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Logitech UE 6000

100% Positive Reviews
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Pros: Very smooth and accentuated lows , The most comfortable pair i have ever seen or used , decent sound stage , well defined mids , price ,Good Isolation

Cons: Bad treble when it goes over the top ,

When listening to music , i used to plug in my razer electra's , not that its gone in the dumpster but it did give a solid sound. Now when i started to use my UE6000 the sound felt so different that it took me to a new level of listening. Like i stated in the pro  whatever genre of music plays the lows are very well defined that means the drums , keys and sounds that are normally drowned show up to an ever present smoothness. The mid's are a bit bait laid back but they contribute in making the sound refined and giving them this well textured layering that works well with everything over and below it. Now the lows and mid's are so separate yet chimed in that they sound beautiful when listening to music by bands like The Mars Volta , The Black keys , Staind etc. I know i shouldve mentioned the highs too before getting to the kinda music i listen to but here's the thing the highs are subservient to the mid's and lows , the don't go too loud but cautiously look over them to maintain the equilibrium.  


The overall V signature gives it a nice effect. Now all this said i was talking about the passive mode and before i explain about about it i want to say that im a movie addict and did my headphone search also mostly based on weather it would give the juice to those three dimensional sfx we love to hear in theaters. When i turn the ANC on , man am i in my own haven cuz its flawlessly superb for enjoying movies , series whatever be the genre. you get so involved and shut out from the outside world that you want to disconnect from sometimes. The preciseness of the positioning is a noteworthy mention here and the thunderous yet tight rumbling when sfx crash in is another. So it goes to say that when listening to just music unless its rap or hip hop i don't really use this feature.    

About the soundstage , its precise , accurate , yet not too wide like maybe higher priced models. It is what it is , around your ear staying loyal to its immediate vicinity.   


Now the gripe about my new buy is just this , i cant get them to play heavy metal music. Music like "21 guns" by Green Day , sounds a bit drowned by the bass and confused when the heavy guitar chorus kicks in. Does anyone else have the similar issue ? because i would really like to know. However songs by Metallica sounded great , and when it comes to the newer era of metalaholic , it performs a tad bit too slow in the mids / highs that make the livewire guitars sound lazy and chaotic.    


Finally the treble , overall i don't suppose that this is the best treble to have been experienced ,only because when it goes over a level there is a lac of it. This could also be the reason why metal music doesn't flow like high voltage electricity through these.    


The bass - perfect to the core and the drums beat with such effect yet maintaining that delicately precise smoothness that audiophiles and not bass-heads would admire.

About the sound isolation i feel these are a perfect work since i feel lost in another dimension when these are around my head   


The rest to say is the build quality which is quite evident in the picture , and when you get to actually hold one as it hangs sturdily from your hands you get to admire the beautiful modern simplistic design that has shaped these cans. There's leather at the top under , the band is made of a smooth rubberized finish and the frames are aluminium. The memory foam paddings are housed encircling the driver unit that covered by another layer of comfy blue foam cloth.   


So that's all to say and i dived straight into the sound quality first and then into the other aspects after it , so hope my review helped you in your buying decision.


Pros: Isolation, Accessories, Build, Bass-Mids, Underpriced

Cons: Upper Treble

I prematurely wrote a review on this that wasn't all too positive. However, after about a week, my impressions have changed. I swaer I have been listening to these nonstop. At least for 50 hours.

Really good I think. They are built like Beats actually (studios), with similarities in the folding system, headband cushion, earpads, overall shape, and the active noise canceling. However, the actual materials are of much better quality. There's a good amount of strong plastics and metals within the design giving them a nice weight. The pads though aren't replaceable. I don't care that much since they're only $100 now. [EDIT: They have some creaks now. Very annoying.]

Style: 10/10
I have the black ones (I like the more subtle look) and they look fantastic both on and off the head. I get good impressions from friends and family and whatnot.

Comfort: 7.5/10!
When I first got them, they were a little uncomfortable. The pads were too small, and the clamp was too tight. Now, they are rediculously [EDIT: Somewhat Comfortable] comfortable. I believe the reason for my discomfort was because prior to the UE6000, I had used the MDR MA900 nonstop which is widely known for its low clamp and high comfort.

Other: 10/10
Isolation is the best I've owned. Works wonderfully on the bus and train. In this way, they are totally unique in my collection! I like them the most out of all the portable cans (well, maybe not the momentum or Focal Spirit One, but I'll get that) because of their isolation. They also have a detachable cable, IOS remote, ANC, and a headphone splitter right out of the box.

So far so good right? Let's talk about sound.

After many hours of listening to these things, I have finally adapted to the sound signature. The bass is definitely emphasized. The mids are really nice. They're kind of lush and boxy sounding, but in a good way. I really have learned to like it coming form the WS99/Momentum/1r.

The bass is very tight and very deep. I actually don't mess with the bass when using my EQ since I feel it is in the perfect place quantity and quality wise unlike the 1r or Momentum. These do well with EDM and things of that nature.

The mids are like I said, warm. They might be a little recessed, but when you consider how subtle the highs are,they're almost neutral. Almost but not quite, so I'd give 2-4khz a little boost.

The highs are rolled off... significantly, but they seem rolled off smoothly. No, these don't sound really airy, but they don't sound congested. Many headphones will boost the highs to give the illusion of great instrument separation and sound stage but these actually do without it. No, the soundstage isn't that large, but it has a good shape. For example, the KEF M500. Sure the soundstage has great depth, however, the width leaves a little to be desired. I imagine a long oval with the M500, but with the UE6000 imagine a slightly smaller than average circle. It's a little hard to explain.

With EQ, these are fantastic. However, overall, for rock/Jrock/Metal/Brighter Genres, they aren't very well suited since the warmth and body get a little out of hand. The bass is fast enough, It's deep enough, it's just the highs.

Overall SQ: 7.5/10

Comparisons: Home Use SQ
KEF M500 (better everything except weight and thickness)>M4U(Clearer, more balanced)>Momentum*better detail and resolution, worse soundstage)=ATH WS99(tighter bass, more balanced, better bass texture and quickness)>Focal Spirit One(Sound very similar, UE6000 is more balanced, more weight, FS1 has tighter bass, more intimate vocals)=UE6000=DT770 (More higher, larger soundstage, looser bass, less mids)>Fidelio l1=MDR 1r

On The Go SQ (Very loud Environment): Excluding the DT770 and Fidelio L1
UE6000=M4U>Focal Spirit One>Momentum>WS99=M500>MDR 1r

Overall, Which Do I like?:
Hard to say. I don't like the L1, DT770 the most. Not too much of a momentum fan with that tiny soundstage. The 1r just doesn't sound good enough. The M500 doesn't isolate as well as some of the others, and will slide off my head not to mention the comfort (or lack thereof). The FS1 is just too lower mid heavy. The M500 and ws99 are my faves, followed by the momentum, the ue6000 and FS1.

4.5/5 in the end since they're only $100!
[Updated 12/12/13]


Pros: Excellent mids. Great lows. Comfortable and non fatiguing.

Cons: Highs can be slightly better. Wire has little strain relief. ANC.

I would like to begin by saying that I am no "expert". I don't own expensive headphones, amps and such. The only experience I have with hi-fi headphones is through meets and such. I will do this review from a normal persons perspective. That means I will not use any amps or such things, instead drive them from things like iPods, phones and my laptop. I feel there are plenty of impressions of these with proper equipment so coming from a normal consumers point of view might help more. So without further adieu, lets get to it.


Equipment used:

-iPod touch 2nd gen

-iPod nano 5th gen

-iPod nano 6th gen

-Sony Xperia S

-Dell Inspiron 15


Music used:

-Michael Jackson Thriller flac

-Michael Jackson Dangerous flac

-The Beatles Blue Album (Greatest Hits) flac

-Drake Nothing Was The Same flac

-Frank Ocean Channel Orange flac

-Justin Timberlake 20/20 Experience parts 1 and 2 mp3 @ 320

-K-OS Atlantis Hymns For The Disco mp3 @ 192

-Eminem The Slim Shady LP flac

-Eminem The Marshall Mathers LP flac

-Taylor Swift Safe and Sound (song) mp3 @ 320

-Daft Punk Random Access Memories flac

-MGMT Oracular Spectacular




What you get for your money:

- soft, zipped carrying case

- headphone splitter

-wire with iPhone mic and controls

- the headphones themselves


Disclaimer: I have NEVER been to good at explaining sound and using proper terminology. This was the best I can do right now :/


Lets start with what I feel is the most important thing for headphones this size to get right. Comfort. If the headphone isn't comfortable, no matter how good it sounds, I don't want it on my head. To say these are comfortable is an understatement. I have had these for a while now (since March) and have worn them almost every day since. The pads have pretty much moulded to the shape of the side of my head/ear. All I have to say is, they are supremely comfortable. I wear glasses and feel no discomfort at all. I do not wear earrings so I cannot help those of you who do. One thing I will say though that might be a negative is that the clamping force on these is very light. When moving around, say in hallways at school or just standing in a train, they tend move a bit on the head and as such, you will have to readjust them (not a huge problem, it take a slight tap). They can be classified as "heavy" but you will never notice. And if you're like me and don't use ANC, removing the batteries certainly helps in this regard.


Now, the part most of you want to hear (get it :D) about: the sound.

I want to say, for those of you who believe in and care about burn in, I can safely say these are burnt in. Lets start from the lows and work our way up.

Bass heads, unless you want to use ANC constantly, look else where. That's not to say that the bass is weak in passive mode. It certainly has presence. It won't be a subwoffer attached to the side of your head, instead what you get is bass where and when it is needed without being too thumpy (only word I can think of to describe it) and muddy. It works great with hip-hop and pop music. It certainly won't bleed into the mids like a certain headphone might.....ahem.


If there is one thing I can say about the mids is that they are near perfect. Clear would be an excellent word to describe them. And that's all I got to say about that. /gump. Voices sound great.


Now the not as good part, depending on who you are. The highs. Slightly rolled off would be the best way to describe them. Though that's not a deal breaker at all. One excellent thing about the highs though is they are not sibilant what so ever so to those of you who feel the need to pause your music after a while due to listening fatigue, worry not. It has very consumer oriented highs. What I mean by that is that they won't have the most detail (still there though) and they're not perfectly placed, but they sound great and most, even audiophiles (they can be picky), shouldn't mind them (especially for on the go use).


The wire is something to be kind wary about. It's nicely made, tangle resistant and thick. I have had no problems with it and the buttons are great. The reason I wanted to mention the wire is because there isn't really any strain relief. That can lead to problems down the line but you shouldn't worry about it. It is replaceable and Logitech  UE sells replaceable ones for like 20 bucks. Just thought I should make a note of that for anyone curious about the wire.


The Design: Best looking headphone I have seen. Period. It certainly is a head turner, though I have the black one. If you really want to stand out, I recommend the white ones. They look absolutely stunning in person. This comparison has been used before but I can think of no better way of describing it. They look like an Audi R8. Sleek lines and all. If you choose the black ons, keep a microfibre cloth to wipe it down once in a while as it is a magnet for smudges and fingerprints.


Conclusion: If you're in the market for a pair of headphones, and have a budget of less than $300, you simply can't go wrong with these. Fun, non fatiguing and easy enough to drive without any extra amping and such, it's a great headphone for normal people and those who want good sound at a great price. Oh and they fold, which makes them just as great for on the go use as home use.


Thanks for reading :)


Pros: sound quality,look, price/perfomance ratio

Cons: little heavy, noise cancelling kinda sucks but it makes the sound that I like

These headphones are awesome, bought it in London and happy with it! Cool looking, good sound quality!

Bass: I'm a basshead and I love the bass in the active mode and in passive mode it becomes neutral just like the sennheiser momentum

Mids: sounds very good with vocal, little recessed in active mode

Treble: can't say much, a little to non-sibilance depents on the song!

Noise cancelling: decent, cant compare to my ie80 or sen cx980 in this case

comfort: very comfortable although a little heavy and becomes hot after a while


Pros: Luscious, deep bass. Warm, smooth, relatively clear mids. Beautiful design. Inoffensive sound signature.

Cons: Weak NC, Treble is a little too dark for my tastes.

Sound - Let's start off with the most important category.The sound is so smooth and warm, like a warm glass of milk. It's really quite comforting. They really work well with most genres. In Radiohead's "I Might Be Wrong", the bass line tickles the left ear with depth and decent detail, while the guitar occupies the right side with intimacy. While the snare sounds a little dull and Thom's vocals seem lacking in texture and timbre, it is not at all offensive. The treble is very laid back on these headphones. Too dark sounding in a lot of cases. An equalizer will help. On the other end of the musical spectrum, Swedish House Mafia's "Don't You Worry Child" sounds exciting and spacious. The song distinctly sounds like it's coming from inside a club. The bass rolls along with power, yet nothing seems drowned out. And this is all with the headphones powered off. Flick he little switch on the right ear cup, they will bring out your inner basshead. It really brings out all of the low rumblies in the music you might not have heard before. Although, it does start to sound loose and it does start to have a significant effect on the mids. Overall, if you like warm sound with great bass, look no further.


Comfort - If you have a large head, big ears, and wear glasses, be warned. Despite the soft memory foam pads, they are always pressing my glasses against my skull. After watching a movie with them, I need a break. Also, my ears don't quite fit inside the headphones. They kind of just sit on top of my ears. However, I still manage to get a good seal with ease.


Build/Looks - Obviously, these are meant to appeal to millennials, such as myself. With design cues from the very successful Beats line, these, to me, are an attractive set of cans. They will be noticed if worn out in public. The build quality is excellent. The outside of the headband is covered in a soft touch rubber material. Unfortunately, it is a fingerprint magnet. The cups are plastic with metal accents. The inside of the Headband is made of thick aluminum that is quite strong.


Noise Cancelling - Don't think of this as a main feature, but more of an extra. The noise cancelling pales in comparison to most other NC headphones. It will help get rid of the rumbling of the bus of train, but it won't do much else. However, the headphones themselves without NC are excellent at blocking out sound. Another thing that the noise cancelling does is increase the bass. A lot. The bass becomes subwoofer-like. You'll either love it or hate it. It makes movies more exciting and has the same effect on Electronic music. 


Wrap-Up - Overall, these are great headphones. The smooth, warm sound is enticing and its good looks and build are a good touch. Excellent buy, especially for ~$70.


Pros: Cheap, Good Separation

Cons: Heavy

I picked these up for $50 (compared to $69 for the CAL! or $99 for the CAL!2).


Initial Impressions

They are a bit heavier and clamp a bit tighter than the CAL!

Removable cable is a plus, but a cable without a remote would have been appreciated.


They sound pretty good without the ANC turned on. Vocals are a little recessed. Good separation and detail. maybe a bit too much treble. Not as loud as the CAL! louder with ANC on and more bass, but reduced quality.


So far I'm not overly impressed, but will re-evaluate after burning-in and replacing the cable. 


Pros: Great sound quality, nice mids and lows, looks great

Cons: Not compatible with Android phones; A bit on the heavier side

I'm not an audiophile so my review would be from a layman's perspective. I've had these for more than six months and I love the sound quality. It wasn't great in the beginning but after sufficient "burn in" time, it started sounding better. The noise cancellation isn't that great but works pretty well. Your bass gets a boost when you turn on the noise cancellation feature. I really love the fact that you can turn it on/off. Why would I waste batteries when I'm not using noise cancellation? The headphones are a bit heavier when compared to competitors. You might feel the fatigue when listening for hours. 


My top gripe is that the volume, play/pause control don't work with Android phones. That's a big let down.


Other than that the headphones are fantastic. I would definitely recommend these to others. I bet you cannot get better ones for the price.


Pros: Good bass and treble. Active mode enjoyable in few tracks - boosts bass and treble, portable, mic and volume control are added bonus

Cons: kinda big on head for my taste

Other Notes :  They did sound better with burn-in.  I wasn't impressed with the sound quality out of the box.  Active mode felt like sh!t then.


Pros: accessories, features, enjoyable sound signatrue

Cons: not very transparent

So I very recently started listening to ue6000, so these are early impressions. I must say these very well match my dark sound preferences. I am enjoying these quiet a lot.




Very good looking. Though made out of plastic so not very robust construction. Will require good care.




They are closed back and they do get sweaty. Cups are not very big so pads or inner cloth may touch your ears. Isolation is moderate with out noise cancellation, nothing ground breaking.




I believe they are very well tuned. Bass is slightly thick and not very transparent. But it has good and satisfying impact. Mids are reasonably clear sounding. Slightly thick sounding lower mids affect clarity, but overall good for the price. Its a dark sounding headphone but treble sounds natural and detailed. So no pitfall here in my opinion.




They come with lots of nifty features like noise cancellation (haven't used yet as I used them in my room only), removable 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm cable (easiest cable swap I ever made), fold able with slightly padded pouch and a 2 way adapter (to use 2 headphones out of a single source). As well as a nice cardboard box if you want to store them in pouch.  


Some comparisons:


Sennheiser HD518


Both are dark sounding but treble sounds more linear and natural on ue6000. Mids are more clear and detailed on ue6000. Bass is thicker and more textured on HD518. soundstage has better width on HD518 but better depth on ue6000. Also HD518 is open back so sounds lot more airy. HD518 is slightly more dynamic, thus feel bit more transparent of the actual performance. Overall I paid slightly more for ue6000 than HD518, and  believe its worth the difference cause of mid range clarity and detail, as well as more natural treble presentation.


AKG K550


Very tough fight here. though AKG is priced quiet a bit high so is expected. On AKG, bass is lot more transparent and captures feel of actual performance very well. It goes much deeper as well. ue6000 bass almost feel one note in comparison. Though it has slightly better impact in comparison. Mid range is more forward on AKG and thus sounds richer. Also clarity and detail is much better. AKG also betters ue6000 in soundstage depth, width and imaging. ue6000 is darker sounding so thats one plus (in my books). Also it has better treble definition and detail than akg. Strange, but I find ue6000 to be darker but hasmore detailed treble.


Isolation though better on AKG, I find ue6000 more comfortable as they don't make my ears as sweaty.


Overall AKG is more dynamic and transparent, proper mid range can compared to portable ue6000.




I believe their sound quality matches the price I paid (in middle of HD518 & K550). So value proposition is very high as all accessories and features are like added bonus.


Pros: Smooth, Detailed, Bass, Comfort, Looks

Cons: Noise cancellation is poor, Not very sensitive, Dull without batteries, Long burn in

I'm running these from a Galaxy Note 2 via an FiiO Andes E07k. Material is solely Spotify Premium these days (set to what they deem to be "Extreme Quality"). I listen to a wide range of music but favour pop, hip hop and classic rock.

These cans really had me worried at first. Initially they sounded like a blanket had been thrown over the music. Even after running them in for a week or so I was grabbing my Sony MDR V55s instead when I headed out the door. Most of my listening is done outside when I walk the dog or take the bus or train instead of the car. So for over a month I was quite disappointed despite getting them for a song (apologies) from Amazon and the fact that I love the design (white looks better I reckon) and the comfort. I was so concerned that I replaced the stock cable with a cheapish white Belkin "mixr" flat job. Didn't seem to make any difference to the sound at the time but it's shorter which works better for me and is less gaudy than the stock blue one imo.

Anyway after maybe fifty hours the bass cleaned up its act and is no longer outclassed by the Sony's. The MDR V55s have nice tight, punchy and extended bass so were a hard act to follow down low. I should mention I only listen with the noise cancellation on as they seem quite flat and lacking dynamically with it switched off. Bassheads like myself should be happy with the Logitechs. The midrange is now buttery smooth with no grain and plenty of detail. Treble is sweet but seems a touch rolled off compared to the brighter
Sony 'phones.

One annoyance is I often forget to turn them off and so the batteries keep draining. Passive noise isolation is good but the active noise cancellation is nothing to write home about. Having said that my girlfriend was impressed when she hooked them up to her Ipad Air to study while I watched TV. Comfort is excellent and build quality is streets ahead of my MDR V55s if not in the VModa league (but what is? M100s are next on my wish list, 50mm drivers, mmmmm).

In conclusion I heartily recommend the UE6000s, especially at 85USD. Get in quick as the new model will probably be back around the 200 dollar mark. Crapple are still flogging them for the equivalent of 300USD down here in NZ. And probably best not to listen to them much until you've let them run in for at least two days straight.
Logitech UE 6000

Pitch perfect. Custom-built, laser-tuned drivers are housed inside computer-optimized dual acoustic chambers. The result is a wide-open soundstage and a remarkable level of detail in all your music. The detachable cable is designed to reduce tangling and friction so that you can focus on the music and nothing else.

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