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A Review On: MEElectronics M6-CL In-Ear Headphones (Clear)

MEElectronics M6-CL In-Ear Headphones (Clear)

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Pros: Cheap, nice sound, nice isolation

Cons: Not very comfortable, rather hard to find seal, flex a bit

Very good sound for the price, at least the one I paid. Good bass, good vocals if tad laid back, and nice simmering treble if tad bright.


Isolation is good IF you can get good seal. I had to adjust the IEM several time to find the seal and comfort. Use the bi-flange for the best isolation second only to the triple-flange.

The nozzle is tad smaller than the usual universal IEM so finding flange replacement is a pain in the a**. You could wrap it with those water pipe isolation (which like thin layers of white plastic) several time to the nozzle so it will fit those universal flange/tip.


The driver flex a bit, and the finish is ok. My IEM shine layer is flake after several month of hard use.


For the price? It's a steal, IF you could find isolation and it's comfortable for you.


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