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Meridian Explorer

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #21 in DACs


Pros: Value,Versatility,Portability

Cons: Higher Power requirements for some applications

I use mine with a OTG cable from my Android Tablet Via Bose QC3's or over my Vehicle AUX input "App: USB Audio Recorder Pro". Also in the house I run it from my Raspberry Pi "Raspyfi" through my Receivers AUX to my ML Vista's and Depth i. Best Bang for the Buck IMO. I auditioned the Dragonfly at the same time and I purchased the Meridian Explorer much warmer sound and doesn't degrade the sound quality as much at high volumes.


I am sure you can use other DAC in the similar fashion but for the 300.00 price point and the excellent sound. I am very satisfied with my purchase.


About the Cons,

Not all Android devices will self power the DAC over the USB OTG "on the go" cable. In some cases you may need a Powered USB hub.

If you are using your Meridian in a similar way and do not require a Powered USB hub I would be interested to hear what Device you are using.


My Samsung Tab 2 and Asus MEMO do not require a Powered Hub.


Pros: Small, inexpensive for quality

Cons: USB Power issue with a KVM extender

Hey Folks,

I have to say that this is the best quality audio I've heard from my MacBook Pro. I'm listening to iTunes through BitPerfect. Most of my listening is through Sennhelser IE80's and it's magical. The vocals sound more 'real' than through any other DAC. I was comparing tonight to the AK120, which I love for a portable player, and it was clear through the Meridian that the acoustic guitar had a pick-up in it, whereas through the AK120 it could have been mic'd. If you want to hear what the musicians are doing, and how they were recorded, this is the USB DAC for you.

What's even better is that you just stop listening for the sonic footprint and enjoy the music. All of the nuance and fun of your music just comes pouring out. I put on a few of the Beatles 24bit tracks from the Apple USB drive and I just couldn't tear myself away. 

I did try the DAC at work on my mac pro the mac is on a KVM extender. For some reason the system complained about USB power, when plugged into the ports on the extender. So I either have to get a very long headphone extension or a very long USB cable - or a new KVM extender. I'll report back if I find a solution. 

Meridian has been one of the leading audiophile companies for digital to analog conversion. This relatively inexpensive devices opens the doors great Meridian sound for your computer. I'm ecstatic. 

Meridian Explorer

Digital media form an increasingly popular source of entertainment, with superb ease of access. Now there’s no need to compromise quality to achieve that convenience. Explorer is the size of a USB stick, yet embodies the same style and performance as any other Meridian product. SIMPLY LISTEN Explorer replaces your computer’s sound card with a USB-powered DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter) featuring Meridian’s high quality audio circuitry and design derived from Meridian’s award-winning Reference Series components, along with a powerful headphone amplifier with on-board analogue volume control. Whatever your choice of content – iTunes, Spotify®, YouTube® or a High Resolution downloaded file, Explorer makes it sound its best. Simply by plugging it in and listening with it, you’ll experience significantly higher sound quality.

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