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Koss KSC75 Portable Stereophone Headphones

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #3 in On-Ear


Pros: airy sound, punchy bass, forward mids, great overall balance, super comfy design, CHEAP!

Cons: slightly grainy treble, poor build-quality, ugly

I bought these KSC75 clips because I lost my modded Koss UR55 and I read oodles of praise for them online. At first I was skeptical because they are very flimsy looking and they are often compared to the Koss PortaPro which sounds muddy in my opinion. So I tried them on and I was immediately impressed by the overall balance and airy sound. Everything sounds so natural and forward, and it's really easy to separate vocals and instruments. I really like these with pop and rock music. The KSC75 crush the PortaPro. However, I must say that the treble feels grainy at times, especially with shimmering electric guitars (typical in post-rock). Another complaint would be that they look super dorky on your head, especially next to the PortaPro which is very stylish. 


I think that the KSC75 would almost better the Grado Sr60i, if it weren't for that grainy treble. They are that good. 


Pros: Value, natural, balanced sound

Cons: treble

....... as a young lad, some 30 years ago, when I first got into headphones and placed my order from J&R music world, waited in ernest for that UPS truck to deliver my pro4AA 'digital ready' headphones. I'd just gotten my new technics CD player and copys of police-ghost in the machine, billy idol's rebel yell and dark side of the moon. before cd's all we had to listen to for portable music was via tdk and maxell tape through a sony walkman that were dubbed and traded from friends lp collections. There was only a few cd offerings at first and boy was I excited about the dynamic range of the digital sound and really liked the idea of instantly skipping to my favorite song and lack of cracks and pops that were the norm on my turntable.......but I digress, the Koss sound was a good one even back then, but the ksc75 reminds me of what I like about vinyl whereas the digital ready pro4aa was a less organic sound. The ksc75 is an accurate and natural sound with the exception of the top end which is inaccurate and is thrashy. Cymbals will not sound right for example. This may help with some amplification but who buys $20 headphones to use with $400 amps? In any case, I've not found amps to completely solve the high end problem......while these headphones have a nice analog'y sound, there's nothing here that will astound or impress for anyone 'into headphones', unless you really just like to sit down and listen to your favorite music and are on a budget. Eq the treble down a notch and enjoy....... 


Pros: Light Weight, Great Overall Sound

Cons: Muddy in the bass

I honestly thought I was going to hate these, but I am surprised how much of a kick these give to songs. 


Let's get on with the review:





The build is not the best in terms it's steadiness, but it is definitely light weight and extremely comfortable. You will forget you are even wearing them!  On a side note, if you have small ears, these might not be the best as they can slip off. 




Amazing. Simply, Amazing. I can't get over how smooth the highs and mids sound. I kept on cringing at the ASMR videos I watched on Youtube (good thing).  Now, there is a downside. They do not have much bass in them and at times can be extremely muddy with certain songs. 





In comparison to the Grados SR80e's they are not as powerful, but they do pack a punch and have a little bit more thump in them.  Also, they were $85 dollars less =)


Testing Done With 


Headphone Test-Luigi

Pink Floyd- Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast

Youtube Ad

Eminem- Phenomenal

Stromae- Papaoutai


I just used them straight out of the box and they sound amazing. I'm not quite sure if they need to burn in or not. Also, I used my phone's DAC with no amp.





Great for acoustic sound as well as movies. Not so good for anything that requires a lot of bass like Rap or EDM. If you are a baller on a budget, you'd be crazy to not these b. 


*Stick tune to my review on the  Edifier Hi-Fi Stereo Headphone (H180 White), and the Takstar Pro 80s with modified pads * 











Pros: Wow

Cons: Wow and Clips.

First that all, I called them Pieces of ****, because they look incredibly cheap and ugly, but they sound very good.


They are a bit bassy, but the bass doesn't go too deep, its just mid bass, which is good for me. Mids and Highs are in check.


Soundstage is very good, its a step back of my 668B's soundstage.


If that doesn't convince you I prefer them to my Xiaomi 2nd Piston.


The only "bad" point are the clips, they are comfortable but It takes a while to put them on, So you can buy "Parts Express Mini Stereo Lightweight Headphones" on Amazon and use its Headband with the KSC75.


Overall, for 15$ You wont believe how good they sound.


Pros: Airy, clarity, comfort, energetic sound, sparkling highs, non-sibilant

Cons: Looks, bit muddier bass

I was looking for some headphones under $50, went through hell lot of reviews here n got confused about everything. Then somehow the browser showed few auto suggestions n I found these gems.
I read in almost every review that these are the cheapest n best earclips in the market. Well they are best but not that cheap in India especially when the exchange rates are so high. I got them for $25-$26 shipped to India through ebay.
Packaging:- The packaging was good, simple, nothing much to talk about.
Build:- They look flimsy n build quality is questionable. The cable is so thin n so ordinary, I have to be very careful while wearing them.
Comfort:- When I first wore the , I felt they are loose on my ears, so I tried to adjust the clips by slightly bending them. It takes time to adjust them in the beginning but after a while you get used to it.
Bass:- When I first listened to them I found the bass bit muddier. After burning them for 20-25 hours they opened a bit. I would say the bass is soft n punchy at the same time. You cannot listened to them on high volume as they start to rattle. I think these are made for soft listening levels.
Mids:- Some say they are recessed but I don't completely agree to it. Its true that they don't have forward mids but they are not recessed for sure. Mids are very clear, airy n pleasant for my choice.
Treble:- Highs are the most beautiful things on KSC75. Yes they are grainy but in a positive way. They are crisp,clear n I'm loving them. Highs have got nice extension.There is no sibilance whatsoever. In fact after listening to them I started feeling my Soundmagic E30 are bit sibilant too.
Isolation:- KSC75 are open back earpads, so you cant expect isolation from them. They are nice to wear at home or at gym but certainly not for wearing them on the streets if you live in noisy places like Mumbai. I tried wearing them in trains but i was completely disappointed (Don't compare trains in Europe with Mumbai local trains)
Conclusion:- KSC75 are the best deal out there for the price for sure. Sometimes I prefer them over my RE262 just for the love how energetic they sound even at low volume.(RE262 lovers please don't kill me for that, I love my RE262 a lot too, and quality cannot be compared)But it's just the characteristic of KSC75 that you fall in love with them. They look funny on the street. I look like a character from 1970's science fiction film. But I don't care about it as long as I'm enjoying the sound of it. As almost everyone said earlier, they are must have headphones and everyone should own these at least once in your life.




My simple tiny set-up-Cowon C2 + Fiio E6 + Koss KSC75:-


Pros: Sound, price, life time warranty, easy to mod

Cons: Design (clip-on system), relatively cheap build material, due to clip-on system comfort issues

They have good old fun sound signature, very engaging and very dynamic. I found mids are a bit too recessed for my tastes and affected by the low region unfortunately however from a cheap can like this, I don't expect the separation of HD800 obviously. Treble is nice, sparkling very detailed and crisp. Bass could be more controlled but it does its job, it has a strong, punchy bass and when the song calls for it, it knows how to give 'boom' effect.


So what do we have here? Very good sounding on ear headphones which can easily compete against 100 euro price range. Is there a problem, you bet! Some people seem to like the design and clip system but I totally hated it. I am currently looking for a chance to make a headband mod otherwise it is too painful for me to wear it longer than 20 minutes. Also I keep on playing with the clip because it doesn't fit correctly and keeps on moving around. Design-wise, unfortunately they are failed in my experience.


At this point, you probably know that they are open back cans, so they don't isolate and they leak sound quite a lot. If you want to hear your surroundings, that's good for you but pay attention, you might disturb people around you.


They are also easy to mod, I saw already Kramer mod and headband mod. If I can do the headband mod (looking for a headband donor cheapo headphone) I will continue with the Kramer mod too.


Also, they might need a little bit more power than your usual average consumer targeted iems/headphones.


I have problems with comfort but I like the sound, I will try to mod them to keep it, otherwise no go for me. I bought these ones to use in gym not as a main headphone and for 15 euros, I think they punch way above their price. However, if I fail modding, probably I am gonna order PX100-II to use at gym.


So if you are looking for can to use in the gym or outside running they are good. Also if your budget is tight, I can still recommend them since they are kind of giant killers. Just be sure that you can handle the clip system or do a headband mod.


Pros: Price, SQ, Price, Clarity, Price

Cons: Clips!

If there are better sounding headphones in this bracket, they sure aren't available to the public yet! The KSC75s just might represent the apex before the downslope of diminishing returns.


The sound: Very fun and engaging all-purpose sound. The bass is certainly present, although far from basshead territory, the mids are maybe a little recessed, but they sound just great all the same, and the treble extends nicely without a trace of sibilance or harshness. 


Design: Probably the only downside to these guys. The driver covers look super-cheap and the earclips make these the most uncomfortable cans I've ever used. Granted they do get more comfortable as they loosen up. I however, would recommend to anyone who experiences discomfort (which will most likely be anyone with ears) buying a  partsexpress headband to use with the 75s. Super easy to install and totally relieves all of the discomfort.


Value: Like I even need to go here. For under $20 you can purchase earphones that rival in sound quality, IEMs and on-ears in the $75-$150 range. When's the last time you saw a frequency response of 15-25k Hz for phones that cost less than $100 brand new!? Such a great deal! At the very least everybody should try these just once. I was able to pick up mine for $5 a pair as they were recently put on clearance at a local office supply store! Two pairs of $100 sound earphones for $11 including tax.


It should  be mentioned that the 75s don't come with any accessories like 1/4" adapter or case, but honestly if you need a case, you can find something cheap.


If you need some beaters that are gym-ready, office-ready, or just walk-around ready, look no further. Plus they won't break the bank! Kudos to Koss!


Pros: Comfortable. Sound great with amplification.

Cons: Needs more power than typical small player offers. Low power equals poor stereo imaging. Zero isolation, beware hearing damage.

I bought these this week from amazon.co.uk for £10 including delivery. That's US $15.

edit: I've changed my rating and feel more positive about these than when I first wrote the review. See the comments after the review.

Packaging, appearance, warranty, euro-nanny knows best:

Mine arrived in the small European packaging box, branded as Pulse clips as well as "Koss high performance on-ear clips". With the clips came the Koss warranty and the euro-nanny-state leaflet on waste disposal. The phones are the silver plastic Koss branded items everyone knows.

The lifetime warranty is valid but irrelevant because shipping costs from UK will exceed the value of the product. But I do very much appreciate a company that has faith in its products and is known to honour the warranty.

Construction, design, materials, euro-nanny isn't done yet:

The slightly odd design works extremely well. With a little careful bending of the plastic-enclosed metal clips I got a good snug fit and no discomfort. I wear spectacles with ultra thin titanium frames and there is no difficulty. With more conventional specs there could be obvious problems.

The silver plastic parts are a blast from the past, looking like cheap stuff I remember from the 1980s. But I don't care. The materials clearly do the job and don't cost much. The cable is unremarkable, 4' long with a straight jack. When I go to plug it in I notice a tiny sticker attached: it's another euro-nanny warning not to dispose of electrical items in household waste. Yes mummy. No mummy. There is a committee in Belgium worried that the first thing a customer will do is cut off the non-detachable cable and throw it in a landfill. I won't do that because I like to listen to some tunes while burning old tires and drunkenly shooting at endangered species in the national park at 2 am.

Everything seems properly assembled and when I press play it works as intended.

Using with portable players:

The Koss KSC75 need much more power than typical budget portable headphones, IEMs or buds. With a player like the Sansa Clip+ you'll probably need to run it at or close to maximum volume which means battery life is reduced. This is especially true for well produced music such as from before the modern loudness war fashion, and any classical music. My iRiver H140 and H340 players put out about a third more voltage than the Clip+ and do a much better job of driving these Koss earphones but unless you're in a quiet environment it might both be not enough and also too much because.....


There isn't any in either direction. If you use these on public transport everyone will hate you. In the street or a noisy workplace you'll hear everything around you and anyone close by will hear your music. The natural thing to do can be to keep raising the volume. This is the road to hearing damage. Compared to using IEMs I find myself running the Koss 'phones at dangerously higher levels and still finding the background noise doesn't let me fully enjoy the music. Beware.

Sound Quality:

It has some bass, which is a welcome contrast to similarly cheap buds and IEMs. I've listened to some orchestral music, some harpsichord pieces, some choral music, some heavy rock and some bass heavy electronic stuff. The sound is nicely balanced and generally enjoyable. The biggest defect is poor stereo imaging. There is no possibility of imagining oneself being present at the performance. There is no convincing illusion such as I get with a really nice recording and my Shure SE215 or Sennheiser CX 95. With the Koss 'phones the impression of sound is close left, close right and a slightly recessed bit in the middle. Some of this is due to the lack of isolation. For the last few years I've been using IEMs and closed and semi-open headphones. I am really surprised how background noise such as the rumble of traffic from the street below or a kitchen or bathroom extractor fan might not be loud enough to dominate the music but is enough to really kill the dynamics and imaging in a fully open 'phone.

The above might sound overly critical but I'm trying to describe the experience without allowing the price and value to totally colour my opinion. It's true that the Koss KSC75 is still unambiguously better than any bud or IEM included with any device I've ever bought.

Is it worth £10?

Yes, but I might not have bothered if it had been £15 and I definitely wouldn't pay £20 because for £30 I can buy Sennheiser PX 100-II that have much nicer sound, work better with low powered portable devices, are made of nicer materials and come with a carrying pouch. I would also hesitate to recommend these to anyone because the tendency to keep raising the volume to dangerous levels is hard to avoid. Because you can get a better sounding headphone at £30, and better sounding IEMs at less than that, the Koss is running out of selling points and has too many drawbacks. The most attractive feature is probably the clip-on design which is great for runners and people working out and those who won't or can't use IEMs.

It's about 9 pm here, the traffic noise has died down and I'm starting to enjoy the sound much more. And that's why these are hard to recommend as portable 'phones: they only make sense in quiet environments where others won't be disturbed. I expect to mostly use them with my PC because the USB soundcard has enough power to drive them properly and it's good to still be able to hear voices, phones, the doorbell and so on. These are also good to use with a mini system or domestic portable.


As odd as they look. An idea whose time has come and gone. Worth £10 or £15 but not giant killers any more.


Pros: Inexpensive, fantastic soundstage/imaging, incredible instrument separation, very detailed, textured bass, crisp highs, energetic and engaging sound

Cons: Clips aren't the most comfortable, aren't sexy looking

Taking price into account above all else, these are the best headphones I have ever owned.  Obviously my HD650s and DT880s sound better, but they also cost 15-25x as much. I've probably put ~150 hours on them. I did do the kramer mod (involves drilling a few holes in the driver cover to allow more sound through) but they sound great even without the mod. I also bought a Parts-Express headphone from Amazon, took the garbage drivers off them and snapped the Koss drivers on. I find them much more comfortable this way. As a plus you can bend the headband however you like to suit your comfort level. Some people do the "quarter mod" where you put a quarter over the earpads (after taking them off the drivers) and cut out a circle to allow more sound through as well. I chose not to do this because I love their sound with the kramer and headband mod.


I listen mainly to electronic music, so people who listen to more jazz or rock might not like these as much as I do. But for trance, dance, dubstep, these are simply amazing. My DT880s show me new things in my music that I've never heard before. It's one of the things I love most about them. Now this isn't me blowing smoke... but there have been times I heard something on the Koss that I've never heard before. This includes faint vocal tracks in the background, synths, and little things here and there.


These are my work headphones, because they allow me to hear people talking and not completely isolate me from my environment. Some people say they leak too much sound to use in public, but I use them in my cube and no one has ever complained about hearing my music. I don't crank them up but I certainly don't listen quietly. I use them straight from my phone (Nexus 4) and they sound great. I brought my Fiio E17 to work once to try them amped and I just felt like they lost some of their magic. Don't ask me why, or how, I don't know. All I know is that they didn't have as much sparkle, which is something I love about them.


I'm no expert in describing audio, but I'll do my best. They have a great attack and decay on the notes, which to me translates to good PRaT (pace, rhythm and timing). The space between notes is very discernible and they just get me groovin'! The imaging is fantastic as well. I can clearly hear music going from side to side, and even in front of and behind me to a degree. The bass is punchy and extended. It also has a great texture to it. It's not muddy or bloated at all. They're also very airy and have a nice open sound to them. The treble is sparkly but unfatiguing (in my opinion). Some people find them a bit too treble-forward, but I have experienced almost no sibilance from them. Mids and vocals are good, nothing amazing but they're not recessed. Female vocals are quite nice on them, with male vocals almost as good.


I honestly think these are worth $75. I might be slightly more critical of them at that price, but these are so cheap, I have literally nothing to complain about. I don't plan on recabling them because I love them just the way they are. I bought 3 pairs over the holidays to give to friends. I only ended up giving away 1 pair. These are just... so good. I'm more satisfied with these than I am with my HD650s.


What Koss has done here is simply magical. I would never have dreamed something so good would be so cheap. I honestly could not love these more. They are my favorite headphones out of all that I have ever owned.


Thank you, Koss. THANK YOU!!!

Koss KSC75 Portable Stereophone Headphones

Portable headphone the on-the-go user

FeatureCord measures 4 feet long; 3.5 mm plug; limited lifetime warranty
Height6.5 inches
Length6.5 inches
Weight0.44 pounds
Width2.5 inches
List Price$19.99
Package Quantity1
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Product Type NameHEADPHONES
TitleKoss KSC75 Portable Stereophone Headphones
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WarrantyLimited lifetime warranty
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