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Lehmann Black Cube Linear Reviews


BCL (USB Version)


Pros: Speed, power, clarity, size

Cons: Price tag

The headphone: Cardased Sennheiser HD650. The player: Oppo BDP-83 via the dedicated stereo outputs using AudioQuest Sidewinder RCA cables. This is basically a mid-fi set-up, the Lehmann Black Cube Linear USB being the most expensive component.      I mostly listened to SACDs, but have played CDs, BDs, and DVD-Audio. Using the amp’s USB connection, I played MP3 files to test out the DAC.      I’ve had the Black Cube Linear for more than two months. Have managed to put in about seventy listening hours and about double that in break-in time.      Does the BCL have a specific “sound...
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Limited Usefulness: Designed for Sennheiser's 6X0 series, Edit: It's better with improved power cord


Pros: Fast, detailed, precise, smooth extended highs, controlled extended bass. Very low noise floor. Edit: potentially amazing soundstage

Cons: Mids are detailed but slightly analytical, bass is too tight for some types of music

Edit: see end for new perspective regarding two things: how it works as a preamp, and how it may be improved with a better power chord   Intro: I'm a music-lover, not an audiophile. Relatively new to this hobby. And I haven't extensively tested amps. I do extensive subjective listening tests with what I own, and that's about it. This review is not geared towards professional audio engineers who need to use an amp for long hours and are not trying to 'enjoy' the amp. For such people, this amp might actually be a good choice. I tend to listen many hours a day, too, so that's why I probably won't give up this amp. But I don't find it to be very enjoyable or engaging compared to other...
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Why spend twice the cost of the phones? This is why...


Pros: Transparency, effortlessness, clarity, solid sound and very well built.

Cons: Somewhat pricey, only one output stage.

When I told my friends that I had bought a somewhat expensive amp for Headphone listening, and that it had cost more than twice the price of my headphones, they looked at me as if I was sick or confused! But I keep thinking (after a full year of listening) that it is one piece of equipment that I could very well keep for a loooong time! My purchase began when I saw it at a local distributor for Sennheiser.  Two months before I had bought my Shure SRH-940's to replace my old Sennheiser HD-280Pro, which had more than 7 years of use.  Reading in several sites about the real task that Headphones impose on the puny headphone amplifier stages in most equipment headphone outputs,...
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Lehmann Black Cube Linear


Pros: Power, built quality, can be used as a passive pre-amp

Cons: price

Using the Lehmann with my Beyerdynamic T1, and the combo is amazing, I had before the Lehmann an headphone amp I though was a good buy, but after I got the Lehmann I really heard how good the T1 is, everything comes at a cost and many perhaps find the Lehmann costly, but if you can afford it I will higly recomend that you try the Lehmann Black Cube.

It's an investment


Pros: Doesn't get in the way of music, Drives the cans.

Cons: Price

First of all, my Sennheiser HD 650 never sounded so good and I never thought it could deliver this much bass. What can I say about the sound of something that's made to be as transparent as possible? With this amp, the sound is most definitely characterized by your source and headphones at it's full potential.
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