travel with. 
I won't go into all of the details of the other reviewers because they have done an amazing job unpacking all of the details of the good and not as good aspects of these MTPCs. 
I'm not someone who listens to headphones hoping for a flat neutral sound. I like my buds to have some tuning that emphasizes the bass in a clean, clear and deep bass without sacrificing clarity of the mid-high range. The MTPCs are definitely. They carry a low smooth bass that makes just about any music genre carry to a beat. I'm not a bass head by any stretch. Most of my music preference is more acoustic rock, folk rock, etc. (Ray Lamontagne, Jason Mraz, of Monsters and Men, John Mayer, etc). And for me, the MTPCs are GREAT even in genres that aren't bass heavy. 
The mids are very nice and fluid. I like a very crisp and clear mid that doesn't bleed over to ruin the highs and lows. And for me, the mids on these MTPC are just that. They don't stand out, but aren't recessed and distant.
The highs are very crisp and detailed. One of my favorite things to do with these headphones is play some tracks that are guitar solos, or piano solos. When I was listening to Birdy's self titled album, I felt like I was sitting in the studio while she was recording. I could hear the sound of her foot working the pedal of the piano, the breath she would take in, and it was really cool. Every time I put these headphones in to listen to an album, I hear things that I've never heard before! It's amazing! 
One of the sellers for me (which also happens to be a downside for other folks) is the supertips. I actually found a few that fit in my ear really well and comfortably. And, it didn't take too long either, which was nice! 
Overall, I've been really pleased with these buds. I'm a fan of the way they are tuned, and they pack lighter than my over the ears. 
These Coppers are just as good as my Westone 3s! In fact, with some music, I prefer these Monster Turbine Pro Coppers because of the way Monster tuned them. I can say now that I'm a believer in burn-in. They sounded great before I burned them in, but even better now that they are about 100 hours in.
FiiO e11
Macbook Pro Retina Display


 - A bit expensive for in-ears that don't have a detachable cable, although it comes with a lifetime warranty which is what you pay extra for.


- SQ is great for the music i listen to. (Hip-hop, progressive rock, r&b, pop, house, dubstep)


Highs are very sharp and clear and offer no sibilance at all.

Mids are smooth.

Precise bass, including sub-bass and mid-bass.


- The design on the MTPC is great. Very modern, chrome finish and eye-catching.


- The included ear-buds offered me less than average comfort. Only two pairs of tips out of the dozens of tips included in the box. I set out to buy a set of t-400 comply tips and im currently happy with the comfort.


- Isolation is great, use it in the train everyday when going to work. Blocks out 100% of ambient noise. (Maybe that's because I listen to them at about 75% volume on my ipod touch.)


Overall, if you can get these for under $280 then they are very worth it. Great SQ, design, and durability. Included ear-tips did not fit my ears but that is just me. Everyone's ears are different. 


Monster Turbine Pro Copper In-Ear Headphones

Turbine pros are designed by audio fanatics for audio fanatics. Professional audio engineers and demanding audiophiles know attaining perfect sound reproduction doesn't matter a little - it's all that matters. That's why Monster brings you a higher level music listening experience with Turbine Pro professional in-ear speakers. You'll get the clarity, detail and dynamic range of the finest studio monitors or audiophile reference loudspeakers. You'll rediscover your favorite music as you hear things that you didn't even know were there.Monster Turbine Pros deliver a level of crispness and definition of sound that can only be achieved when every detail is taken into account. The ultra-wide range driver is housed in a high-density metal casing that absorbs unwanted vibration, providing an inert, non-resonant acoustic chamber. The result is flawless bass and absolute audio precision.

FeatureMicroStrand conductors with ultra-low impededence for subtle detail and clear audio reproduction.
List Price$399.95
Material TypeMetal
Material Type Set ElementMetal
Package Quantity1
Product GroupCE
Product Type NameHEADPHONES
TitleMonster Turbine PRO High-Performance In-Ear Speakers (Copper)
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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