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Koss PortaPro Headphones with Case Reviews

Positive Reviews


What an excellent buy


Pros: While not top tier phones they deliver a very satisfying presentation deep bass and good mids

Cons: Flimsy cord, not the last word in resolution for those with hair the headband grabs hair

I have had my PortaPro headphones for almost 15 years. Other than the pads disingrating they have held remarkably well. To me the design is classic, some call it retro. They fold up very nice to stow away. The headband is adjustable so you can wear them tight or soft, as well as ithe band is adjustable. This makes it a bit mor secure than other ones that do not adjust, and much better than the KSC75 ear clips, which by the way I also own. The lifetime warranty simply beats other ultra light headphones, which is nice to have. Now for the sound, these little gems do good all up and down the spectrum. Bass is a bit heavy and not the most detailed. I would label them on the dark ide of...
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Negative Reviews


Great Sound, Terrible Cable


Pros: value, sound, modification possibilities, aesthetics

Cons: flimsy cable with little/no stress relief and that is very hard to replace, they can pinch hairs when left stock

I love the sound of these portable headphones, a good step above all the stock earbuds that come with players nowadays. The sound sig is great out of the box and I believe it improves some with some burn in.   You can also mod them quite a bit with various mods such as the quarter mod, kramer mod, and hd414 pad mod. However, the cable is reaaallly the pits.. It used to be better, now I honestly cannot recommend them to anybody. If you do buy them, and when they do break.. Buy a pair of sportapros to replace the drivers and cable.. I do NOT recommend trying to recable them.. or sending them in to KOSS unless you like waiting forever and jumping through hoops and paying shipping....
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More Reviews


PortaPro - the little headphones that could


Pros: sound signature is mega fun, and quite surprising for a small supra-aural set of phones

Cons: headband pinches hair, look dorky to some

wow!  am i really the first to write a review for the venerable portapro??    the portapro is an age old design, but has held up over the years, despite newer portable cans coming along.  and perhaps it is the very age of the design that keeps people coming back to it.  what with its alnico magnets and paper diaphrams.  and it's weird retro look.  and its mega fun sound!!!   yep, the sound is fun.  the portapros have a nice, punchy sound.  and great bass for a small supra-aural set of phones.  they are great for pop, rock, hip/hop and the like.   the comfort is okay.  the temple pads are supposed to releive some of the pressure of the ear pads, but i find that they don't really do this...
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Amazing headphones, great portability, special sound


Pros: Ultralight, portable, comfort, sound signature, price

Cons: No in-line controls, carrybag too small, oldschool looks may not fit to everyone, but for this price???

Well, I´m not a pro, just an enthusiast, an owner of some good cans, so i won´t write a review, just share a couple of thoughts about this amazing little thing. Koss Portapro is something what you have to have even if you don´t need it.:) Just as in my case, I´ve got several pair of cans, but when i saw the Koss in a nice small audio store in NYC, i immediately bought it, just out of curiousity.It turned out to be a great decision... Especially because i paid less than 34 dollars for it. :) I tried it immediately with my Fiio X3, and i was blown away. Basically, i didn´t have too high expectations, from such a cheap thing, but what i got, was waaay above what i expected. First of all, the...
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Best on-ear headphones for sub-$50. Period.


Pros: Portable, comfortable, good bass, price, good for all genres, cool retro-styling, build quality for price, durable, lifetime warranty, PRICE.

Cons: They leak sound both in and out, looks somewhat cheap, bass heaviness (for some), some will find this retro design ugly, lots of little things.

I have owned these for about a year, and since I've bought them they have been my go-to headphone. They can fit in my backpack super easily cause they're pretty small, and in fact they can (technically) fit in some of my looser pants pockets (DISCLAIMER: you will look like a dork if you tote them in your pants pocket, especially if you have tight pants. Don't say I didn't warn you). Over those 13 months, this pair of headphones has certainly won a place in my backpack, desk, and on my ears for years to come.   Whether or not you like the styling is all personal preference. I personally dig the styling, since I am a sucker for retro designs. It is evident in the visual aesthetics of...
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Koss Porta Pro Classic Final Impressions


Pros: durable, light, sounds great for price bracket, doesn't need amping, lifetime warranty

Cons: lack of isolation, supplied storage bag is to small, more sparkle in highs needed

Final impressions below, please feel free to ask any questions  

35$ Sound dominator


Pros: Price, bass quality, design, friendly and fun attitude, wear and forget nature, upgrade their performance by themselves (read below)

Cons: CORD - ridiculously weak, construction (read below),

This piece of classy designed headphones that exists more then 20 years on the market is a very, very good choice for both home and mobile listening of music.  So let me get this strength - for the price of 35-40$ you won`t find anything better, like really, these headphones will surprise you with quality of what you hear from your either PC or phone, they get only 1 competor on the market, the Sennheiser PX100 that are also a very-decent pair of headphones, but they are more mature, neutral sounding then the PP`s which may be not exactly what you looking for.   Let`s discuss the pros:   Price - pretty obvious, price is friendly, even a little bit low considering the...
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Underrated and underpriced fun to be had!


Pros: Inexpensive, great sound signature, big bass, clear mids/trebles

Cons: Retro look for some.

First impression? Wow.    So glad I joined Head-Fi! If I hadn't I don't know if I would have been turned on to these classic phones. Great sound, lifetime warranty, great comfort, oh and did I mention the no-questions asked warranty?!    For the record, I've got the KTC model (for iThings) and the controls and sound for calls is right inline with the rest of the product. What a wonderful pair. Thank you Mr. Koss!

Love them!


Pros: Great sound, inexpensive, lightweight, open ear, retro looks.

Cons: A bit fragile.

I'm on my third pair of PortaPros over the last 12 years. My last two units have either suffered a rattle that eventually became irreparable or something terrible happened to them (left in a car seat in the sun, crushed by a contractor's pelican case).   I never question buying them again, though, because I love the sound so much and they're so damn cheap! In my opinion they rival all the headphones in their class (including the Senn PX100's which I also own) and many larger 'phones. They have a depth and clarity that I really enjoy listening to, and the open design means that I can still hear everything around me while I have music playing, which makes them perfect for the...
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Not bad, but I don't get all the fuss


Pros: Decent sound

Cons: They will try and eat your head

I bought these on a whim and a good vibe that they'd be my best headphones ever, and they're not bad. It's just that coming from better headphones and good IEMs, they don't particularly impress. Half the stuff at this price point sounds as good as these, and some of those are more comfortable and closed back. What you're getting for your 40 or so bucks is some very cheaply made headphones that will grab your hair and press on you ears and head in unusual places. The foam will also disintegrate in a few years; it will literally fall apart, but at least getting replacements from eBay is extremely cheap and easy.   These things do include a lifetime warranty, but you may find that...
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Koss porta pro


Pros: everything sound quality deep bass durable (lifetime warranty)

Cons: none (some may not dig the design but i do)

these are the best portable HEADPHONES ever these phones sound.......... to good for comfort do not miss out on these are wonderful 

Good (IMO)


Pros: good bass, comfort, warranty

Cons: construction, not really handsome, hooks hurt your ears :(

This is my 1st headphone. It was amazing experience for me, since i did not own any headphone in the past. I liked it but after 3 months, the jack got separated from the outer covering. I did not go outside with it, but I can not hear the left side of the headphone. I am currently preparing to return the headphone using the warranty they gave me. It was such a short experience but the sound was good. ._.
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