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Monster Turbine In-Ear Headphones Reviews

Positive Reviews


My Monster Turbines


Pros: Good bass, sound stage, durable, 3 year warranty, lots of accessories, easy identification of R and L channel, tangle-free cord, isolation.

Cons: On the heavy side, does not include foam tips, takes a bit of doing to get a good fit sometimes, straight plug,

After a burn-in period over night, I have to say that these are the best IEMs I've ever listened to.  Now, to be honest, you may need to take that with a grain of salt considering I'm only coming from a pair of JVC Marshmallows, and these Turbines will be my first foray into high-end IEMs.  Be that as it may, I believe the Turbines are the IEMs to beat at their price point.  They provide an ample amount of bass as well as bright highs, however the mids are just a touch recessed if I'm being honest.  The sound stage is quite good and opened up even a bit more after being amped, and even though I do have these amped now, they really don't need it all that much. ...
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Negative Reviews




Pros: "fun" bass

Cons: broke

After a six year love affair with a pair of Shure e4cs, they bit the dust & my wallet didn't allow for a similar investment. On my trip to J&R the day before an international flight, they were sold out of the Sure 215's I planned to try out. So I picked up the Turbines. First out of the box I was greeted with several inner boxes, on my subway ride home a gratuitous pile of cardboard & plastics formed around my feet. What's that you say Turbines? "Life is too short for bad headphones." Did your CEO write that copy? What's with audio gear & embarrassing copy? Oh look, two carry cases, both disgusting. So let me get this out of the way, within four months they were...
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More Reviews


Great IEM's for bassheads


Pros: Fun boomy bass, very durable, good clarity, good resolution in mids and highs

Cons: Heavy, Ear tips can be finicky

I got these things on Amazon nearly 6 years ago, and still use them on a daily basis - as such, I am insanely happy with the durability of these things.    They clearly have a big bass preference, as you can see on the frequency response chart, but what's most notable about the bass is the range, extending crazy far down. The bass is not particularly tight, nor particularly fast, but has a good kick to it, and can be slightly boomy. The term that comes to mind is "springy" bass. The mids and highs are actually fairly impressive for an IEM with such a strong bass focus. Mids are a little bit muted, but not terribly so. As others have said, the bass can muddy up the mids a...
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Very Nice IEM


Pros: Strikes a good balance between neutral and fun, Build quality seems pretty good, L and R markings

Cons: Very hard to find correct insertion depth, Lacks detail, "Monster" branded

To be perfectly honest, when I first heard of the Turbines, I thought that they were just another Monster consumer product like Beats. That is, heavy, muddy, bloated bass, recessed mids and highs. When I first heard them, I was pleasantly surprised and I don't own these. To start with, it will be worth knowing that these are extremely sensitive to insertion depth and when it isn't perfect, the sound can be odd, so make sure that they fit properly before you judge them. I borrowed them off a friend so I don't know what it comes with etc and I will just get straight to the sound. Also, these have already been used for a few years so should be fully burnt in if you are one of those who...
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Great pair of IEMs


Pros: Stylish, Lots of bass, not much bass bleed, good mids

Cons: Heavy, hard to get a good fit

I got a pair of Monster Turbines for my birthday about a week ago. After I opened the box, I noted to myself that the smell wasn't that bad. I read somewhere about somebody complaining that they smelled atrocious, not the case with my pair. I took them out and listened to some Kendrick Lamar with them... I was extremely surprised at how good they sound. My other pair of headphones are XB500's, and I prefer these to the XB's to the point that I am considering selling the XB500's.   The bass is not as quantitative, but I just like it more. I'm a major bass head, more than others. In my car the EQ on my stereo is usually at about +5-6/7 (mostly because the mid range sounds...
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Life is too short to listen to bad headphones


Pros: Отличный басс и звук в целом

В прошлом году, после скоропостижной кончины Sony MDR-EX38 купил a-JAYS Four. Обзорщики расхваливали на все лады дизайн и обещали фантастическое количества баса. Дизайн оказался крайне спорным (кромка корпуса натирала ухо, провода были тяжелыми и норовили вытянуть наушник), а баса там не оказалось вовсе. Проносил я их недолго и с удовольствием сменил на Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic (второго поколения) купленные на пару с iPhone в Баварии. Уши неплохие - лёгкие, имеют отличные верха, удобный пульт. Плюс это самые дешевые двухприводные арматурные наушники на рынке. Жаль, что недостатков много больше и они существенны. У них ярко выраженный аналитический звук, а значит тут...
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These are one of the best IEMs I've heard hands down. It's perfect for those who are finding fun and dynamic earphones. Of course it's not audiophile grade, but it does set a good first impression. The bass is BIG, I think it's even bigger and more controlled than beats, but maybe not as tight compared to the higher end Sony headphones. The lows are clear, the mids being in the right place, not too forward, and not too recessed as well. The highs might need an improvement, as well as the treble.  Only complaints I have with these is the flimsy cabling. It doesn't have very good housing and thick cabling. I'm always scared of breaking the cable when it accidentally comes off....
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Pretty Decent IEMs


Pros: Good sound, relatively precise. Awesomely decent.

Cons: Too heavy, horrible tips.

The Monster Turbine in-ear headphones are very good bang-for-your-buck IEMs.  The bass seems slightly more powerful than other aspects of the sound signature to me, but some people like this type of sound and to be fair the bass is not bad.  Let me explain: some cheap earbuds have one generic bass sound.  Skullcandies have a kettle-drum BOOM.  Urban Ears have a pleasent THUMP.  Turbines have it all- they replicate many different bass sounds with relatively accurate precision (and yes, accuracy and precision are too different things).  The mids on the Turbines are also good- they lack some of the crunch that make some earbuds so fun, but they are pretty...
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I was not impressed.


Pros: Small, no amp required, beyond gorgeous

Cons: Less than stellar sound, not advertised correctly

The Turbines are so-so IEMs with muddy sound that left me fairly disappointed.   BUILD:  The build on the Turbines is stellar. I purchased these before I began taking-care of my belongings, and they survived even the heaviest abuse. They've been crammed in pockets, run through the washing machine, and dropped countless times, and they still look brand new. The metal buds are extremely durable, fairly heavy, and just feel expensive. They're also very beautiful, and fun to touch.    SOUND:  This is where the Turbine falls short. The sound is not bad, but it is beat by many cheaper IEMs. The bass is very heavy, and is almost always out-of-control. The...
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Great IEMs


Pros: Amazing Bass, Great Highs, Do Not Fall Out Of My Ear, Very Durable

Cons: Mids Sound Very Muffled And Recessed

These are some great earphones! The bass and sound quality is great, and they are very durable, though the mids are very recessed and muffled. They stay in my ears very well, and are pretty comfortable and do not hurt my ears at all. The only thing that I noticed is that the mids are sort of recessed. Overall, for the price, great earphones. Definitely recommended.

Basshead IEMs


Pros: LOTS of accessories, metal housing, Monster Cable brand name.

Cons: Very hard to find the perfect fit, microphonic cable

This is my first time using a pair of decent IEMs, I have to say, I am not disappointed.    Fit : This is the turbine's worst aspect. I have rather small ear canals and used the smallest round tips it came with, it was perfectly fine, but the smallest tri-flange tip refused to go inside my ear canal and I am stuck with only one pair of usable tips.    Build: The turbine's build quality is not impressive but it is not bad either. I'd say its above average. The cable is thick, but not so thick that some one could accidentally choke you by pulling it. The Y section was ok and does what is its supposed to do, which is pretty much nothing. The housing is made some...
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