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A Review On: Monoprice 8320 IEM

Monoprice 8320 IEM

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Pros: Detailed highs

Cons: Tiny soundstage, Poor Isolation/fit

These IEMs were a surprise to me, after all the reviews I read I am still not sure if my pair is defective, but so far nothing seems to show that.


I was extremely disappointed with the 8320. Highs are detailed without being sibilant but I never use mine due to:


-Soundstage is tiny. They sound flat and distant. Sound appeats to come from inside your head, cold and not involving.

-Bass is acceptable but depends on good fit.

-Format is not very good. Over-the-ears are my favorite but their format does not allow for a deep insertions/good isolation, they are not particularly comfortable. Also despite the format, it is easier to let the cable to down instead of over-the-ear.

-Cable is very thin and microphonic.

-Build quality is low, but perhaps acceptable for the cost.


Problems 2 and 3 can be mitigated with better tips, probably triflanges. However I could never get past #1. To me they sound as if they are worth indeed no more than $10.


Other headphones I own/compare to:


IEM: Sony E888, Fischer Audio Eterna, Mylar X3, RE0

Other: Sennheiser HD590, Sony MDR-CD3000, Koss PortaPro.


i have a pair of these and i think part of your problem may be the fit.try them with the wires up.they really have to go in deep-and i mean deep for full effect.
The stock tips are dreadful. You'll need to get some better tips for the best sound.
I'm agreeing. These things are some of the least comfortable IEMs ever designed. I tried it with 7 or 8 different tips before I decided to just call it money wasted.
Agreed with your review. Most uncomfortable IEMs ever. Sound ok, though a bit harsh and aggressive to my ears, but they just won't sit right. Ended up giving them away.
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