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Maverick Audio TubeMagic D1 Reviews

Positive Reviews


Excellent choice for modding


Pros: excellent base for upgrading Excellent service from Ryan !

Cons: none, not sure the Line In is that useful

I bought this DAC-preamp and after several attempts made the following changes to it for an amazing result:   Installed 5670 Raytheon Windmill getter tube upgraded diodes to Schottky Diode 11DQ10 Changed the output coupling caps to Sanyo Oscon 47uF opamp for tube to LT1364 or metal version of LM4562.   The biggest gain came from opamp then the diodes.  Do not underestimate the diode upgrade.   I own a lot of HIFI equipment and have tested this modded version with STUDER A68 Amps and Infinity 9A speakers. The result is outstanding and the sound is precise and like liquid ! plenty of bass and despite the higher value of coupling caps, no loss of...
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Negative Reviews


Excellent build quality - poor and expensive return policies


Pros: Build, upgradeability, competitive cost

Cons: Tube stage not connected to headphone out. 24/192 ONLY support on digital out, not USB. Poor return policy, not a good match to my K701s

As a new member, I was encouraged to buy a Maverick Audio TubeMagic D1 from reading all of the positive comments on the site...but a few things caused me to return the unit.   FIrst, which was my own fault, on receipt of the unit, I realized that the tube output is not connected to the headphone output - the tube stage is only valid for preamp use.  I was hoping that like their other product, a product called Tube Magic would support tube output to my K701s.  It didn't.  Users expecting to use this as a dedicated headphone amp will not need the tube stage.   Second, I thought that the new DAC supported 24/192 thru USB.  Unfortunately, it only...
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More Reviews


Perfect little gatekeeper for all your audio needs


Pros: Tons of inputs, easy source selection

Cons: Some interference between sources

All the other reviews sum up my feelings about this. It's a great all-in-one component. I have my PS3, computer, stereo, and portable devices all feeding audio to the TubeMagic D1. It handles them with ease and doesn't get uncomfortably hot like other amps I've used.   Only flaw I've noticed is that my computer generates a slight signal noise that carries through the SPDIF connection. It's unnoticeable when the volume is set to comfortable levels for the computer, but if I leave the computer on, switch the source to my PS3/portable device, I have to turn the volume up, and the signal noise becomes noticeable until I turn the computer off or disconnect the SPDIF cable. This...
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Excellent beginner unit


Pros: source selection, swappable opamps, upgradeable tube

I'll make this a short review and just make several points.   - Excellent unit for beginners. You can use it so many ways, it's really an all-in-one. - Build quality is great, I haven't heard of any dead units. Some minor problems here and there but they are quickly resolved. - Superb support from the company. Fast and helpful emails. - Upgrade and resale potential. You can use this as a DAC and amp and down the road get a nice tube amp hooked up to the tube pre-amp outputs on this device. Swapping the tube and opamps also upgrades the unit. I think resale value should be good due to the flexibility of the unit. - I'm not disappointed with the sound quality of the unit but I only have a...
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Good value, great versatility, pleasant sound


Pros: Great connection options, flexible modding options, good sound

Cons: Slightly lacking detail in HF

  After following the discussion on this forum for a few weeks I decided to go for the D1. I've input from many of you to be very helpful. Thanks for that!   I was looking for an amp/dac that could for the time being replace my TC-electronic Konnekt D24. I haven't read much about this device around here. For me it has been a reliable and high quality work horse in my private project studio. But since I wanted to start streaming audio to my main system in the living room, I've abused this DAC/amp for that.... I have a Philips NP2900 with the digital output connected to the DAC. The last few months I am using the Konnekt more and more in my studio/rehearsal room. And decided to move it back...
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Great durable all in one solution.


Pros: Aesthetics, Versatility, Upgradeable, Durability, Price per Performance.

Cons: No tube for headphone jack and the tube is only usable as a preamp on the side.

I decided to purchase this after reading several reviews on this site and the product somehow surpassed my expectations. For my senn hd600s and my beyerdynamic dt 770s it sounds as good if not better than my modi magni stack all while offering down the line upgradeability and a pre tube amp all in in one package. With five input options and 3 output the versatility is also a selling point for those like myself who use various input sources. I look forward to experimenting with several different upgrades in the near future and will post the results.  Overall I would recommend this to any of my friends looking for a beginners dac/amp solution.

Thick, lifeless sound that is marginally better than computer output.


Pros: USB is pretty clean and detailed

Cons: CD coaxial is terrible, no iPod/iPad usb in, clunky design, no remote for volume at least, no 192 USB option

I listened really carefully to this DAC and compared it in four ways: to  the Audioengine D1 DAC, the earphone output of a NAD C 720 BEE receiver using either the DAC of the Maverick or the DAC of a NAD CD player, then the DAC of the Maverick and its own earphone output. I listened to USB from a Mac and various CD's. My final conclusion, I would not buy this DAC again or recommend it. The NAD CD DAC was superior to the Maverick, so no point for the coaxial or the l/r or the Maverick earphone out from the CD. There much better solutions that also include iPod USB inputs. I did upgrade the Opa chip, but why don't they sell it this way to begin with? It made a big difference for the usb...
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Fantastic value for the money


Pros: Versatile with lots of functionality, can be upgraded, good build quality, amazing value

Cons: Noise floor, not very detailed

About Me: I'm just a young man who loves music.  My music taste is quite selective but not limited to one genre: I listen to some acoustic rock, melodeath, classical, and soundtrack music.  I don't really believe in burn-in, and upgrading cables and using power conditioners are secondary to me.  I generally prefer a neutral sound but I'm fine with mid-range warmth, some mid-range forwardness, some darkness, or even slight brightness, as long as there are no extremes.   My System:   Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD sound card - Features a PCM1794 DAC and no amplifier.  I only used stock opamps: JRC211D on the I/V stage, and LME49710NA on the...
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An Audio Upgrade


Pros: Affordable , Upgradable, makes all digital sources sound cleaner bigger and better.

Cons: None , as a first unit it destroys onboard soundcard in my mac, pc and ipod

Could not be happier with the D1 .(Bought with Opa 627 upgrade and the ge5670w tube.)$264 delivered. It has done as advertised and upgraded my digital music and movie collection in leaps and bounds. As this is my first unit i can not make any comparisons. My beyer Dt770 pro 250s now sound so much fatter that they have a dac/amp driving them. Using Media monkey  on pc laptop playing 44.1 mp3's via usb into the D1 with the beyers and everything from Reggae to blues , Hardcore metal/punk to dubstep just sounds awesome, huge improvement on standard soundcards highly recomended! Using the tube preamp through my old logitech 5.1 speakers adds warmth and depth and a truckload...
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Great First Amp/DAC


Pros: Build quality and lots of input options

Cons: USB input does not support 24-bit/96Khz

I've only had this for a short time but I love it so far.  The xfi soundcard on my computer didn't have enough juice to power my HD650s so I got this to use as an amp and DAC.  I'm using the optical out from my soundcard instead of USB because the USB on this DAC does not support 24-bit/96Khz (it is resampled in the DAC).  This wouldn't be an issue except that I would like to hook my xbox 360 up using the optical connection, now I have to use RCA.  The tube didn't change the "warmth" of the sound as much as I expected or would have liked, but probably for the better.  This has been a great purchase and I'd recommend...
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Digital Never Sounded Sweeter


Pros: Natural sound from digital source

Cons: At this price, none

I got the Maverick Audio TubeMagic A1 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier w/ Raytheon 6AK5 tube. It was magic right out of the box. Surprisingly good bass, clean midrange and treble, great soundstage. Incredible value, incredible service, incredible sound. Used as a companion with the Maverick Audio TubeMagic D1 DAC w/ GE 5670 Tube, lossless music from a 13" white MacBook into Klipsch KB20 loudspeakers or AKG 701 headphones. Very highly recommended.
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