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Monoprice MHP-839 Reviews


Monoprice MHP-839, budget performer


Pros: Price, Detachable Cords, Light, Forward Mids, Great Bass, Smooth Highs

Cons: Vinyl pads, inexpensive material, all plastic

Monoprice MHP-839 the budget performer *Note, this review also applies to the Kicker HP541 which is a rebrand of the same headphone. So I have both reviews with the non-model-specific info simply copy & pasted. Same headphone!   A couple of us here on Head-Fi were looking for some budget performers that could compete with higher end headphones that are constantly being suggested to new people who have never owned a pair of good headphones (that they know of). And we all know the problems associated with "flavor of the month" stuff. I will specifically be referring to the Audio-Technica M50 for the most part because that's the headphone that the HP541 and MHP-839 directly...
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A price conscience performer.


Pros: Cheap

Cons: Slightly muddy bass

First off before I start this review, I would like to thank Mark McGonigle from MonoPrice for staying in touch with me to make this review happen. You can pickup these headphones here: http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=108&cp_id=10823&cs_id=1082302&p_id=8323&seq=1&format=2&utm_source=Head_Fi_Forums&utm_medium=Product_Review&utm_campaign=Head_Fi_Forums_Product_Review_P_8323 Packaging: Packaging for the headphones was very clean, straight to the point of what you would be buying if you saw this product on a store shelf, professional. The cardboard on the box has a nice matte black finish that will catch your eyes as that was the...
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Great Value for the money


Pros: Inexpensive, good quality audio.

Cons: Have to buy upgrades to get performance.

These are also known as the monoprice 8323's.   I have these for nearly 2 years. I bought them a few months after my faithfull 8323's.   Pros - for the price they deliver the highest quality audio.   Cons - Uncomfortable stock, stupid cables.   I Bought the monoprice upgraded pads and cable and the sound is amazing, microphoning has gone down and the comfort level has gone way up.   Here is my youtube review.      This is what they look like today.       For the price you cant go wrong. 

Another great budget find.


Pros: Sound, feel, and look very similar to the M50, but with forward mids. Plus custom friendly cable

Cons: Some initial clampforce, may not be the most comfortable to some

I went straight out of the receiver with these and straight out of my clip+. A-B against my M50s.  These Isolate extremely well,better than the M50 IMO, have great bass, clear forward mids and detailed highs. The Treble is slightly recessed, but the headphones aren't dark, I actually found them to be more neutral than the M50. Bass extension was great, not as boomy as the m50 which will be a plus for many I'm sure. The mids were very forward and clear, reminded me a lot of my FA003, which is another great headphone. Soundstage was pretty good for a closed can, sounded good with Jazz and electronic music, classical was its weak point but it was dynamic enough to still be...
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MonoPrice DJ style headphones


Pros: Price, Removable cord, Come's with two cords(one small, one studio sized), "DJ" style cups, Great Isolation factor

Cons: Top headband is a little too hard, the ear pad's don't breath at all.

For the price these are perfect headphones, all of the cons are very easy to over look at $20+ Shipping. I think everyone should have a pair, even non audiophiles! They would make perfect back up or travel cans.   The fit is alright, the top of the headband is a little hard after long use and the ear pads don't breath very well.   The sound is pretty good! Rock, Jazz, Blues, Pop... They all sound great though these. They are also easy to drive, no amp is "needed" with them. My cell phone, Tablet, PC and Mp3 player all drive them with relative ease.   I don't regret getting these cheap bad boys for a second, you should get'em!

Awesome headphones, very portable, just love 'em


Pros: Price, quality/price, detachable cord, okay comfort, awesome customer service >> just read review

Cons: Not the best sound (duh), build quality (read review for explanation though) >> just read review

This is my second version of my review for the Monoprice MHP-839 headphones, after listening to them for a while and going through their customer service a bit. (Insert picture is finally working).   [[SPOILER]]   Packaging Couldn't care if it came in a tissue box.   How they sound I won't describe stuff like bass or highs too much as I wouldn't be giving an accurate review, but I will say that the sound of these headphones is amazing for the $30 I spent on them.   Heartbreaker (Led Zeppelin II) sounds great on these headphones (note: I haven't had all that many headphones though, and none over $150), though the bass could be a...
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good budget closed supra-aurals


Pros: good sound, good portables, or for kids.

Cons: plastic construction, small ear cups

I am a pro-sumer not an audiophile, so I will not speak to the sound as much as others have. I am not affiliated with the music industry in any way. I have a full head of hair, no glasses, no TMJ, normal hearing.   After reading reviews on the sonic qualities of these headphones, I could not resist a mere $23 purchase. I was wary of purchasing from the unknown monoprice.com, but this (my first) transaction with them went smoothly and my item was shipped and received quickly.   In the box is the headphones, a 3.5mm-to-1/4inch adapter, two male3.5mm-to-male3.5mm cables. One thick and long for home, one thin and short for travel. Both are rubberized, sturdy and...
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One Of The Best Budget Cans Out There, Period


Pros: folding. single side detachable cord, sq, build quality

Cons: comfort, comfort, comfort

  The Monoprice 8323 really is one of the best budget cans I have encountered. The sq is fantastic, considering the $30 price tag. Albeit a bit dark. However the high end has a nice sparkle at times so it not completely in the dark. Build quality is great even though it's plastic. Comfort does seem to be a major issue for most people, myself included. But more on everything in the video. Enjoy!

Good for the price but slightly overhyped


Pros: Decent audio, flat sounding (kinda), detatchable cable, folding

Cons: not very comfy

I was very excited to get these and actually cancelled my order for my panasonic htf 600s, which was a huge mistake. They sound ok all around, but honestly these headphones just sound plain wimpy, the midrange is recessed, they don't have a lot of bass (sub bass), and the highs just don't wow me. Maybe i'm spoiled by my m50s, but idk. And these headphones are the least comfortable thing i own, after about 30 min the top of my head starts to hurt.   On the bright side, they are pretty decent all around, i just like a lot of bass and these didn't do it.   Update: sounds better after broken in but comfort is still an issue Update: Maybe I was a little hard on these...
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Bang For Your Buck? You Bet.


Pros: Cheap, great sound, just the right amount of bass, wonderful sound isolation both ways, portable, AWESOME customer service.

Cons: Cheap, flimsy cable, cables do not lock on headphone.

So, the other day, I posted a forum about good headphones under 25 bucks. And one person said Monoprice. I had never even heard of them. He said they are amazing, especially for the price. So, I thought, what the hey, I'll give them a shot. Head-Fi community, you are now 3 for 3 right now on recommendations. So, thank you a lot. Let's get to the review!   Value: A true 10 out of 10. I managed to score mine for about 25 bucks. Headphones come with a short cable, and a long, thicker cable (I'll get to that problem in a minute) and a 1/4 inch adapter.   Audio Quality: 8 out of 10. Great lows, with a firm bass all around. Great mids, the bass does not bleed into it. Highs...
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