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A Solid Budget Performer

A Review On: Koss PRODJ100

Koss PRODJ100

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Pros: Good sound, forward and clear mids, controlled bass.

Cons: Requires a good seal for bass, coiled cable, mediocre sub-bass

Like tdockweiler, I'm a fan of forward mids and these definitely bring it. They are excellent for vocals in general, not just for male vocals. They're relatively neutral sounding with a tight, controlled bass that doesn't extend too low. They're far from being "extreme bass" DJ headphones and I wouldn't suggest them to someone who is a fan of real bass heavy electronic music -- I hardly noticed the subbass on these headphones, even when equalizing it up. It is present, but not thumping like I would want for that type of music. One issue I noticed was that if you didn't take the time to get a proper seal, it completely ruined the bass. The DJ 100s were very dependent on being placed correctly on the head to get any bass impact at all.


I loved the build quality on them -- they were comfortably portable and felt very rugged. Most of the design was very sturdy with the housing being metal. The pads, stock, were very shallow and uncomfortable for people with large ears, but were fine for someone like me. I could listen to them for hours without pain, but they were not particularly comfortable. 


As for needing an amp, they're fine from a computer audio source, but require amping when coming from a portable source. A Fiio E5 or Fiio E6 is sufficient. 


Retrospective:  I take back the amp aspect. It really doesn't make much of a difference if you can hit a high enough volume.

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This is very good news as I mostly use my cans when listening to music on my PC (listening to new albums to determine what songs I want to keep) and I just recently bought a Fiio E6 to go with my iPod Touch 3g...I never imagined that dinky little amp could or would push my Equation Audio RP-22x cans as hard as it did, to say I was blown away would be an understatement. I just hope it makes these Koss Pro DJ-100's sound as good since I just had to replace my EA's due to my nephew breaking them a few minutes ago. I went ahead and bought a pair of ATH M50 ear pads as well on many suggestions/recommendations, I hope this setup is as good as my previous.
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