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KEF M500 Hi-Fi On-Ear Headphones, Aluminum/Black Reviews


An amazing first headphone from KEF!


Pros: Fantastic sound. Amazing value. Premium build quality. Very comfortable for an on-ear headphone. Very portable.

Cons: Isolation is mediocre.

Introduction  Until now, my pick for the best sounding portable headphone has been the Sennheiser Momentum. While slightly mellow overall with a noticeably forward bass and laid-back treble, until now the Momentum has provided a naturalness and transparency unrivaled by any competitor I've had the chance to try out. This includes Sony MDR-1R, Focal Spirit One, Logitech UE6000, B&W P5, Denon D600, Bose QC15, Sennheiser HD25, Amperior, Audio technica ATH-M50 and even the expensive Ultrasone Edition 8 (do I even need to include any of the Beats by Dre?). Until now, the Momentum has effortlessly wiped the floor with all else I've heard in it's class....
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KEF M500 Review


Pros: Excellent sound in all genres, very comfortable even with glasses, very efficient (no need for amp), build quality, foldable with hardcase

Cons: Slippery headband (not suitable for other active use than walking), isolation is a little below average (leakage is low though)

The search is over For a long time I've been looking for a foldable closed headphones that sounds fantastic and is easy to carry around for my travels. The KEF M500 has everything I need. First of all, it sounds great in all genres. I've tried pop, rock, classic, jazz, heavy metal, opera, and it handles everything well. The sound is much more open and natural than other closed headphones I have tested, it's quite neutral with a little tilt up in the upper bass and a little down in the upper treble, just enough to make it sound bigger than it is, and avoid any harshness of any kinds in the treble. There's a great "room feel" in the sound, to make it sound like floorstanding speakers,...
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Detailed, unflavoured sound


Pros: Amazing detail retrieval, decent soundstage for a small can, high end engineering and construction

Cons: Slightly dubious fit, can be a little wobbly on the head when walking around

KEF are a speaker manufacturer of the old heritage, stuffy hi-fi systems with mortgage level speakers. As has been the case with many audio manufacturers, the headphone sector is where it is hot right now and everyone (KEF included) are wanting a piece of the pie. This is KEF's first stab at a headphone, and very good it is too. Price point if around the £250 mark which puts it up against the benchmark in this area, the Sennheiser Momentum, themselves an amazing headphone that turns audiophile heads. So, what does your money get you? Firstly, the KEF is well packaged, the box has a magnetic-closure opening flap that gives info on the cans. Open the box up and the cans are encased...
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Great sound, great looks, great comfort


Pros: Comfort, Sound Quality, Aesthetics

Cons: Nothing really, price I guess

Initial impressions: Wow. These are some good-looking, simple, minimalist, headphones. They feel sturdy and light thanks to good choices in material and they've definitely turned some heads as I wear them around campus. Also, these are hands-down the most comfortable on-ear headphones in history.   Aesthetics: This is one of the best parts of the headphones. They look sleek and modern. Minimalist and humble yet definitely premium looking. The body is constructed entirely from leather and aluminum which immediately helps them look different from most.   Build Quality: Excellent. Simple construction of aluminum and leather helps keep things sturdy. They have a unique hinge...
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Great thing if you are not a basshead. True HIFI.


Pros: Details, mids, highs, dynamics, looks... And comfort.

Cons: Not the final word in deep bass, aluminium frame can be annoying if you wear earrings

I bought these cans, based on positive reviews, and, honestly, because of it´s appearance. Simply beautiful. I know it shouldn´t be that important, but of course i tested it briefly too, before i paid for it. :) First, looks and comfort. As i mentioned, these phones are just beautiful, perfectly engineered, simply a joy to look at them. The earpads are extremely comfortable, soft, the leather just caresses your ears... After roughly 35-40 hours of listen, here are my thouhts. This is pure HIFI, just something what you expect from such a company like KEF. I´m using an Fiio X3, and an X3 2gen, with uncompressed FLAC, different genres, from electronic (Black Dog, The Chemical Brothers) to...
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Worth the money


Pros: Looks awesome, Very comfortable on the ear. Clarity of sound

Cons: The cord is standard length (1.3m) would prefer a longer cord.

For some reason, the Kef store in NZ decided to have a sale on this and I could not help myself.   I was doing my research between this or Sennheiser Momentums. They were around the same price but the Momentums appeared to be more popular.     My main reason for buying this was design since Kef is already known to make good audio equipment. M not big into the whole sound quality thing but this does sound good. It's well balanced for my ear and so comfortable.   Listening to songs makes sense now..

Stunning portable headphones


Pros: great balance; very detailed and airy sound; best comfort for on-ears; premium build quality and finish; replaceable cable/earpads; value for money

Cons: average isolation

Design/durability: With an all aluminium and leather construction, the M500 feel really premium and durable, while being lightweight enough. The flat cable seems sturdy and can be swapped easily (there's a 2nd cable w/ remote included). Earphones can be folded. Comfort/fit: Surprisingly comfortable, actually the most comfortable on-ear headphones I've ever tried. The leather pads are very soft, the memory foam adds to comfort, and clamping force is just right. Can be worn for several hours without hurting the ears. Isolation: Just average. Not the worst isolation of its category but not the best either (HD25 isolate better for instance, I think they're on par with...
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