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Koss KSC75 Portable Stereophone Headphones Reviews


Is there better bang for your buck!? I don't think so...


Pros: Price, SQ, Price, Clarity, Price

Cons: Clips!

If there are better sounding headphones in this bracket, they sure aren't available to the public yet! The KSC75s just might represent the apex before the downslope of diminishing returns.   The sound: Very fun and engaging all-purpose sound. The bass is certainly present, although far from basshead territory, the mids are maybe a little recessed, but they sound just great all the same, and the treble extends nicely without a trace of sibilance or harshness.    Design: Probably the only downside to these guys. The driver covers look super-cheap and the earclips make these the most uncomfortable cans I've ever used. Granted they do get more comfortable as they...
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Really nice with amp or full size gear. Not so great with personal players.


Pros: Comfortable. Sound great with amplification.

Cons: Needs more power than typical small player offers. Low power equals poor stereo imaging. Zero isolation, beware hearing damage.

I bought these this week from amazon.co.uk for £10 including delivery. That's US $15. edit: I've changed my rating and feel more positive about these than when I first wrote the review. See the comments after the review. Packaging, appearance, warranty, euro-nanny knows best: Mine arrived in the small European packaging box, branded as Pulse clips as well as "Koss high performance on-ear clips". With the clips came the Koss warranty and the euro-nanny-state leaflet on waste disposal. The phones are the silver plastic Koss branded items everyone knows. The lifetime warranty is valid but irrelevant because shipping costs from UK will exceed the value of the product. But I do very...
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Phenomenal for the price


Pros: Inexpensive, fantastic soundstage/imaging, incredible instrument separation, very detailed, textured bass, crisp highs, energetic and engaging sound

Cons: Clips aren't the most comfortable, aren't sexy looking

Taking price into account above all else, these are the best headphones I have ever owned.  Obviously my HD650s and DT880s sound better, but they also cost 15-25x as much. I've probably put ~150 hours on them. I did do the kramer mod (involves drilling a few holes in the driver cover to allow more sound through) but they sound great even without the mod. I also bought a Parts-Express headphone from Amazon, took the garbage drivers off them and snapped the Koss drivers on. I find them much more comfortable this way. As a plus you can bend the headband however you like to suit your comfort level. Some people do the "quarter mod" where you put a quarter over the earpads ...
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KOSS KSC75 Clipon EarPhones


Pros: Excelent sound ever in this small lightweight set of phones.

Cons: The clips are Sturdy to wear after a couple of months of daily use.

This are Titanium coated Earphones. Actually I've known no other headphones brand that uses this kind of technology.  Pros: Excelent Sound from the very bottom low frequencies (well balanced and undistorted), through excelent mids definition, plus a superb high definition (no like other phones which sound like piezo electric cheap tweeters on your ears!). Once you get to know how to wear the clips, you forget that you have the KSC75 on. Cons: The volume control is oversized and after let's say the first 4 months of wearing, they sound like my grandma's Telefunken hi-fi audio system knobs!!!   The clips get unuseful very quickly (due to the wear iself) too. So you may...
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Best bargain in the headphone world


Pros: Fun, fun, fun. Ideal for jogging/bicycling, brilliant highs and more detail thn you could reasonably ask for for at the pricepoint. Did I mention fun?

Cons: A design only a mother could love, pinchy earclips, flimsy cable, not bass-focussed, leaks too much sound for public listening at volume..

As someone who enjoys all different kinds of headphones and has owned a few different ones at a number of pricepoints, I can reccommend only one headphone to pretty much anyone who listens to music and wants more fun out of their portable rig. That phone is the Koss KSC75.   Why are these phones so great, so much so that I am on my fourth pair? For half the price of an apple earbud, you get a pair of detailed, easy-to-drive, energetic and involving headphones that will bring out detail and life you have never experienced with the phones that came with your ipod/iphone/walkman/discman/minidisc player etc. While they are not perfect, They are so good that I use them more than any...
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Prefer them to my $300 DT990's


Pros: Lightweight, Cheap, Lifetime Warranty, Fun, Value, Rugged, Open-back

Cons: Takes 5 minutes to properly adjust the earclips

If you don't own a pair, BUY THEM! Seriously, their that good. I prefer them to my DT990's, hands down. Nuff Said.   If that still doesn't convince you, they're super comfortable once you adjust them properly, sound fantastic, cost $20, and can be modded for fun.   The ear clips are pretty durable. I've snapped them off the drivers multiple times to adjust the clips and the connection point is still in perfect condition without any stress marks that usually happen in plastic.   I might have limited experience, but I can't imagine a higher value.  

Incredible value. THE go-to on-ear under $50.


Pros: Unbelievable instrument separation and "energy"; balanced sound

Cons: For the price, nothing; in absolute terms, things are a bit "hollow" and not full-sounding, could extend better on both ends, and clips are a pain

These headphones have it all for the price. I've never heard anything like them at this level. They have a clear, balanced sound with all frequency ranges represented fairly equally, with mids and highs ever so slightly forward compared to bass in "clip-on configuration". If you mod them with a PortaPro or Parts Express headband, the drivers are pushed closer to your ear and give a bit more bass and mids.   The main thing that stands out with these is a simply silly amount of instrument separation. Everything sounds like it is popping out of a pure-black background -- think of turning the contrast up on your TV or monitor; or more correctly, adjusting the gamma level. This lets...
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Best headphone bargain ever?


Pros: Cost, comfort

Cons: pretty cheap looking

Bought purely out of curiosity after reading so many Head-Fi-ers say great things about them. Simply amazed at the sound quality to price ratio. I love these headphones! I can wear them for hours. In fact i forget they are there after a while.   

Budget Headphone Extraordinaire


Pros: Alessandro-like tonal balance; great detail for the price; great soundstage ambience for a supra-aural design.

Cons: Low bass lacking; mid-bass hump; bass is a bit muddy; highs mildly sibilant; detail isn't on the same level as better headphones.

What can I say that hasn't been said before about these?   For $15 you can hardly go wrong!  The tonal balance is similar to my Alessandro MS-1is, although with noticeably poorer bass extension.  The bass is also noticeably a bit muddy comparatively, but seems to improve a little with amplification.  Bass impact depends on how tight you have them on your ears - right now, with them a tiny bit looser than stock, both the MS-1i and my HD 600 have more bass impact.  That has surprised me a bit, especially after hearing the PortaPros and having been overwhelmed by relatively muddy mid-bass.   The detail isn't quite there at the same level as the MS-1i...
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loving these cheapies!


Pros: small, lightweight, great sound, incredible low price

Cons: not crazy about the clips but getting used to them

What can I say that others haven't said already so many times? These are a MUST-BUY. For $13-14, you will get great-sounding portable headphones that rival the sound quality of much more expensive headphones. I will be buying at least one more set.
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